Nick And Dave: Vowing To Fight To Save Their ‘Open Marriage’

Nick and Dave renew their coalition pledges, the secret to a long life in the UK and other trends to watch in the UK Lifestyle section. R.F.Wilson writes from Basildon in Essex: Renewing your vows comes easy when you’re living in an open marriage.
Nick and Dave Renew Coalition Vows

Nick Cleague and Dave Cameron

Rubberstamping The Tories,  reform of the House of Lords transform into a  elected chamber, while the Lib Dems are screaming ‘treachery; and demanding that the idiotic process goes full steam ahead. Lack of life insurance is a £2.4 Trillion Protection Gap.
The queens speech included a coalition peace of uncertainty. In Greece the Greek politicians are looking to places like Britain for guidance and other information.
In current affairs this week David Cameron and the Liberals have been under a lot of pressure and have been bombarded with liberal emblems. The coalition tractor factory according to the Guardian is an example of love fools no one. In France the far left have abandoned such theories. The Queen’s strategy as outlined in her recent speech is the heart of why such uncertainty exists.
Nick And Dave: Vowing To Fight To Save Their ‘Open Marriage’

Liberal Democrats for Lords Reform launched
Liberal Democrats for Lords Reform launched (Photo credit: Mark Pack)
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