Posing Hard Hitting Questions About The French Presidential Elections

Ben Delicious reports from Paris: As the French nation greets the Socialist Party leader, Francoise Hollande, as its new President...

     Growth not austerity for Europe say's Fran├žois Hollande which also means he will tax the rich a little bit more which may mean an influx of people wanting to do business in the United Kingdom.

     Compared to Greece the French are far more optimistic about financial matters. Europe and the Euro appear to be struggling right now. Growth in China is very slow.

     The austerity package is made specifically for supporting the Syiza party, according to the TheStar.com .

     According to a senior director Fran├žois Hollande never understood what happened with France in 2007 in the bid to solve the Eurozone crisis a mastermind attempt made with Germany.

     He also thinks highly of a pension scheme and additionally questioned Sarcozy's protectionism campaign.

     The recession has effected 12 of the European countries and all of them are feeling the pinch, the pressure is high on each country.

     The European union however need to work together and resolve the difficulties. Holland is one country which by example is keeping European spirits lifted highly.

     You could therefore say Holland is very happy with Hollande's victory.

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Jim Bob having read Ben Delicious article over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. And the other sources below.

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