Of Evolution And Charles Darwin Getting Into The Sack With His First Cousin

Adam Lovejoy writes from London: You may not know this people, but Charles Darwin, the godfather of evolution, came from a family with strong inbreeding traditions. Not only did he marry his first cousin, Emma Wedgwood, and produce 10 children, three of whom died early and another three were infertile...

you don’t really need to be a genius to know that if you shag you first cousin, things might not turn out the way you expect them to turn out. If Mr Darwin couldn’t even grasp that simple evolutionary principle what could he have known about natural selection and other more complicated things?


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With The Clowns Running Britain You'd Think Comedians Would Have A Ball


Thomas Mathew writes from London: With the clowns running Britain these days you’d expect comedians to have enough material for thousands of routines. They don’t even need to invent anything, just tell about things as they are and it would be enough to have audiences rolling with laughter. In fact...

More From Thomas Mathew:

Consider this: we’ve got an unelected coalition running the country into the ground, doing its best to cover up the great banking swindle, with billions still wasted on propping up the banks through dodgy schemes like ‘quantitative easing’, while forcing ordinary people to accept cuts to their budgets and blowing money on illegal wars, and yet not one funny man or woman find this hilarious and have a go at the culprits.

And we’ve got people like PM David Cameron and his sidekick Nick Clegg, heading a government without a mandate, dragging the country down, and even that doesn’t seem to interest comedians.


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Is Syria On The Brink Of Civil War? No. The Balance Of Power Still Favours President Bashar Al Assad

Asking if Syria is on the brink of civil war and concluding that no, it's not. The insurgents are too fragmented to pose a credible challenge. The West can only stand by and watch.


Kofi has perambulated around Syria for quite a while and has achieved absolutely nothing. He talks to President Bashar al Assad politely and, in response, the Syrian strongman replies in kind. It is like a dialogue of the deaf. Samuel Marshall reports over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.


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Making A Fast Buck In Dubai. But Falling Prey Of The Sharks

A salutary tale about rags to riches in Dubai. But watch out for the sharks. They may devour you.

British businessman is on hunger strike in a Dubai prison, his young children pleading for justice.

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There's Gold, Black Gold And Liquid Gold: And China Is In The Lead To Grab That Last One

China is ready to use drinking water as a political weapon. So start collecting water yourself.

China/Russia Meet Up

Talks are being put in place in Beijing China between China and Russian representative leaders. The meet-up is happening because of gas, gas has two stream tiers an upstream and a downstream. No its not a joke tomorrow Vice Premier Wang Qishan meets Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Devorko. Natural gas has long been in discussion to supplement the growing need for electricity and fuel to heat up water and homes. Alternatives announced in local news this week has clearly shown each country is considering different types of fuel to cut down costs.

Fuel For China, Russia And Everybody

China/Russia Three Gorges Dam

China/Russia Three Gorges Dam

Each of the three alternatives coal, shingles and oil have there downside. From location to the damage that is done to the atmosphere not forgetting the rapid rise in prices from oil to heat up water. These things will be also mentioned at the meeting. According to BBC television this week shingles is a fuel that is abundant is places like Australia. Coal is popular in China but we all know what the smoke does to the atmosphere and again oil is shipped around by the barrel and as you know the barrel prices are rising.

Three Common Meet-Up Fuel Discussions

The fundamental issues for tomorrow between Russian and Chinese negotiations outside of the usual internal dynamics security issues and the external atmosphere of hosting these types of events is all about costs and prices and which water to drink. Bottled water is a great way to break the ice, choosing a decent water will keep everyone refreshed during such discussions.

China is in a position where they can negotiate with Russia. China is celebrating its 60th founding anniversary of its Peoples Republic this year so they should be in high spirits.

Three Trading Tips From China About Fuel And Water

China is also in a strategic position because of its bilateral trading with surrounding countries Nepal for example is still autonomous but is bathing in lots of water the luxuries of Chinese trading and quite rightly so since the history this century and and last was not always good.

This is just how effective a change in dynamics with security measures can have on relationships, that is if everything runs smoothly is a great contributor of some great things can happen.Having the right water really helps.

Gas Pipes From Russia To China And Other Places

Russian gas pipes similarly are very well known for reliability and overcoming engineering land obstacles, they also have access to the best routes that use various routes to supply the gas flow through various locations through land and water. For example Siberia is one place the pipes must flow. The costs and maintenance of the flow has its costs.

China would like to see if there are ways to cut down these costs. I imagine they will be offering some sort of engineering service at a fraction of the price. This is just me speculating with an educated guess, the fact is these types of meetings are confidential and what ever is discussed will help model ideas for other countries.

Without fuel we are stuffed at some point in the future we will have a period of time when the electricity shuts down and the Internet is not working for a few hours, will you be ready for all this type of commotion. Read more by going over to Stirring Trouble Internationally to find out what happens during times of commotion, find out more about China and the things you can do with water.

Research About China Bibliography
News Poll about Stirring Trouble

News Poll Stirring Trouble


English: fire hydrant in China Central Place. ...

fire hydrant in China Central Place. Beijing, China (Photo Wikipedia)


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Know Any German Jokes? No? There Are Some Good Ones Actually


Germans have no humour. Nonsense. There are always plenty of jokes. Mind you, it is possible you will not find them funny. Germans, at present need some levity in their lives.

Martin McCauley writes from Berlin a few good old German jokes. This time of year German jokes go down really well, especially in Europe. Martin is a writer for Stirring Trouble Internationally, he likes to travel and has a good sense of humour. You can read more of his musings by going over to Stirring Trouble Internationally.

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It Had To Happen And It Did: Britain Is In The Grips Of A Heat Wave

Taking a sarcastic look at spells of hot weather. And concluding that it's better to have a bit of chill in the air.


Stirring Trouble Internationally Ben Delicious covers this weekends bout of hot weather and looks at the unusual behaviour of Londoners during the sunny season.


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Looking Back At Osama Bin Laden’s Assassination. And Getting All Confused

Speculating on the reasons why Dr Afridi, who has helped the Ynaks to get Osama, was sent to jail. Three crazy theories are advanced but there may be no truth in any of them.


James Anderson writes from Islamabad: Well, would you believe it! The doctor, who had helped the Americans to identify the house Osama bin Laden was hiding in, has just been sent down for 33 years by a Pakistani court.

bin laden, Dr Afridi, house, military, Pakistan

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Battling The Budget Deficit In India. Austerity At Its Finest

Revealing that the Indian economy doesn't really perform all that well.

Mata Harry writes from New Delhi: The Indian economy is tanking, the rupee is in free fall, the stock market plunges every day and inflation is soaring. Not to mention that the budget deficit has spiralled out of control.

austerity, civil servants, Economy, India

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Banks Keeping A Low Profile After That Crash They Caused? Not A Chance!

Looking at Facebook's IPO and concluding: instead of keeping a low profile after that crash banks are still at it, doing deals that go all wrong.

Dan Majestic writes from New York: You really have to admire those banker boys: you’d have expected them to keep a low profile, after that financial crash they’ve caused in 2008 and the consecutive economic crisis that would probably stay with us for another decade or so, but there they are, organising the sale of Facebook, a website with no content on it, for a cool 104 billion.Banks Keeping A Low Profile After That Crash They Caused? Not A Chance!

Facebook, Goldman Sachs, IPO, Morgan Stanley

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China May Soon See A Top Cop Go On Trial. And It May Prove A Big Headache For Beijing

Gu Suhua writes from Chongqing: China traditionally avoids an accusation of treason against any top official. Why? It means a loss of face for the communist regime as a whole. It tells the whole world that they have rotten apples at the apex of power.

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China May Soon See A Top Cop Go On Trial. And It May Prove A Big Headache For Beijing. Rumours are flying about here that former Chinese top cop Wang Lijun will soon be put on trial and charged with treason. Gu Suhua




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George Osborne Takes A Bashing From The IMF And China. Time For Plan ‘B’. Or Even ‘C’

Martin McCauley writes from London: Who is Ms Legarde to deliver such a lecture? Well, before she took over in Washington, she was the French Minister of Finance. What, you exclaim, the French Minister of Finance. Isn’t she responsible for the mess France and the European Union are now in?

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Spare a thought for Chancellor George Osborne. He’s been given a dressing down by the International Monetary Fund and the Chinese, no less. Martin McCauley


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When Size Really Matters: Of President Jacob Zuma’s Offence Over A Painting

Ted Obvious writes from Johannesburg: Penis size is now the new hot topic of discussion in South Africa following the controversy that was caused by a facsimile of a Soviet poster of Vladimir Lenin, with the head of President Jacob Zuma, zipper on his trousers open and his manhood sticking out.

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In his affidavit filed in the High Court in Johannesburg Mr Zuma points out that seeing himself with his genitals on show made him feel as if he was a victim of rape. When Size Really Matters: Of President Jacob Zuma’s Offence Over A Painting.


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NATO Comes Up With The Name For The Withdrawal From Afghanistan: Heroic Disengagement

Dan Majestic writes from Chicago: News has reached Stirring Trouble that at a secret session of the NATO summit in the Windy City on Monday a name for the pull-out of the alliance’s troops from Afghanistan has been finally approved.

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NATO Comes Up With The Name For The Withdrawal From Afghanistan: Heroic Disengagement. NATO leaders have been suggesting other possible names for the final stage of the Afghan war, like Victorious Exit, Timely Farewell and Walking Tall, but they were rejected as too triumphalist and having confusing undertones. Dan Majestic.


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Eurobonds Are The Latest Quick Fix For The Mess In The Eurozone. But They Are Not The Solution

Martin McCauley writes from London: Eurobonds Are The Latest Quick Fix For The Mess In The Eurozone. But They Are Not The Solution.

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The incentive to engage in painful structural reforms would be severely weakened. Greece, for instance, has to cut its bloated state sector, reform pensions and the labour market and become more like Germany. Martin McCauley


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Hard Working William Hague Tells Lazy Brits To Work Harder

"From London: Hard working Foreign Secretary William Hague has come up with a no-nonsense message to all the lazy Brits out there: you’ve got to stop complaining and start working hard, you morons. Well, he didn’t exactly use the word ‘morons’ but his body language, if he could..." (R.F.Wilson)
     He tells bosses to work harder and suggests the Eurozone resolution will help UK and advises the country exports more of its skills and work outside of the country. Lord Jones has criticised William for his business advice.

     In current affairs this week in relation to William Hague Ministers are being advised by the CBI President that business owners should take notice of what Mr Hague is saying. Meanwhile The Guardian blames high street banks for low interest and Tories for not giving loans to people in start up businesses or loans for young couples.

    "Some even say that the Queen seems to be losing her interests in politics and even asked David Cameron whether she can deliver her next opening of parliament speech on Twitter." R.F. Wilson

Aircraft Jet Scream, Or How To Take The Wrong Decision But Eventually Get It Right

Aircraft Carriers And Jump Jets

Christopher Lee writes from London: The UK is to order the American F35B jump jets for its aircraft carriers that are being built as you read this. Brilliant aircraft news. It was going to have the F35C conventional take off and landing jet – not so good news. Cancelling the F35C aircraft has cost the British taxpayer about £100 million. Very bad news.
  • Jet Aircraft Scream, Or How To Take The Wrong Decision But Eventually Get It Right. via (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)

Aircraft Management In Europe

Aircraft management is big business in Europe. The Netjets in Europe are a popular aircraft choice. As we enter the summer holidays Thomas Cook is reporting difficulties in Peterborough since the aircraft fleet sale. Everyone are anxious about the prices of aircraft holidays this summer. Often during financial difficulties the best option id the English Rivera, The Midlands or The beach. Since the confusion with the Euro less people are going on day-trips by ferry instead of flying on an aircraft. Hopefully more and more people will fly by aeroplane soon.
 Jet Aircraft Scream, Or How To Take The Wrong Decision But Eventually Get It Right.

Jet Fighters Landing On Aircraft Carriers

Other related news is about the new ultraviolet cloaking device for jet fighters on aircraft carriers, I just hope they uncloak before they are to land on air craft carriers.
Jet Aircraft Scream, Or How To Take The Wrong Decision But Eventually Get It Right.
In Asia global turbines and engine building for aircrafts is on the rise. Outsourcing to Malaysia is very popular, so its nothing unusual there, this post has been about aircraft and decisions made for F35B Jet Fighters.
Jump Jet Lands On Aircraft Carrier
Jump Jet Landing On An Aircraft Carrier
Peter, Thomas Cook Uk LTD, ,1999
Peter, Thomas Cook Uk LTD, ,1999 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  • Cameron makes £100m U-turn on F-35 aircraft carrier jets (theweek.co.uk)
  • Immigration Article of the Day: The Devil Made Me Do It: The Plenary Power Doctrine and the Myth of the Chinese Exclusion Case by Earl Maltz (lawprofessors.typepad.com)
  • Spiralling costs hit Defence Review jet recommendation (itv.com)

Here we go again: Crafty Eggheads Making Up Stories about Aliens

The aliens are always in the movies, and according to the Chicago Tribune its this Sci-fi research is ruining it for the rest of us. The plot of new films is revealed even before the film is made or released.

Smiley Egg Head

Smiley Egg Head (Photo credit: themonnie)
Ben Delicious writes from London: Here we go again: a team of crafty eggheads have come up with a theory that there are billions – yes, not thousands or millions, but billions – of planets out there that resemble Earth.
 Here we go again: Crafty Eggheads Making Up Stories about Aliens

The plot of new films is revealed even before the film is made or released. Academia has given students the ability to find out more about films the scripts. The access to blogs and websites mean the publishing is made. The University of Wisconsin-Madison calls it popular criticism.
To confuse the subject and the students they are offering a screen of an old and dusty film from 1960′s with supermodels as stars to create intrigue in students. I am confident this type of research will cool the students down a bit from ruining the plot of the films for the rest of us. And I sure this will help generate more sales for Netflix movie streaming. Perhaps the 60′s film is something we will see mass marketed to the rest of the world.
According to the Chicago news they have delivered breaking news since 1847 that is over 150 years.
Here We Go Again: Crafty Eggheads Making Up Stories About Aliens
According to the Windsor Observer The Royal Harmonics A Capella Barber Shop choir take to the Eggheads and hoped to win the £23,000 on the television show.
Royal Harmonics to take on the Eggheads via (The Royal Borough WindsorObserver.co.uk)
The Nintendo DS has a game called Eggheads. Critics are out according to the Chicago Tribune Eggheads can now be friends, last Thursday.
BBC Eggheads photo 2009
  • Movie Review – ALIEN: RESURRECTION (1997) (adventureamigos.net)
  • Same question different answers (infinitepirate.wordpress.com)
  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Awesome: more ET and Aliens(plainclothessuperheroes.wordpress.com)
  • Damon Lindelof Explains ‘Prometheus’ Mysteries (moviesblog.mtv.com)
  • Aliens Smartgun Prop Looks Drool Worthy (uberreview.com)

Time To End The Leveson Inquiry. It Was A Bad Idea In The First Place

Rebekah Brooks
Rebekah Brooks Games
Lovejoy writes from London: If I were Lord Leveson, who is heading the inquiry into media ethics triggered by the revelations of phone hacking at the now defunct News of the World from the News International stable, I would have walked away from it weeks ago.
Time To End The Leveson Inquiry. It Was A Bad Idea In The First Place
What the papers are saying
This weekend the Sunday Express published Rebekah Brooks and husband in relation to phone hacking scandals is a witch hunt, The Daily Star in the UK reported headline was Fury Over Weak And Unjust Charges. The Scotsman described Rebekah as baffled about the situation and police charges against her husband. The digital SPy linked her being baffled about conspiracy charges, nothing new there. Further afield in New Zealand online journals report the relationship with Rupert Murdoch could mean some sort of cover up campaign to keep the Rupert Murdoch case going. In India the Economic Times calls it the rise and fall of Rebekah Brooks.
“The former News International chief exec, Rebekah Brooks, giving evidence about her friendship with former and current prime ministers and ministers.” Adam Lovejoy
British media proved to be impotent in the face of the financial crash, with not a single banker becoming a target of a proper journalistic investigation.”
Adam Lovejoy, Media
Time To End The Leveson Inquiry. It Was A Bad Idea In The First Place

Bender, Rupert Murdoch, Hank Hill (not pictured), and Thurgood Stubbs as phone operators (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  • Leveson: Rebekah Brooks to be charged (politico.com)
  • Rebekah Brooks to find out if she will be charged for perverting the course of justice over phone hacking (dailymail.co.uk)
  • Coulson guarded at the Leveson Inquiry (itv.com)