Putin is not to blame.

CNN interviewed Alexander Nekrassov today about why President of Russia Vladimir Putin has nothing to do with the murder yesterday of Russian politician Nemstov. Russian citizens were out today in their thousands in memory of Mr Nemstov. The video below is the interview from around 6.00pm broadcast on CNN Live News.

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Weekly Announcements and other Latest News you might want to know about

This week and the past few months have been an interesting month, the troubles in Ukraine have continued and we have seen EU, Russia, Britain and United States coming together to agree on a possible peace agreement in Minsk.

Social media has been an important part of informing the world about the news as it unfolded. We have been able to look at what has been said these past few weeks and now we have to added bonus of being able to embed these moments shared on three of the most popular platforms.

I have embedded three of these places in this post so hopefully it will inspire you to do a similar thing. The three places included as social media micro media embeds this week are from Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.
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Other social embed sites you may also want to try yourself are Instagram and of course video remains popular (Coub is an interesting new way of promoting snippets of your favourite videos), Storify is also an easy popular embed option here on Blogspot along video video embeds and Vine shares.

If you can think of any others feel free to leave some suggestions below.

Sharing and embedding is nothing new, over the years on this blog we have used numerous embedding options to branch out and get the message out for a longer period as well as reach an audience outside of the growing sphere of influence. Social media has many components and its good to remember this when growing your audience and communicating on social media and there have been some excellent info graphics explaining all these things these past couple of years.

A good place to find, compile or gather more artistic informative graphics is PaperLi.

Below are a brief list of embed examples mentioned in this weekly announcement and other latest news you might want to know about.


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