Free Syrian Army And Maher al Assad Civil War in Syria

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In Daraya this weekend reportedly were the worst attacks on civilians in Syria, perhaps 200 people have lost their lives. It brings me great sadness to say this war or civil war is not getting any better. 

The governments are doing there best to deal with the problems, the problem is like any other government there are people making the wrong decisions. 

If we actually took time to think of those we might hurt before any action is taken none of these things would ever happen. 

Because of this a helicopter has now been shot down, perhaps by the Free Syrian army, who knows. On ground level there have been reports of families being gunned down whilst queuing up for bread, it really is a difficult time for people in Syria. The hopes for peace continue. 

     The stark reality is innocent civilians are loosing there lives and the locals working for the government are doing there best to police all this carnage.
Syrian Tanks Civil War or War? 
The Free Syrian Army tanks in Damascus.

  Around The World the whole world is watching and wondering when all this is going to be resolved. The recent attacks in Daraya have brought the locals out to protect themselves and fight for family, friends and loved ones. It is perfectly understandable and justified but still the debate remains an open question. Is this civil war now or is it just war and what does this mean for the UN peace proposals?
The Afghan Army Marching to the village
The Marching Afghan Army.

     The Free Syrian Army are a select few of elite members of the public who have raised up to defend and avenge. The violence continues as the weapons get handed out. Tanks are moving through the villages locals are seen riding on the back of tanks to get from A – B. Outside the country meanwhile people like Assad remain firm that something will be fixed and the UN feel optimistic.

     Standing up against this type of oppression in such a passive way has meant this battle has gone on for far to long.

     Historically Syria has had a difficult time and the dispute between Sunni’s and Muslims continues to fire discontent that goes way back.

     The dissonance has been taught in schools to their children, they knew the odds and have prepared for this moment for quite some time. I am sure they have prayed for some sort of peaceful intervention and I hope the UN can come to some agreement about getting involved.

     The casualties need some support and by the sound of it the government also needs some tips too., Maher al Assad, Syria The Free Syrian Army have had the worst week in 17 months of the troubles, the unrest has turned into organised revolt, the conditions there are not improving.

Bank Ki Moon and Laktar Brahimi close to UN 
Laktar Brahimi shares about the Arab League to Bank Ki Moon.

     Casualties are mounting up and now the government are starting to feel the force of the Free Syrian Army. Maher al Assad is seen at many press releases filmed getting into his car to escape the questioning from the public. War is never a pretty site and Peace from the UN is difficult especially when you consider the possibilities of this being civil war. Syria is about to make some very difficult decisions and the UN intervention with the Arab League’s new-found support should bring hope to this ever decreasing circle of discomfort.

      Mustafa Amin writes from Tripoli, Lebanon: Is the bloodshed in Syria a civil war?

     There is no Civil war in Syria. Reportedly people have been killed cued up outside bakery vans to buy there family bread. My hope is that all this in Daraya is actually not real and that none of this is actually happening but the facts are starting to stack up. This Free Syrian Army are going to grow and protect themselves but the problem is no one knows who to trust let alone themselves. The allegiance to Maher al Assad in Syria is strong and I am guessing that no one knows who to trust. The compassion for on goers watching war machines crash in beyond explanation. The debate between the unrest or uprising and the blaming of the government is not yet concrete evidence. The reports from the media are from both sides another example of liberalisation creating a full picture. A picture that although harrowing is actually quite confusing. As usual everyone outside the zone know less than those inside. Though we outside have the objectivity and distance to make our own rational decisions about the mess mounting in up in Damascus, Syria particularly now Daraya.

     Allegedly the government began the violence but this has been going on for a long time and the treatment of all different types of people from all sorts of denominations have at one point been treated harshly over the past hundred years. The disputes have meant people are trapped, the people are in poverty and the one luxury they have is being interrupted by tanks and bombings. Eating and putting food on the table for families whilst living in homes surrounded by outside gunfire is difficult to understand. War whichever way you put it is a nasty thing and I hope some intervention happens soon that takes the people from where they want to be right now to be in a better place with a more prospective  future.

      Laktar Brahimi left flattered humbled and scared wants to help the Arab league to support the peace envoy. The Sunni’s have been  defending themselves against the Muslims when you would think both these closely tied religions would work in harmony. It is not the first time these divisions in faith have existed, the troubles in Ireland were equally as baffling.

     Daraya is a place where the destruction of war has shook the world the number of deaths and casualties will be in due process  reported to the world.  , Free Syrian Army, Maher al Assad, Syria Daraya a Sunni town find reportedly 200 bodies.

War footage in Damascus
Damascus under attack as the Free Syrian Army decide war or civil war?
     Daraya, Free Syrian Army, Maher al Assad, Syria Revenge attacks in Syria during Kofi Annan and the Infantry in Allepo try to gain control of Daraya.
     The  Free Syrian Army cannot yet be accountable for the numbers lost as the world looks to these people to do their best and make the right decisions to many lives have been lost and anger is bound to take place I just hope Maher al Assad can find an angle to quash anymore violence from his people. And as the UN hopes perhaps Turkey can give the dispute a peaceful agreement to end these feuds.
I am sure the world remains confident that the Syria Regime led by Maher Al Assad and the Arab League can come up with a solution for the people inside Syria who are suffering. Not forgetting all the innocent children who have no moral judgement of right and wrong in a world of distrust and unrest. Imagine not knowing who to trust, who to believe and who to say what to.

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