Free Syrian Army And Maher al Assad Civil War in Syria

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In Daraya this weekend reportedly were the worst attacks on civilians in Syria, perhaps 200 people have lost their lives. It brings me great sadness to say this war or civil war is not getting any better. 

The governments are doing there best to deal with the problems, the problem is like any other government there are people making the wrong decisions. 

If we actually took time to think of those we might hurt before any action is taken none of these things would ever happen. 


How Advertising Helped Jaguar Cars, Kylie Minogue, Lana Del Rey And The Rolling Stones

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"So what’s the big deal about Lana Del Ray? Well, her album Born To Die has sold over 2 million copies worldwide since its release in January." Via Stirring Trouble Internationally.

So first let's take a look at "How Advertising Helped Jaguar Cars, Kylie Minogue, Lana Del Rey And The Rolling Stones".
  • 1. How Advertising Helped Jaguar Cars

The PC Views Of Democracy And Dictatorship

The PC views of democracy and dictatorship
The PC views of democracy and dictatorship
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This article is by Jim Bob from London: The PC views of democracy and dictatorship include methods of separating thought in relation to belief with a distinct passion to follow. We have already learned so much from history what has happened when this goes wrong. There are things you can look out for in time to distinguish when this is not happening. In this article you will find a reasonable definition of democracy, you will also find some underlining methods already accepted in various countries. Now when things have got really bad or there has been some unusual uprising we can clearly see from our history how these people and communities have reacted to leaders during times of trouble or whoever else they think is responsible. These things are not always as clear as what it might seem, especially in areas of dictatorship.


Something’s Not Right About Those Accusations Of Rape Against Julian Assange

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Rapedilema-300x169Thomas Mathew legal expert has examined the Julian Assange case and decided something is not right when a woman is seen with a man two's days later after an alleged assault. He is right this does seem a bit strange.

Thomas takes time out of his busy day to underline some key features you ought to know about. He also highlights the behaviour of Julian Assange and reveals the real facts that jeopardise relationships here in the UK in relation to this case.

What If Reverend Thomas Malthus Was Right And The World’s Food Supplies Run Out?

Thomas Malthus, Cyrill Drill and Stephen Emmott
Stephen Emmott on Thomas Malthus
A Review of Thomas Malthus by Cyrill Drill. Cyrill Drill takes a look at the recent essay completely revised in August 12th this year in London. The essay is about the population growth and predicting when the end of the world will come. The results are quite startling, academics have unearthed and created some startling opinions and draw upon the findings at the Royal Court Theatre and Cyrill takes a brief look at Stephen Emmott. Go over to Stirring Trouble Internationally to find out more.

Prince Harry’s Latest Adventures Prove One Thing: Hellraising Sure Ain’t What It Used To Be

Hellraising in Las Vegas Prince Harry mobile photo
Hellraising in Las Vegas
Ben Delicious makes his mark again with this satirical rant about hellraising in Las Vegas. He takes a look at the recent leaked photographs on Facebook of Harry and his team of party animals. Ben looks at the whole party thing and completely blows it into tiny pieces. Be careful though some of the language he uses is a bit choice.

American Local Politics Are Bound To Overshadow Politics On The Federal Level.

Federal government is in gridlock. States have to come up with their own initiatives to promote economic growth. The successful ones may start demanding that the profligate ones put their house in order first before they get hand outs.

People in Carolina are fed up with the wilting economy and one of the nation’s highest jobless rates. (The State.com) Newt Gingrich and the Tea party people in January favoured and followed in the footsteps of GOP Mitt Romney. Other politicians in America a drawing on the on statistical support of estimating zero support for Romney. The economy all over America is waning and they are doing their best to keep everything running smoothly. In profit and ready for investors to invest more jobs and more Intel into creating better areas with more job opportunities and access to the funds they need.

Perhaps this is why President Obama this week has his gripes with North Carolina investors, he hopes they will invest in his plan to ensure gas and promises to reduce costs in political campaigns. The shale gas debate is something that you can find out more about in today’s article.

Another key point which is often misunderstood is the amount of States in America that have jobs in the fuel industry who are having to hire from one state to another form example James Anderson highlights that Texas is attracting a lot of people from California and hiring them in Texas. This movement happened in the 1930's during the great depression.

These things are making Barack Obama very angry because he would like investments to change the way the fuel industry is allocated in the federal budget. The budget is very low all over the world, but as you will find out America is a country that a large proportion of the world is looking to for advice. The problem is it is difficult to make head or tail of these political debates. If you want the real facts race over to Stirring Trouble now to find out more.


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Alex Salmond’s Independence Project Isn't Running Well. Expect Him To Pull Off More Stunts And Gimmicks


Hamish's report from Edinburgh reveals how Scotland could effect the whole structure of the BBC. In this report you will find out how Scotland's political decisions this month may effect the very financial fibre of the BBC. The report gives details of what people in Scotland living in the surrounding Island's are saying.


In Case You Don't Know It, Adultery Is Big Business

Adultery brings big bucks to big business. That why it's plugged all over the place. 


What’s The Story? - Three Years After Oasis Split The Gallagher Brothers Are Still Making Waves

Freddie Mathews writes an ode to the Manchester bands live from a pub in London. Once with the Gallagher brothers United, the British rock ‘n’ roll band Oasis, ruled the world. Now the brothers are competing with each other. And Noel seems to be winning. High flying Birds and a Beady Eye record sales plus concert tickets all compared to one another in comparison with the Madchester scene sales.

Why Is It That Mitt Romney And Barack Obama Don t Like To Talk About US Withdrawal From Afghanistan?

Afghanarmy-300x169© Find us on Google+ Stirring Trouble Internationally US troops will stay in Afghanistan after 2014. They have to. Otherwise the country becomes a launch pad for terrorism. The Afghan National Army are in Afghanistan right now and general John Allen has spoken. Mitt Romney, president Obama have listened. There has been talk this week about withdrawal.


Chemical Weapons Are The Poor Man’s Atomic Bomb. Is The Al Assad Regime Getting Ready to Use Them?

Syria has chemical weapons aplenty. It will only use them as a last resort? When will that be?

Mitt Romney Is Ready To Play The Mormon Card But Will It Prove A Winner Or A Loser?

History, Mormonism as a religion and politics by Mitt Romney
History, Mormonism & Mitt Romney
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Romney is getting ready to play the Mormon card. It is a risk. However, the day of the minority religions may have dawned in America.

Keeping The Unusual Channels Open In Syria - The Chinese Ones Of Course

Communications are the lifeblood of a state fighting for its survival. China has now intervened to take over most internet traffic in Syria. 

The Latest Trick To Fix The Eurozone Will Only Buy Some More Time But Not Resolve Its Chronic Weaknesses

The ECB is thinking of intervening in the markets to bring down the gap in borrowing rates. This favours weak states. It does not solve but only delays a solution of the euro crisis.


So What’s Hitting The British Music Scene? The X-Factor Fallout I’m Afraid

The X-Factor is here again. Alas it is having a negative effect on the music scene. But that’s life.

Why Nuclear Arms Control Comes In The Form Of An Unsigned Bunker Buster

The great man of nuclear arms control cogitation is dead. He dominated the American scene for decades. But it was ruled by the US-Soviet and now Russian problem. What to do about Israel and Iran?
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With The Age Of The Music Collection Almost At An End, Now Even The Download Has A Competitor.

Freddie Mathews takes a look at his album collection and tells us all about his first record. The nostalgia for vinyl is still highly sort after around these parts and Freddie reflects on his memories of youth in conjunction with handling his records. Freddie is also a big fan of CD's and like most of us is catching up with the new ways music is presented. As you know we have moved from vinyl dj's entertaining people to CD mixing of music. CD's are just one way he mentions that music downloaded is burned onto CD's. The great thing is Freddie has now noticed online streaming, I think Freddie might be on Facebook. Have a read and find out for yourself you will be surprised by the music he used to listen too. More importantly you will be informed about the options available to consume your music, then be able to make up your own mind if this is something you want to take action with (if not already).

Why Shouldn’t President Al Assad Defend Syria? He's Only Doing What Any Leader Would Do


Peace is never easy and peacemakers over time have had to be the advocate between dictators. In areas of conflict their must always be a middleman, in the case of Syria this is something strikingly similar and that middle man 'The Peace Maker' is Lakhadar Brahimi. Lakhaadar Brahimi is representing the United Nations/Arab League and is asking all the questions that need to be asked if there is to be peace in Syria.

Gu Kailai Gets A Suspended Death Sentence. That's Life In Chinese Communist Speak, In Case You're Wondering

As we all know Neil Heywood was recently poisoned. No one truly knew what happened, but the trail publicly went on like an episode of Judge Judy. The story itself unfolded more like a case of Murder She Wrote. The Gu trial and sentence are a neat solution to an embarrassing problem. Gu protects her husband, Bo Xilai, and he protects the Party elite. Nevertheless the affair has damaged the Party.


New Premiership Season Opens. Finally, Millions Of Boring People Have Something To Talk About Again

The new Premiership season opens. Finally, millions of boring people have something to talk about.

Robin Van Persie prepares to take a penalty in...

Turning Pussy Riot Into A Political Act Blew The Liberal Left’s Cred To Shreds

Presenting members of Pussy Riot as some dissidents was not good idea of the liberal mob. Blew in their faces eventually.

Looking Back On The London 2012 Games And Their True Legacy

Looking back on the true legacy of the London Olympics. Now that the dust has settled.


Supermarkets Selling Tap Water? It’s Just Part Of The Bigger Picture Really

Supermarkets selling tap water? It's all part of the game that is called: fool te customer into buying.

How Come Science Fails To Deliver The Goods?

Ted Obvious writes from London: How is it that we can send a spaceship to Mars that drops a fancy looking vehicle on the surface that then beams images of the Red Planet to Earth and yet, we can’t treat a common cold or predict the weather for the next day correctly. We always hear that we live

When Is It Justified To Help Someone To Commit Suicide? No Clear Answer On This One

Assisted suicide is an emotional subject which lawyers and MPs so far have failed to clarify. Expect this state of affairs to continue as no one is willing to lay down the law on the matter.

China Is Trying To Entice North Korea To Change Its Priorities. But Will Proabably Fail

China props up North Korea. Beijing would like Pyongyang to spend more on development and less on nuclear weapons. But this is wishful thinking.

The Deaths Of The Striking Miners Reveal A Deep Malaise In South African Society

The deaths of striking miners are a wakeup call to the South African government. It needs to reduce inequality. If not, a social explosion is possible.

The Biggest Problem Facing The Muslim Brotherhood Is Providing Cheap Food For The Poor

Food prices are bound to rise next spring. World population is growing but food production is down. Expect hunger riots.

Grubby Cameron Government's Double Standards On Kids’ Sport - Principles Sold To The Highest Bidder

Playing fields for all is government policy. However their number is shrinking daily. The present government is just following a trend set by its predecessors.

Portrait Of A Typical Liberated Woman. With All The Feminist Trimmings Thrown In

Looking at a liberated woman. And thinking: wow, now that is not a great idea.

So He Has Achieved His Wish: Julian Assange Has Political Asylum in Ecuador. What Next?

Julian Assange wants to avoid extradition to Sweden. However it is being sent on to the United States which frightens him. Will he ever get to Quito?

How To Succeed In Comedy. Tips For Aspiring Funny Men. And Women As Well

Some rules for people who want to succeed on the comedy circuit.

Israel Has A Final Draft Plan To Bomb Iranian Nuclear Sites

Iran Nuclear facilities There is a strategic battle going on now, behind the scenes in world. The strategy is psychological and the methods are extremely premeditated. From the top down and now the bottom up everyone have access to these tools. Read on to find out what this means for you and me.

Europeans Are Living Beyond Their Means. Time To Face This Brutal Truth


In today's post you can find out some interesting statistics about Europes expenditures, average pay in a selection of the countries in Europe and how all this is part of the changing economy. The riots around Europe and beyond with places like Amiens the heart of leftism France we see the French Prime Minister returning home early from vacation.


Afghanistan Is Waiting For A Solution. It May Come From Beijing

The killing in Afghanistan increases by the day. The Coalition forces have failed. Time for the Chinese to step in and negotiate a settlement.

The strategic geo locations of all countries is enough to put any country in a spin of confusion Mustafa Amin writes from Kabul to clear up all this confusion. At least 35 killed and 80 injured in four bomb blasts in Zaranji, in south west Afghanistan this week. Everyone are trying to help. All countries are interested in peace but the fighting right now still continues. America as Mustafa points out have failed, Russia has tried to chip in but not much has happened. Places like Turkey have done their best and everyone from everywhere just wants there to be a bit of peace. Geo politically China seem to be the best candidates for peace and are known worldwide for diplomacy. In Beijing they say the the 'Feng Shui' can be changed, snd Zaranji Thai Chi could be introduced, fair fighting policies would give an arena for disputes to be publicly aired. Lets hope this in Afghanistan all gets sorted out soon.


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Rio2016 Will Be An Even Greater Extravaganza Than London2012. Money Will Rule As Never Before

Rio2016 will be a carnival. Athletics will be an afterthought. It will all be about marketing and ensuring that your man or woman wins. I can’t wait.

Martin McCauley wrote something earlier from the Olympic Village he did not seem to impressed. It seems not many people are there now the Olympics has finished. In this comical rant he goes on to say how Hartley Pool United has a similar problem. I am a bit confused if you go over to Stirring Trouble Internationally and have a good read please let me know what you think.


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Cameron's Soft Shoe Shuffle - Rooster For PM?

There is to be some shuffling going on in Britian but for now the PM is of on his holidays, according to Henry Forth this weeks special guest writer David Cameron should be back in time for the Para Olympics. The Lib Dems will be holding the fort until the Prime Minister reappears from his hols.

In this post you can find out about lady Worsi's chicken in a rooster basket meals. You will also find a fictional proposal for a fanstasy representation of the UK. Bring in the celebs the House of Lords will be over the moon. To find out just what goes where in the Houses of you know who, go over to Stirring Trouble Internationally. You can also find us in the Google Play store or just read the Google Currents version. 
Cameron has to reshuffle his pack. He could bring in outsiders to add recognition. He could even go himself.


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Don’t You Just Love How Sir Mervyn King Gets It Wrong All Of The Time

The weird world of central banking and Sir Mervyn straight in the middle of it all.

Thomas Mathew writes from London about the knighthood of Sir Mervyn King and casts a tale about the bank of England's representatives walking around in white blankets shielded by what is actually going on. The topic of quantative easing is highlighted as the news reveals the difficulties of not printing new money. The euro-zone is printing new money in all different countries with different identities of the same currency. The Bank of England need to print more money just like Europe and the rest of the world. Sir Mervyn King is a born product of this and as Mathew points out the knighthood was given for the good work done in banking. With that in mind perhaps getting a job in banking is the best way forward especially if you want a Knighthood or if you want to understand the bank of England quantitative easing model.


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Clinton's Warning To Al Assad And The UN - The Gloves Are Coming Off. But What About The New Jihadists?

The Americans have stepped up their support for the Syrian insurgents. Does diplomacy still have a role to play in Syria?

Jan Weatherhead writes from Washington about covert operations happening in Syria. The wizard president Obama looks into his shiney crystal ball and Hilary Clinton the United Nations Chinese representative share their own reasonable solutions to war and peace.

The Arab League this week has been cutting down all the members who are not adding value to the conversation. Bashar Al Assad in the Syrian conflict has been earmarked by the media as a member who has not really helped in any way to solve the problems happening there.

Plus Britian is looking for all the right answers in all the wrong places. Go over to Stirring Trouble Internationally and find out what Jan Weathrhead has to say about the recent cards dealt to all the players.


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It's Curtains For The London Olympics. It's Now Brazil's Turn To Suffer

The recent closing ceremony for the London Olympics was on television and everyone I know watched it. I missed bits of it to busy watching the politics unfold as the recession got brushed neatly under the carpet. With that said here is today's quarterly post, written by Adam Lovejoy over on Stirring trouble Internationally.
The Olympics are over. What a relief for everyone.

In this post journalist Adam Lovejoy gives his opinion on the London Olympics and after the closing ceremony I cannot quite blame him. This is a satirical comical rant about the 2012 London Olympics. Successfully Briton came third in the awards behind them Russia. That was fun, the opening ceremony that was great, the closing ceremony was more about the music, see what Adam has to say about the whole thing it will make you chuckle to say the least.


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Paul Ryan Becomes Mitt Romney s Running Mate. Expect The Election Campaign To Liven Up

Stirring trouble Internationally tags cloudJames Anderson writes from Madison: Paul Ryan joins Mitt Romney as his running mate. Expect a lot of talk about balancing the budget.



Egyptian President Sacks Two Top Soldiers. But What If They Refuse To Quit?

The top soldier has been sacked by the President. Will he go? Will a new generation of top soldiers take over? They might favour democracy. via stirringtroubleinternationally.com
Ossie Makepeace writes a decent article about the recent announcements from Cairo: The head of the Egyptian armed forces, the almost legendary Field Marshal Mohamad Tantawi, and the chief of staff General Sami Annan have been dramatically sacked.

English: Egyptian army insignia, Brigadier Gen...

Chinese Communist Leaders Blew It With That Stalinist Trial Of Gu Kailai

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Gu Suhua writes from Beijing: The Communist Party leadership is congratulating itself on a job well done. Gu Kailai is the fall girl in a trial which is not a trial. The verdict will be announced when other news is more eye catching. China has shot itself in the foot.

Gold For Royal Freeloaders - Or Just Cheerleading Team GB?

Noel Ferguson wrote this satirical article from the Olympic Village. The Royals treat the Olympics as a never ending party. They turn up everywhere. So would you if they gave you a celebrity seat.
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You can find out more about: just who exactly is free loading more about the Olympics, Prince Harry and the funny news about William and Kate.

Edinburgh Fringe Sucks. There’s No Escaping The Sad Fact

Adam Lovejoy wrote from Edinburgh The Edinburgh Fringe is basically a launch pad for mediocrities. Embarrassing comedy acts use it to plug themselves. via stirringtroubleinternationally.com A lot of so-called ‘popular’ comedians in Britain, America and other countries made their careers by taking part in the Edinburgh Fringe.

Go And See The Manet The Ashmolean Has Bought. You Will Be Among The First To View It

Manet’s painting has been in the UK for yonks. It is an exaggeration to say the great British public cares about it. Pity.

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So You Thought China Was All Peace Loving And Cuddly. Well, You're Wrong. Just Ask Some Of Its Neighbours

China is increasingly assertive in claiming territory in the South China Sea. The main reason is the huge hydrocarbon wealth underneath.


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It’s Coming, Innit, The Notting Hill Carnival

The Notting Hill Carnival is approaching. It's all about culture, innit?


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