Afghanistan Is Waiting For A Solution. It May Come From Beijing

The killing in Afghanistan increases by the day. The Coalition forces have failed. Time for the Chinese to step in and negotiate a settlement.

The strategic geo locations of all countries is enough to put any country in a spin of confusion Mustafa Amin writes from Kabul to clear up all this confusion. At least 35 killed and 80 injured in four bomb blasts in Zaranji, in south west Afghanistan this week. Everyone are trying to help. All countries are interested in peace but the fighting right now still continues. America as Mustafa points out have failed, Russia has tried to chip in but not much has happened. Places like Turkey have done their best and everyone from everywhere just wants there to be a bit of peace. Geo politically China seem to be the best candidates for peace and are known worldwide for diplomacy. In Beijing they say the the 'Feng Shui' can be changed, snd Zaranji Thai Chi could be introduced, fair fighting policies would give an arena for disputes to be publicly aired. Lets hope this in Afghanistan all gets sorted out soon.


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