NSA Scandal No One Got Punished

The White House response on Monday to the expanding disclosures of American spying on foreign leaders. Dan Majestic reports from Washington, by US National Security Agency and Joseph Stalin. Even Hollywood celebs see shades of Nixon in Obama spy crimes. Being present at meetings in the White House and democratic America plus a bit more info about George Orwell. The director of the National Security Agency attempted to resign shortly after Edward Snowden. President Obama and Richard Nixon plus some interesting conclusions about the recent banking crisis in America.
The NSA spying scandal. Marginal Revolution, acknowledges that it is provocative. Comparing his actions to those exposed by Nixon's Watergate scandal. Actors John Cusack, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Will Wheaton join director Oliver Stone. Keith Alexander, has accused policy makers and diplomats for dictating the targets for surveillance. The White House is trying to limit the snooping. Obama made pledge over spying scandal Getty Images Sen. State John Kerry are trying to quell international anger over classified disclosures by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden. Last Tuesday it called the administration latest efforts at damage control pathetic. It is a lose-lose situation for President Obama. The president looks bad either way. Either he approved of spying on friendly countries or he did not know what his spy agency was doing. You know what's weird about the NSA spying scandal?

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