Of British Drones Over Libya. Could They Be Flying Soon Over Syria?

Could US and British drones bring peace to Syria? Or are they best sending body bags? No one knows.
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Blasting Sirens And Flashing Lights - Food And Classics In Life

Montréal 1907. Secteur du Marché Saint-Antoine.
Map of London
Food and classics In Life or shopping in the shopping centre for groceries. A map to show where you can get a bite to eat in London a few years ago.

Selfridges Food Court
Bull Ring
R.F.Wilson writes from London about food, fat people and eating in general. Read also about Charles Darwin, The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and David Copperfield.  

 If you like reading Charles Dickens and other Classics. then you will love this.
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Anton Goryunov reports from London: You know what’s really weird? How we have way too many emergency services  red light  Mission Impossible or the James Bond of ambulances rushing  around these days.

Red lights and sirens as installed on top of a...
Red lights and sirens as installed on top of an ambulance (Photo credit: Wikipedia). Sooner or later they will have to take a coffee and doughnut break.
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Ted Obvious writes from Beijing asking whether the area is communist or capitalist communist China and  private sector. This post is related to the Soviet Union, Chinese leaders, Japan  and the Philippines.

Chinese Brush for Writing Calligraphy
Chinese paint brush
  • Is China Communist Or Capitalist? Neither Actually (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)
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Reports About Iraq

Statue of Saddam Hussein being toppled in Fird...Ted Obvious reports from Baghdad about an invasion reported by the US and the UK. Find out more about what President George Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair had to say about the bombings. News from London about Saddam Hussein, the WMDs and peace in the Middle East after the war in Iraq and news about the Soviet Union and the Libyan government over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Live Sport Commentary [Satire] #STi

Ben Delicious writes from London live radio commentary on the radio about Freddy foreplay and his attacking fans. Freddie football us A fictional romance story about black suspenders and lacy bras. in Liverpool. Steve is fast asleep already. McNaulty with his partner, a story that includes snippets of satirical news about Zara and Toby.


Michele Obama Family Visit To China

Ted Obvious: News in from Beijing talks about Michele Obama in the Chinese media, she did a talk about human rights and sent sympathies to all family friends and work colleagues of the missing Boeing.

VT65191_2012003532-scrThe US First Lady is spending some quality time in China with her mom and the kids.

President Barack Obama is back at home taking a well deserved break and soon will be in talks with President Vladimir Putin.

President Barack Obama delivers remarks about ...The US representatives included a couple of paragraphs in the Michele Obama speech about human rights and how it all works in the United States.

Peking a Beijing University has a really good reputation, lots of lucky students hoped to hear something special and she did not disappoint everybody, it was another good speech.

 Obama along with the American media have been keeping the satire and humour up. The Daily Show, Onion and other comical sites have been doing all sorts of strange and random articles. Its not a patch on what you will read over on Stirring Trouble Internationally but they are doing there best considering all the control that is happening these days. 

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Malaysian Boeing 777 Sighting And Hollywood

Anton Goryunov is in Kuala Lumpur and has wrote an article about the search for the missing Malaysian Boeing 777.

One of the many early cinemas of Kuala Lumpur ...The flight was supposed to fly from Kuala Lumpur and land safely in Beijing.

It is all a huge embarrassment for the US state of the art global software if we are to really believe what we see in Hollywood movies.

Hollywood BowlBritish PM David Cameron and Australian PM Tony Abbot both publicly announced that this is as an unusual situation.

A witness on an Indian Ocean flight near to Australia reported to the captain of another flight that she seen a plane grey coloured in the ocean five days ago.

Book Review The Catcher In The Rye

Ted Obvious over on Stirring Trouble Internationally is exploring New York again and one book that seems to pop up over on Amazon is listed below, the reason for this is unknown but the reaction to the book is explained perfectly well. New biography of the controversial late author J.D.Salinger who wrote a series of novellas, controversial commonly for the Penguin classic book "The Catcher In The Rye" which was his first book published in 1951.

This book is constantly revived by other authors for example thirteen years ago a glossary is provided for sales and academic purposes by a handful or wanna be authors. They provide a syllabus for educational purposes, publish and sell as an ebook then go on to make their own book in the hope that the book will sell. This is called piggybacking of other authors and has been going on since oh I do not know about 1995. Stanley P. Baldwin is one such author of the The Catcher in the Rye (Cliffs Notes), who chose the syllabus American English and labelled the book as Education.

The violence of Educational: English literature is mainstream and prominent thanks to the introduction of these Literary studies: fiction. Cherry picking novelists and prose writers during this time has created a disturbing decline in the funding of Literary studies.

The outcast of runaway teenagers in literature is created by creating study guides like this and assume the fact that the pupil is in the classroom they will want to read this sort of thing.

Over the years it was inevitable that this sort of thing would reflect badly on the department and when cutbacks came in these areas were the first to be singled out. The classic, The Catcher In The Rye is about two characters Holden Caulfield and Phoebe, its broke up into sections like his previous book of novellas.

Teenage boys in literature is popular however the the subject of runaway teenagers in literature in school textbooks and these sorts of study guides are studied at higher levels of Literature Humanities because they make apparently such engaging study aids and study guides.

This is completely backwards, why choose controversial violent books to study.

Well anyone who has studied Shakespeare in a classroom will be able to tell you why, done correctly you can get the attention of anyone in a group to read anything and make it seem exciting.

 The trouble is from the outside looking in you cannot help ask the question why.

So why do I mention this?

Well I think it is important to study the effects and talk about that rather than go into more detail about book, I am sure you have at some point been curious to read this book, this post is not about creating curiosity because there are much better books out there that have not been studied by heaps of brainwashed people.

The Great Gatsby (1926 film)The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald is another book from an author who lived and perhaps drew inspiration from Englands English aristocratic United States city living in America particularly the New York Bay area, to the other side of America in Hollywood California which creates a polarised perspective of America's diverse origin.

English: Robert Burns statue by G.A. Lawson in... Robert Burns (1759-1796) the poet has some great quotes about books like these which you can read all about over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Robert Burns,The Complete Poems and Songs of Robert Burns, Waverley Books Ltd, Poetry by individual poets,Burns, Robert, , European - English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh,Poetry,Poetry / European / English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh,Poetry Texts & Poetry Anthologies,Poetry, Drama and criticism of poetry. Drama is another popular topic that can be learned from humanities and criticism of Scotland and Scottish Poetry and Songs although interesting to fans of the Scots is not as important as other Texts. You can read this book whilst on your PC or Mac, iphone kindle device or android app or if you are more traditional and insist on reading in a classroom you might want to decide between reading in hardback or more economically a paperback version is available.

Bob Dylan Portrait by T.HO 2004Bob Dylan the poet and musician was a big fan of books like this because he liked rebels and could relate with feeling different and being alienated. The best way to get your book trending is have it reviewed by The Financial Times, The Scotsman, The Sunday Express and The Mail On Sunday. Mainstream Publishing, biography: arts and entertainment, individual composers and musicians, specific bands and Groups, music, rock and Pop Music.

These are all really popular choices for a biography and or an autobiography especially in the Entertainment and Performing Arts section. By reading a new biography especially in such a broad category as the arts; music genres or examining styles and reading pop vocal musicology you will be able to talk about why the song in a group is so popular.

Being able to navigate around the genres and styles of for example rock music by an individual composer you get a better profile of the musician. The same thing applies to the author of a book. You can read the full critique of the book over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Helpful book reviews of The Catcher In The Rye

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  3. If Holden Caulfield Spoke Russian (newyorker.com)
  4. "The catcher in the rye... that's all I really want to be..." (theobamacrat.com)
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Are The Markets In Russia And The West Really Changing?

English: Detail from Government. Mural by Elih... Ben Delicious is in Brussels reporting about economics from Russian's point of view. The entry takes a good look West and includes helpful tips directed at the Ukraine to remind and help them understand better the world economic forum in 2014. Firstly a question: Are Investors right in thinking war may break out in Europe? From the outside looking in anyone might think this is true. However its very clear that new sanctions are put in place to prevent the market from melting and also slows down other troubled news from around the world.


NSA Scandal No One Got Punished

The White House response on Monday to the expanding disclosures of American spying on foreign leaders. Dan Majestic reports from Washington, by US National Security Agency and Joseph Stalin. Even Hollywood celebs see shades of Nixon in Obama spy crimes. Being present at meetings in the White House and democratic America plus a bit more info about George Orwell. The director of the National Security Agency attempted to resign shortly after Edward Snowden. President Obama and Richard Nixon plus some interesting conclusions about the recent banking crisis in America.


Washington And Alaska Follow Crimea

Dan Majestic reports from Washington and the example of Crimea and Russia. Find out more about President Barack Obama the the White House and what Alaska could be thinking over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Find out interesting and entertaining things about the Federal Reserve and get the latest and greatest info about Sarah Palin, Angela Merkel and the European Union.


BBC Question Time Our Editor’s Been On

Lots of words have been said about the BBC programme Question Time, broadcast the week before last, where one of the guests on the panel was Alexander Nekrassov. The TV channel explored the questions about the crisis in Ukraine. David Dimbleby the shows host asked the audience about the Ukraine and Crimea.  Guests on the show were Simon Hughes, Lib Dem MP, Lord Michael Heseltine and Alexander Nekrassov.


A Messy Ukraine Dish

Recipe for Pumpkin Stuffed with Everything Good Finding middle ground for Ukraine, Russia, United States and the European Union is no easy task, this revolution has created an awful mess and someone is going to have to clear all this up. Adam Lovejoy is in London chatting to all sorts of people about Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry news yesterday.

Reports are in that they spoke together about Russia, United States about the Ukraine, the EU Union and the euro currency. Kerry preferred to speak to Sergey he said he would speak to President Vladimir Putin when he gets chance.


Sir Tim Berners-Lee about the Internet

Adam Lovejoy report made in London this week ties in with the recent speech made over on Ted by Sir Tim Berners-Lee about the Internet. His point is about the US Big Brother and the World Wide Web and find out what operation Iron Ore was all about over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Blind Art And Democracy in Syria Gassed Massacre with John Singer Sargent

Gassed massacre, the art world at the Imperial War museum, democracy in Syria and John Singer Sargent.
This is John Sargent. Find out more about him
By going to The Imperial War Museum.
Welcome, today's post we take a look at democracy in the eyes of portrait painter John Singer Sargent. Fiona Graham-Mackay made a visit to The Imperial War Museum again and as an artist has singled out the Gassed painting.

She gives her reason why and they are very interesting reasons. One of them is massacre around the world, for example what is happening in Syria and the other reasons are related to how the financial economy works.

As you will see the economy has always worked this way, war and massacre has been around for a long time and the pressing questions about Democracy and peace are not as easy to answer as what you might think.

Gassed is simply therefore the blind leading the blind, creativity in essence gives time for us to reflect on todays's problems and artists like John Singer Sargent are best remembered not only for the great paintings but also the methods used to make such interesting works of art.

More importantly why art like this is so important part of reflecting any such massacre like the sensitive news from Syria and the difficult problems arising in the world's economy.
Syria cries out for an artist because artists paint the truth. It reminds us of the blind leading the blind. World War I and all that.
Syria – The Artist Who Tells the Truth through the Eyes of the Blind. Fiona Graham-Mackay writes from London. Power, society, art and politics are cleverly incorporated into today’s shared post. The Imperial War Museum is a hub for information about war and Fiona Mackay incorporates her visit to the Imperial War Museum to explore her thoughts about Democracy.

Fiona is an artist writer who in this week’s entry looks at the Massacre that has happened throughout history. Syria is currently reporting many losses of life and for many this type of news is difficult to take on board. Art is one way many people explore the reasons and find comfort in Art.

John Singer Sargent: Gassed: Does this painting help
Answer fixing military alliances? Via Stirring Trouble..
John Singer Sergeant is one such famous artist amongst many that draw upon the explanations seen in this week’s article. Please join in the conversation by leaving any comments. If inclined you can also engage in a similar way over on face book. Better still you can follow on Twitter. You can see the recent tweets down below.

John Singer Sargent is a famous American portrait painter who learned his craft in Paris here is a portrait painting of him found online. In London you can find his works in the Tate or The National Portrait Museum. Below is a map with the many museums of London.

Why not visit today and see what inspiration and other creativity develops in you. The interesting thing about John Singer Sargent is that most of his clientele came from bankers in the late 19th century. He would paint the bankers wives for a reasonable sum of money. His paintings have interesting swirly, gassed backgrounds and he focused on the individual's art rather than the landscape. Sargent is well known for is vigorous brush strokes and perhaps the link is related to his work back then with the boys who were Stirring Trouble Internationally 1890 onwards, who knows?

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Boeing 777-200ER Vanishes In East Malaysia Or Vietnam?

Boeing 777-2H6/ER der Malaysia Airlines am Kua...
Boeing 777-2H6/ER der Malaysia Airlines am Kuala Lumpur International Airport (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The sad vanishing of Boeing 777 has surprised us all is this some magic trick or simply weird science, weird in that its not everyday we here of planes in Malaysia going missing. Anton Goryunov is in Kuala Lumpur talking about the Malaysian Airlines company that chartered flight to Beijing the missing plane where fragments only today have been seen.

The BRICS Post Russia and the US chess players

Vladamir Putin carrying the winter olympics flag
Moscow and Washington have too much at stake to jeopardise ties, writes a former Kremlin advisor. The controlling of the valves, the fracking debate and G8 and G20 Summits. (Via Scoop.It Stirring Trouble Internationally News)
Jm Bob's insight:
Moscow and Washington have too much at stake to jeopardise ties, writes a former Kremlin advisor Alexander Nekrassov. Fresh insight on emerging global economies, news about oil, fracking, NATO and other news from around the world.
See on thebricspost.com


A Tribute To Bob Crow

This happy and positive tribute to Bob Crow was published over on Stirring Trouble Internationally today. You can read the article in full over on the main website. Here are some snippets: communist-socialist Londoners. Mayor Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone Boris as an MP of The Spectator. London Underground strikes rest in peace, Bob Crow. The Bob Crow tributes in London made over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. This tribute includes info about mayors Boris Johnson, Ken Livingstone. Find out more about the Trade union and the National Union of Rail Maritime and Transport Workers plus a little bit more about the London Underground. Stirring Trouble Internationally – Humorous Comments and Analysis Of News And Current Affairs.  

Sex Overrated By People Who Don’t Get Any

Sex is overrated by people who do not statistically get any sex at all, they go through life never actually getting any. R.F.Wilson is in Amsterdam looking at why sexual intercourse is changing.

This is a satirical article about the good sex that is out there that is more often than not not celebrated. Find out the difference between ordinary looking people and how they get what most people want whilst others forget completely what its all about and cannot always get what they want.

Eddie claims he's a stud. Most of them base their so-called advice not on their own experience but on what they read in books that are written by ugly people, who’s chances of getting laid are next to zero. Find out three things that agony aunts know and what they know about in news worthy examples they make up with other peoples examples and spend all day looking at people in relationships who wondering what all the fuss is about and get what they need.

You can read books about the topics and struggle to understand what practical experience is all about. This post is about sex manuals, educated step by step sex videos showing how to last longer, lead up to a longer session and fulfill each others needs.

The rest is all Kama Sutra and you will have to ordeal each page from start to finish in one innings. Sex can be just sex to some men. But at some point, and with the right partner, sex can be an extremely intimate and meaningful moment where two people become more than just two people having sex together.

Men want this just as much as women do.

It’s what takes good sex and makes it great.

These people are seeing themselves in the highest good with infinite power, sharing suggestive passions about what goes where.

As you are about to find out more and more people who get sex in modern times of an elderly age are still actively sexual thanks to new pills and potions that keep up the faculties in place, actively able and able to invest in their own sexual future.

The same tribe of people have no problems communicating what it is they want year after year. Sex is greatly overrated. By people who don’t get any.

Crisis In Ukraine Twitter

Twitter is a social media website where you can have your say in 139 characters or less. The news about Ukraine has been circulating under various hashtags (#). Adam Lovejoy in London talks about de-escalation and the recent ‘crisis in Ukraine’ from the polls being made on Twitter this week. In todays article find out more about how leaders of the Maidan were paid $2000 a day, foot soldiers from $20 to $100 in support of the new regime in Kiev during the protests. There has been various types of news coming in about the Crimea for example the bizarre incident of singing Ukrainian soldiers, OSCE reports from observers in the Crimea and what the EU think. Over on Stirring Trouble find out more about the sanctions against Russia and oligarchs and what people thought about that over on the website Twitter. Twitter is still popular and from Russia there is another popular social media site bit like Facebook called VK.com News And Current Affairs.


Popular Music Mix March 2014 STi

This mix includes tracks from Bastille, Ellie Golding, and Imagine Dragons.

Ukraine, Governments And Financial Markets

News Overshadowed By Ukraine

News surrounding the Ukraine story is coming in from the Kremlin: this is a satirical entry about politicians around the world who represent the G8. The story draws upon news coming in on the topic of current affairs around the world mainly United States, China, Russia, France and Germany. Dan Majestic in Washington news from Ukraine and talks about reported telephone calls between Germany and Russia. The news has now moved to the Crimea which is part of Ukraine's territory economic sanctions and the G8 summit. Get news from behind the scenes in Russian Moscow and find out more about the US role in world affairs and international law that is keeping people up all night. Find out how Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are now having meaningful political dialogue with the newly elected Ukrainian government with ITS Forces and representatives of the White House from the United States. This post includes interesting news about President Vladimir Putin, US President Barack Obama, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande, British Prime Minister David Cameron, and President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy. With the build up to the G7 countries  the scheduled G-8 Summit in Sochi in June the leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, the President of the European Commission, and the President of the European Council spoke about the UN Charter from 1997 that applies to the situation in Ukraine. Ukraine the UN or the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe is different to the usual Group of Eight format. News overshadowed by Ukraine US President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama  trip to China, Beijing. The US Federal Reserve and Vice President Joe Biden. President Francois Hollande scooters and muscular men wearing helmets. Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin a chemical scientists and one-on-one summits obsession with the Russian President. North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, and his wife, Ri Sol ji young Kim’s uncle Jang Song Thaek. Ri one of most powerful women in North Korea and a possible contender for a place in the leadership.


Crosswords and large bouts of laughter

Laughter is the magical impulse of life

Laughter at parties is as I sure you agree for many is very important. For others reading a newspaper and completing the crossword is a perfect example of having a good time. If you are not laughing then you could have everyone else suffering. Its a good point of view to get happy or get out.
Laughter lifts us over high ridges and lights ...
Laughter lifts us over high ridges and lights up dark valleys in a way that makes life so much easier (Photo credit: symphony of love)
   Laughter is the magical impulse of life Ted Obvious is in London talks about the power of laughter and how if you get it right everything will just fall into place.

Having the right laughter quotes and line therapies at regular periods can really be a bonus. They or anyone else should be having fun with language. Any signs of loud and unprovoked laughter will make you stand out, look odd and people may instantly make a decision about you that you may not be comfortable about.

"Laughter" - NARA - 559132
"Laughter" - NARA - 559132  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Stand up routines outline a and recordings of conversations on TV or radio comedy shows have demonstrated amazing abilities to produce loud bursts of laughter recordings for listening lessons with ear plugs.

An example of a British-style crossword puzzle.
An example of a British-style crossword  puzzle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Its like doing, completing and listening to an idiotic crossword clue that will have you thinking for a while, but not really answering the question.


Whats On In Ukraine

Kiev's council chambers. During a counter culture revolution we see many types of reactions some are more sympathetic than others depending on the circumstances.

Kiev's council chambers in 1930The support given from around the world is made to ensure that everything is ok and that everything is as it should be.

There are many revolutions happening all around the world and more and more revolutions are happening everyday, most of them never get any further than a handful of protests.

The ones that do go on longer, change happens and eventually the Geography changes. We have seen a lot of changes being made these past 60 years, languages get effected sometimes they disappear and in other examples they improve and culture has to adapt in the most logical way.

Anton Goryunov is in Kiev and has made an entry about the latest news from sensitive Ukraine.

This is a humorous article that responds to the most up to date news on the Internet about the subject. Todays entry responds to Cathy Ashton and gives an interesting response to the European Union’s who have highlighted in their own way what happened in Maidan a few weeks ago.

The new people reading about the news will be happy about the recent measures made by United Nations find out what these are and how they came about. Find out more about the US Secretary of State John Kerry and his visit to Kiev.

The money he has offered to throw in to support Ukraine financially until it can support itself. This has started the ball rolling.

The new people and the financial support the EU has promised them have been very impressed by the financial offers.

Still the questions remain about this are open about who will get what and how it will be distributed.

It all looks good on paper but how will it actually stack up?

Are there neo-Nazi linked members in the new Ukrainian cabinet?

Currently Yulia Tymoshenko is at the designated leader and is making the most of the human resources available.

The realities in the area are not quite clear and a lot of people are confused. Anton tries to clear a lot of this stuff up in a logical manner in a satirical way so you can understand more.

A Booming Industry, Loan Sharking

Today's entry by Ben Delicious from London is about politics, politicians, the people of Great Britain  and the short-term loan sharking companies and other booming industries. In todays article find out more about the Tory Lib Dems annual party conference and find out which companies sponsored what. You can also read an interesting report about loan company and how they do reports on other loan companies. This should help you with any future business decisions you may want to take in the next few weeks. David Cameron and his Tories supported by the financial sectors who help the Conservative party have also been considered in todays interesting entry. Find out more about Libya and what they did in explaining loan sharking.


Oscar Pistorius News About The Ukraine Crisis

Ukraine protests 2013-2014
Ukraine protests 2013-2014 (Photo credit: FotoBart)
R.F.Wilson is in London talking a look at pressing news from around the world. First Mr Wilson takes a look at the crisis in Ukraine, then he reviews  a day broadcast recently of Oscar Pistorius in a South African courtroom. The case is about Blade Runner scene that happened on Valentine’s Day where a young attractive and successful lady was shot at home in Pretoria, last year.  Oscar’s story is getting a lot of people talking about the news.

Football And Cyborg Pharma Diseases

Wayne Rooney Sky TV pub sign
Wayne Rooney Sky TV pub sign (Photo credit: jontintinjordan)
Anton Goryunov is in Moscow reporting about the weeks football news and announcements from the world health organisation about pharmacies around the world and what they have done with old stock. Firstly read all about Wayne Rooney, the English Premiership and lab results from Yorkshire.

What could the results be about? New kidney being made from a new compound? Or something much more profound like electronic computational programs that write all on its own without anyone doing anything. This article takes another look at Al-Qaeda and the recent War On Terror. Find out more about probes sent from Earth to far of places. The post includes snippets of interesting news about the US and the Apollo Moon and beyond samples with snippets of sports football news sprinkled in about British football players.


William Hague Goes to Ukraine to talk about Democracy

Ukraine, Democracy And William Hague. Todays entry is about Ukraine, Democracy and William Hague. Anton Goryunov reports from the black sea in Kiev, the Ukraine navy were in the area and William Hague from the British Foreign Secretary will be representing British taxpayers. From the US John Kerry will also be attending a few meetings today representing the United States. Politically Yulia Tymoshenko is the number on contender for EU Ukraine. Russia and major European markets are big exporters of grain which may have an impact in the next few weeks on the stock market prices, you might see a significant fall. Read a recent article by Alexander over on Al Jazeera:


For a emerging markets this will have an impact on other countries how fit into this low and struggling economic bracket. The next few months it will be interesting to see what develops in the Ukraine, democracy and William Hague could have some new interesting ideas. The Russian rouble currently sits with a 10% fall. The BBC have reported from St Petersburg that rhetoric is difficult to understand.

However they also talk about or highlight the intervention during the troubles of a secret underworld unison between mercenaries originating from Turkey, Germany, USA and the UK or just about any other country you can think of that may have helped arm some of the protestors.

This sort of propaganda is not very helpful considering the seriousness of the situation, I'm not saying it does not happen and that mercenaries exist out there I am just saying this is highly unlikely. What is interesting in this report is the news inside Ukraine that many of the victorious protestors are requesting that Russian TV be disconnected from their Sky box.

Kiev ousted President Viktor Yanukovich as Tokyo watches on with concerns about financial markets and safety bonds are put in place to prepare for the worst. The fear seems to be about a US treasury geopolitical risk, at a time when the stats look good and everything right now is on an upward swing. Employment figures are high and everyone are well pleased.

The Ukraine and Crimea is a prime location where rich oligarchs reside who made money during the late 19th century from art, property and business during the eighties dot com bubble. It must be a very beautiful place to live, what we are seeing is the other side of a country that would look the same during protesting and unrest. The concern seems to be about the heating, food and future medicine shortages.

There has been many faculties that amounted these past few weeks, all of it televised the whole world is watching with concern. http://vimeo.com/87962897 As regards the unelected lot in Brussels running the European Union, Kharkiv on Saturday by pro-Russia demonstrators. they are now desperately trying to figure out what to say. Read the full article about Ukraine, Democracy and William Hague over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. 

Al Jazeera Ukraine, Moscow and the Crimea

Moscow is sending a strong signal that it is not going to tolerate an unstable Ukraine on its border.
Jm Bob's insight:
"Since then the Federation Council, the upper chamber of the Russian Parliament, has approved request to send in the military to assist the territory of Ukraine in Crimea. The Russian ambassador may also visit Washington soon to explain things further." Al Jazeera, Alexander Nekrassov 4th March 2014.
See on www.aljazeera.com


The Whole Ku-Klux-Klan Family

This post is a response to some of the comments that have been coming in over the years. Adam Lovejoy is in London reacting to some of the responses about the EU. This is a satirical entry asking the question why on earth do people join the Ku-Klux-Klan and as a family can they really help? Fridays seem to be the most popular day when people get together and comment. This post takes a look at large families around the country blended with some of the deep south America's shady nostalgia for the Ku-Klux-Klan. During times of trouble and strife there is an influx of counterfeit money in cities. More and more people go out the house to dine in McDonalds for breakfast and more and more property gets sold on eBay. We have already seen the rise of Harry Potter books. Could the same things happen to the secret books of the Ku-Klux-Klan? Find out over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.


Used Dope When Young

Today's entry is about an Obama speech and young hope. Dan Majestic is in Washington.

Washington Park Polar Panorama

US President Barack Obama as the head of the national science foundation the nuclear restart button in Japan and astrophysicist at the Hispanic White House.

Join George Bush Junior B.O. and David Cameron Twitter parody tweets the British Prime Minister,

Monica Lewinsky cigar and the Washington redskins name change. Read more about Obama, dope and young hope.