Typhoon Relief Effort In The Philippines

typhoon haiyanAnton Goryunov is on Craigslist in Manila looking at the amounts of money being asked, the index of wrok available has gone down since the typhoon relief effort in the Philippines. And this is not first time these sorts of things have happened in the Philippines. As you will find out in the terms and conditions of life Mother Nature has a way of intervening on the front end and the back. Similar appeals were made of the message board of Haiti, it is only a matter of time before another country intervenes and fills in the gap in the market and stretches the shrinking of trade relations around the world.
un headquarters   Supportively the United Nations is in charge of the charitable effort in the Philippines, you can find a number of similar announcements advertising efforts to gather information and role call helpers in the area to come out and respond to the messages. The only challenge seems to come from people in Kosovo who have like the Arab Spring making Manilla Craigslist Haiti in 2010 posts for three years to keep probing the effects of natural disasters around the world, constantly testing the number of liberal supporters who are making more work for everyone else. Be sure to double check the source of classifieds when giving out information. The law enforcement agencies are moving towards think tanks and creating incubators all over the place. In the example of Manilla classifieds and the collection of ideas to solve conflicts made by mother nature in areas like the Philippines creates more problems than meets the eye. Now we also see the same people predicting earthquakes in Texas because of fracking, what do you think is the reason why all these sorts of things happen. Leave some messages below, join the conversation over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Not much interest these days in the post typhoon relief effort in the Philippines, is there?

Typhoon Relief Effort In The Philippines

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Social Media Is On Its Way Out

Facebook Social Media

Some say social media is on its way out and making it less of a priority to share posts, moving back into forums to get a conversation going and emailing to friends and family. Ted Obvious is in London looking deeper into Social Media and the promises it gave and have not really delivered much. Read how the social media scene is littered with left-wingers influencing IPOs stats and causing a bit of scene in the process. The social media conversation came about during the the US Big Brother news. Everyone was told the obvious and this drew more attention to the US government who willingly shared again how the Internet was an experiment set up to monitor what the whole world was doing these days.  Everyone wants to be online like President Obama sending out his first tweet to the liberal world of sites like Twitter, without any real consideration of how that kind of behaviour influences other people, influences the markets and repeat American Soviet propaganda from back in the days of the cold war when nothing happened, it was just a way of keeping people in fear so they would serve the country better, be more alert instead of head in the clouds overloaded by all the overwhelming duties and filling the mind with things during free time feed up by refrigerators the effects of the television and the rise of the radio. Social media is on its way out and the greedy lot who run it hurry to cash in on it.

Social Media Is On Its Way Out

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Your Mobile Phone Makes You Come Across As If Your Having A Laugh

idiot on the phoneToday's entry is about how having a mobile phone could possibly make out and come across as if you are having a laugh. If you look at the shops on Oxford Street in London you will see lots of people weaving in and out the crowds with their mobile phones attached to their ears. They have iPhones and Samsung's the too most popular phones. They look real happy because they like the phone not that their conversation is any cooler than any normal conversation, its quite misleading really. As you will find out the days of push button for many have gone it is a camera, camcorder, radio or internet browser. The consumer market continue to buy phones like the Vertu and the same people read OK magazines. The same people leave voice mail all the time and set there ring tone to go of. Its actually the alarm clock and the numbers they have on the phone are not cool, nor engaging. We have all been there you completely require to use your smart phone for something super significant. If this ever come out they would probably have to upgrade. Should you be looking to get a brand new mobile phone or maybe get the most out of the one you have? How to use your mobiles to come across as having a life.

Your Mobile Phone Makes You Come Across As If  Your Having A Laugh

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Nigella Lawson, Ian Watkins And The Lost Prophets Scandal

lost prophetsThis is a post about Nigela Lawson as well as point out some of the days nasty news about someone connected to Lost Profits. R.F. Wilson is in London sharing TV news about chef Nigella Lawson and Lostprophets serious pedophile case. Firstly lets start of with the nasty news about Ian Watkins, who raped a baby its only natural to assume a white powder is involved and where there is dope there are always liberal values trying to justify the nastiness of the world. When a crime like this is committed there is not much more you can say other than lock them up for life. You have to be careful what you say on topics like this and getting involved in the conversation has caused a few ripples for Bob's daughter Peaches. Peaches retracted her tweet 4 hours after sharing the names of two mothers of the abused babies breaching the confidentiality act. Meanwhile Charles Saatchi has accused his former wife Nigella Lawson of a few things. You should voice your support by watching more TV and thinking before you listen to music. Spare a thought for people who are itching to voice their support for Nigella Lawson and Ian Watkins.

Nigella Lawson, Ian Watkins And The Lost Prophets Scandal

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More Pensioners Dying Of Cold In The Winter

snow covered cemeteryThis happens every year countries have this problem of more pensioners dying of the cold in the winter. Adam Lovejoy is in covering the pensioners story from London about the British government and the challenge of keeping old people living the life they are use too. This topic comes up every year at winter time, the rise in fuel costs and the statistics rising plus observations of less older people walking about the city. A few years ago the the Treasury located next door to the PM at 11 Downing Street brainstormed public spending. The Labour government and the United Nations came together to talk about the problem just like they did about Libya. The tricky problem they found was staying focused there were so many variables and many now in hindsight obvious distractions that they have not yet managed to resolve any definable solutions. Great news for struggling UK government: more useless pensioners are dying of cold in the winter.

More Pensioners Dying Of Cold In The Winter

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Stirring Trouble Internationally Nov 26th

brian family guy
Brian the dog is dead and Family Guy fans are angry, but the aficionadas are holding out hope for the pooch's safe return to action. Dan Majestic is in New York talking about Family Guy character Stewie and Brian the dog talking about sexual intercourse, the Simpsons, Brian the dog is an intricate part of the cartoon Griffin family. Brian Griffin has been killed off in episode 6 of the latest Family Guy season, Family Guy voice Seth MacFarlane voices over the dog Brian. today, that all you see, is vileness on Twitter and dead dogs on TV. Family Guy in the world of satirical rants is an American way of life. British broadcasting TV channels often repeat the series too. Peter Griffin, the son Chris, then there is Meg, Stewie who has strange fantasies and tendencies. Fans of Family Guy object to bestiality story line killed off in the series. The mainstay talking dog featured on Seth McFarlane's animated show Family Guy, was run over by a car and killed in Sunday night's episode. In the same MoD Simpsons and South Park. Family Guy has been the adult-themed cartoon language and topics indulge in being  ridiculous. fans unite to force writers to bring back Brian Griffin's family's dog, with an online petition The death of Brian the dog has caused uproar among fans. 

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snow covered cemetery
Deaths were highest in the North West. Adam Lovejoy is in London talking about the British government and old people. NHS England is asking people for extra help this winter in looking after older people in the community Tweet Health officials are calling for an army of good samaritans. Find out more about winter, the Treasury and at 11 Downing Street.Labour government have had this thing against old people in Britain with funds spent on overseas aid. The United Nations have introduce a no-fly zone where most deaths had occurred last winter like they do in Libya. Householders risk missing out on payments to help keep them warm during the cold snap. 

Dilbert's Scott Adams Wishes a "Long, Horrible Death" to Assisted Suicide Opponents (reason)
NHS wants 'samaritan army' to help elderly (telegraph)
#Public Information: For the Elderly About Cold-Weather Payments During this Winter (acenewsservices) Cold winter saw death figures surge (standard)
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Bookies On Sports Tournaments Cap Interest Rates

wonga cameron
Dave And The Gang Promise To Cap Interest Rates
The level of the cap, which has not yet been announced, will be decided by the new regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The Treasury says there is "growing evidence" in support of the move, including the effects of a cap already in place in Australia. Ben Delicious is in London reporting about Dave and the gang promise to cap interest rates on payday loans that currently reach 6,000 percent easily.  Incidentally, the Colombian and Mexican drug cartels have a profit margins of 1000 per cent, overshadowed by payday lenders, they could have made more money on licensed loan sharking and New Tories. Not to mention strangling consumer demand that drives the British economy, EU interest rates of payday lenders. Well hit me with a shovel! Dave and the gang promise to cap interest rates of payday lenders. City regulator, weeks after ministers omitted the measure from Government's new rules on the sector The move comes amid heavy criticism of payday lenders for targeting vulnerable customers and charging high interest rates. Taking out a payday loan could endanger people's chances of getting a mortgage. The regulator said that enforced price controls would be "a very intrusive proposition". George Osborne, finance minister, on Monday said capping charges was 'the next logical step' to take. 

New law to cap payday loan interest (bbc) 
Payday lenders to face interest rate cap from City regulator (telegraph) 
UPDATE 1-UK to cap payday lenders' interest charges (xe)

Colombia, Conservative, Economy of the United Kingdom, European Union, Loan shark, Mexican Drug War, Payday loan Bookies On Sports Tournaments

wembley stadium
Bookies On Sports Tournaments
Council chiefs are fighting to stop a flood of betting shops opening in their borough.   If you surf in the web, you can find millions of bookies and sportsbooks offering the same product. Adam Lovejoy reports from outside Wembley Stadium: Imagine if twenty years ago a betting syndicate would have been allowed to sponsor a major sporting tournament. There’d be an uproar, a national scandal, with whole sports federations falling and heads rolling. Like the Colombian drug cartels sponsoring the NHS or the Irish mob monitoring the counterfeit cigarettes and booze market, on behalf of Revenue and Customs. And why not allow doping in sports. The chance to win $1 million on the Gai Waterhouse-trained Fiorente at the relatively juicy odds. Bookies calling the shots in sports tournaments. Now that's really weird. local street bookies that for decades have run their business with many phones at home, pencils, notebooks and are not using the Internet and the pay per head technological platform to move their operations.  The Sunday People launches a campaign to crack down on casino machines, calling for new laws to stop punters getting hooked Addictive: Machines can cost punters a week's money in just minutes. A SAFE containing €575 was stolen from a betting shop in Paphos on Friday night, police said. The incident was reported to police by the betting shop's Latvian employee after she had already informed the shop's owner who is currently abroad. Much more, there are numerous men and women who have their own pay per head network. 

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Bookies machines known as 'crack cocaine of gambling' target most deprived areas (mirror) Campaigners praise Highland Council block new gambling machines (dailyrecord) 
Sheffield independent retailers' angry at bookies plan (thestar) 

Bookmaker, Doping in sport, Drug cartel, Gambling, HM Revenue and Customs, Irish Mob, National Health Service, Wembley Stadium


Nov 22 - 23 2013 Stirring Trouble Internationally News And Current Affairs

hookersThe escort industry could well suffer because of the Paul Flowers scandal. Paul a religious man a few years ago got caught up in a series of public events. Meanwhile the other side of the world a similar case is opened. People of influence have a habit of dabbling in all sorts of things, turning up at a number of events getting carried away often taking the same lead as they would in their careers. The media can be quite a consuming force which lead on to various things which often for many there is no turning back.

paul flowersBen Delicious is in Manchester talking about the escort industry in Britain and takes a look at working girls reports that have been coming in of them expressing how they will cope with a large percentage of customers should these changes take effect. Publicly the Co-operative Bank has sent Flowers and cards out to all there customers with a statement apologising for this sort of thing and how it will not happen again.

It seems the working girls are not responsible for this particular error it was actually the reports from a rent boy who joined the Methodist minister intrigued by the mysteries and ended up getting tied up in Labour activism. Sources say he said its hard-ons outside of the escort agency that struggle in London. The only means of work is brought in from word of mouth. The MPs recommend civil servants and visa versa. This will pause for a short while and the industry is predicting it will take a sharp hit until it all blows over. Escort industry concerned its cred may suffer as a result of the Paul Flowers scandal.

mock liberalsHave a listen to comedians all around the world, the entertainment industry is changing. Comedians have taken a stance on liberals and modern art distinguishing between the two is key. Adam Lovejoy is in London categorising comedians to distinguish between the two. A lot of jokes seem to be about idiocy trying to understand why people are and how they get together.

modern art The topic of the day is still sex and the human right to talk about kinky sex and make it seem funny. Its a part of entertainment and modern art and many people won't have a bad word said about the matter. The Humorous side of comedy and Liberals
 trying to be funny are on today's roster. Ever wondered why comedians never have a go at Liberals even though they're hilarious?

parliamentOutside 10 Downing Street people are turning up late with sleep in their eyes. Inside David Cameron is in Downing Street along with Eric Pickles, Maria Miller, Nick Clegg and Philip Hammond. This is a story about 'Old Labour' Chancellor George Osborne, Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander, the works and pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith, Jeremy Hunt, the NHS, Theresa May, the Home Secretary, Education Secretary Michael Gove, Vince Cable, Philip Hammond of the British army, Culture Secretary Maria Miller and other members of the coalition’s cabinet. Clegg and other nicknames from the coalition cabinet.

david cameron iraq The free media shows are covering lot of stuff that the mainstream media are speaking about. Read today's article if you get chance by Adam Lovejoy about news in London and how new media is sharing news about Stephen Lawrence, the Chilcot inquiry, the war in Iraq, Sir Jeremy Heywood, PM Tony Blair, US President George Bush, George Cameron and new free media shows are coming.  The Iraq Inquiry and  Sir John Chilcot is finding it difficult to go share what documents are available. Another popular subject this week was as you will find out about the dialogues and monologues spoken between UK David Cameron and the Sri Lankan government. How come the free media shows no interest in The Chilcot Report on the war in Iraq?


North Korean New Rich Are Idiots

north korean jump at the chanceIvan Invanov reports from Pyongyang North Korea talking about the United States, South Korea and Japan problems that have been popping up this week.TV in North Koreans is very unusual compared to mainstream western tv from Uncle Sam. Kim Jong Un a patriache  for the imperial Empire.Back in the days in Russia Joseph Stalin found entertainment through drinking alcohol and entertaining everyone with his dancing. The late Fidel Castro did a similar thing and according to Ivan they would both jump at the chance for a drink. North Korean's would probably jump at the chance of getting more viewers or their entertainment channels. Charles Darwin would have been shocked at what is happening in North Korea.  Ivan talks about the type of cigarettes available and the banning of alcohol in the area. If you lived in North Korea wouldn't you jump at the chance to take part in some crazy stuff?

new money modern artAdam Lovejoy writes from Monte Carlo about the new rich and how they keep a low profile during hard times. Today's post takes a look at interior design, gold-plated door handles and toilet seats which many new rich are turning too. Find out more about modern art and recycled rubbish artwork. Mediocrity, you see, is very well organised and it’s very tribal. Mediocrities are united, rushing to support each other immediately. Today's article discloses some more information about film directors, TV hosts and the new rich. Let's assume that most of the new rich are idiots.

Paul Flowers Banking Modesty Right-Wing Machismo

david cameron and tony blairAdam Lovejoy is in London talking about the British banking system, the Co-Operative Bank, the Methodist Paul Flowers taking drugs and all the seasonal drunken office parties. The news has created a large conversation of young people about the Labour party. The working people have also been on radio this week talking about payday loan companies and what David Cameron said in reaction to the banking news. Find out everything you need to know over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Paul flowers: a rare exception in the world of banking where modesty reigns

paul flowers LondonAre they really practising right wing machismo? Ben Delicious is in London and has wrote this really funny entry about tabloid today and the reported confusion between what David Cameron said about green energy. Its a great post about Tory, liberal loons and what has been labelled green taxes. Find out more about the latest news on overseas aid and some interesting blurbs about Chancellor George Osborne. PM Cameron has been saying some out of the blue things and UK politics in relation to Afghanistan has created a lot of content for comedians to talk about. Read all about the Taliban, NATO and Tony Blair on Iraq over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

 Dave Revealed Practising Right-Wing Machismo. What Could It Mean?


Monty Python’s Flying Circus A Big Deal? The War On Drugs Plug Dope On The Box

Monty Python’s Flying Circus A Big Deal? Flying Circus, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Monty Python's Life of Brian,West End.

It was never a big deal, we a forced to believe its a big deal because of the success of a Fish Called Wanda very popular in the USA. The thing is Ponty Python’s Flying Circus was never a big deal, just like anything else they want you to think about is a big deal its not however there are ways of making things big deals. Today’s article takes a look at a lot of these things and opens the lid on the British Broadcasting Companies entertainment strategies over the past 50 years. Adam Lovejoy reports is in London in wake of the announcement that the show is to be re-released in the west end as a play. Adam’s asking the question was Monty Python‘s Flying Circus a big deal? In today’s article find out more about Monty Pythons’s Flying Circus Graham Chapman and; how does a television series from the seventies get to be a stage act some thirty years later? 

Monty Python‘s Flying Circus as some of you remember was a TV show broadcast on the BBC starting in the late 1970′s. The humor was very unusual and it made a lot of comedians well-known. Monty Python’s Flying Circus teamed up with some interesting people Eric Idle for example, the two Terry’s; Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones. The sketches in the show often made in the art work shop were very left wing and it took a while for people to understand what they were laughing at. Since that time the left have taken more control of what goes on and things are already getting out of hand. 

The BBC in the late sixties needed to expand ratings because viewers were not very happy, now reports about selling shows like Doctor Who on iTunes to British TV license owners whilst in America people got to download the Doctor Who TV series free. The BBC said they would refund the difference after the complaints came in online from the Doctor Who fans. Does this mean the same thing is going to happen with Monty Python’s Flying Circus, well no one can really say. Anyway who cares anyone who is a fan of a Dead Parrot sketch, or still wanting to see reruns of that Spanish Inquisition sketch must be missing a lot of the essence of British comedy today. We have come a long way since Monty Python’s Flying Circus. The one thing that makes people smile is when they hear a song called Always Look On The Bright Side of Life, during the nineties this song along with other popular songs like Jive Bunnies and Star Trekking were designed by Psychologists to uplift the nation. 

The lyrics when drunk make sense but anyone else will see right through these number one hits. The success of any show has to follow a limited amount of options, one of them naturally is to make a film The Life Of Brian is a prime example of how Monty Python’s Flying Circus was repackaged and sold on video, then later DVD. By putting the show in the cinema it meant that parents were more pressured to go out and buy the box set for kids at Christmas. This creates a conversation, where kids ask parents what that is all about and because the parents do not have an answer it actually makes them look as stupid as the comedians who piggy backed of the franchise. Now we are seeing a similar thing happen with the revival in the west end. Monty Python’s Flying Circus in the West End is following in the footsteps where other BBC prodigal musicians have failed Resurrection. From Spice Girls to Boy George. Not all the investments of the BBC have been in vain and there is no sure-fire way of predicting that TV license payers money backing these ventures will be lost. However if it fails, which chances are it might there is always next year and the year after that. If you want to help out the best thing to do is when it comes out go and see it for yourself, tickets will cost anything between 16 and 35 pounds a ticket, which is nothing when you compare to the price of a new XBox. Time to say it: Monty Python’s Flying Circus was never a big deal.

The War On Drugs Plug Dope On The Box celebrities, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, MTV, the war on drugs, War On Drugs

There it is again, the war on drugs is plugging dope on the box again. The further you look into the fanchise the deeper the plot unfolds, this post is about the latest Miley Cyrus wrecking ball war on drugs campaign. Adam Lovejoy reports from London about Miley Cyrus and the MTV awards. In today’s article the are some interesting connections made between MTV and the people behind the war on drugs campaigns. These two binary apposing campaigns have been secretly negotiating behind the scenes. The main thing to understand about today’s article is everyone needs a role model. 

Who do you aspire to be, when asked this question by a professional the last thing you are going to say is Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus and the authorities know this stuff. On one hand you are led to believe celebrities rock and on the other you know not to affiliate yourself with these people because they are openly talking about the use of drugs, getting very drunk and not being an all round role model. Which brings us on to the next point. The liberalization of the world in conjunction with the connections made between MTV and political campaigns freely based on the back end of these celebrities in the lime light this is something liberal democracies have now created. They have forced themselves in the line of fire of questions about controversial subjects, which no one ever really thought about or even had to consider. For example the age of sexual consent, putting more pressure on kids to go out and get of with people. 

By telling them not too, they are unknowingly putting more pressure on kids, which can take them away from studies. You should not have to doubt where your kid is going, and not every girl is swinging on a wrecking ball looking in the mirror wondering whats that all about. 

The same thing happened in the 80′s with the war no drugs by saying just say no they were creating a leading question of what to say no too and in doing so suggesting an answer which requires a response where before it was never anything worth talking about or considering. Big Brother and War On Drugs have been working together with celebrities testing these things seeing what works and what does not work, just saying no is not enough. How would you feel if you came home and found your daughter in you posh house swinging around on a wrecking ball, smashing everything up with a smoke in the mouth. 

How else do you think the war on drugs plug dope on the box unknowingly? 

Studying requires a lot of trust, when told to go and study a certain amount of mutual trust is expected and people should be free to study with anyone they please. Send in your blurbs over on Stirring Trouble Internationally #STi perhaps you have experienced some problems around this and have not previously been able to pinpoint what that's all about either, chime in over on; Stirring Trouble Internationally. We’re losing the war on drugs.


20th November - Stirring Trouble Internationally

francois hollandeBen Delicious is in Paris  after this European news about French police search for an armed and dangerous man who shot a photographer at the Societe Generale bank. The media are puzzled  as to why this guy would have a go at a media outlet and a bank. banks could not have caused a drop in the French economy,  politicians and the media have absolutely no idea what’s going on. The French government have responded by allocating more police cops outside  banks and newspapers. The governments could be looking for any information about what to do ideally from money men and politicians who know what they are doing and have a proven track record. The French President wants a report that will clarify the circumstances of these acts. Why Would Anyone Have A Grudge Against Banks And Newspapers?

cameron downing streetR.F. Wilson is in Lisbon talking about how the excitement of finding Madeleine McCann seems to be evaporating already. In todays article read all about how cops from Scotland Yard 6 yrs later are still struggling to find out what happened to Madeleine McCann. British detectives opened a broad line of inquiry making more suspects many of the images were completely different which added to the drama. Lots of excited people thought police investigations would reveal what happened in Praia da Luz in Algarve. A few months ago the excitement rose around Roma's in Greece they thought that Madeleine was one of them but it turned out to be someone else.PM David Cameron, who had ordered this pointless inquiry, is at 10 Downing Street the search will go on. Great plot for a Kafkaesque novel.

November 18 - 19 Stirring Trouble Internationally

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david cameron sri lankaAnton Goryunov reports from Colombo about the recent Commonwealth Summit In Sri Lanka. This is a satirical article about how well represented Britain was this year. Anton makes a compelling story about the birth of a prime minister of Britain. A lot has changed in the area since the civil war in Sri Lanka four years ago. The Commonwealth Summit In Sri Lanka is a vibrant event where lots of people from the UK attend, its a good chance for politicians and the aristocracy of Britain to travel abroad,acknowledge everyone and share their story. Prince Charles had a joint birthday party recently and you can read about the celebrations in Sri Lanka over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. An informative and often satirical news based website concentrating on news and current affairs, entertainment, comedy, politics from around the world and of course life in the UK. One subject that we constantly get asked about is the Chilcot Inquiry which is looking into the last war in Iraq. A lot of people ask a lot of questions about Tony Blair for example. Tony Blair in his day also attended the Commonwealth Summit In Sri Lanka and had a big say in what goes on in Libya. This year there were different agendas for David Cameron to address. David managed to express his views on same sex to the Sri Lankan government, the response and after effects are yet to be noticed. I am sure after reading todays light hearted article that PM Cameron will follow up in communications with the local movers and shakers in Columbo. And in his favour he has managed to cover up this recession cleverly making those that matter experience a ‘recovery’. For example Chancellor George Osborne is said to be over the moon with the announced news. Find out more about the Commonwealth Summit and some other interesting highlights about what happened in Sri Lanka over on the main website, here is the link. Read more...
  Bankers Co-op Chairman
paul flowersBritish bankers taking dope, no way? Adam Lovejoy reports from London about ex vicar turned Banker Co-op Chairman Paul Flowers. This is a compelling reaction to the story in the news this week coming from the City of London Sunday tabloids. In the Sunday Tabloids reports are in from the Co-operative Bank are not happy about reported cases of a rise in crack cocaine and crystal meth usage. In todays article you will find out that this is not all they are worried about. Find out what is really going on behind the scenes over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Hundreds of pounds get handed over everyday in cities around the world to illegal substances London is one of those cities too. The problem seems to quite similar to the mistakes street gangs make they operate on the street and because the streets are covered by the MoD. What goes on on the street gets recorded on the street cameras, its only a matter of time before the powers that be catch up and address what is going on. Flowers has opened up and shared how he felt alone and often turned yellow back in the days when he thought he was having fun. In response to his announced response the Methodist church have had to deal with a considerable amount of questions about him counting the cash. Mr Nice Paul Flowers may have to like the Canadian Diplomat have to stand down as chairman. The news about people with money using dope is on the rise, so todays article is a staunch warning to anyone thinking they do not know what you are doing and the chances are they have you on video footage. They do and its only a matter of time before these things catch up with you. If you have concerns about a member of your family stuck in a similar situation, unable to get out and are messing things up as a consequence cheque out todays article to find out what goes where in-amongst you know who. Here is the link. British bankers taking dope

olympic closing ceremonyIts not everyday we see an Olympic legacy rollover. London is one of those sacred spots which people talk about till the end of time. This is because of a local sales force team who talk about the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games in a really positive way. So when the question comes up about the House of Lords positive report, everyone on the panel have to leave their own positive blurbs too. Especially as such outstanding political leaders and living sport legends as Prime Minister David Cameron, London Mayor and Tory leader in waiting Boris Johnson and Lord Sebastian Coe  that the Games that cost ten billion quid plus were a bargain really. To keep up a positive retention of what is going on the closing  Olympic credits are  very loud. The voice is not the only important thing you need to hear. You can listen to Dave Cameron and watch Boris Johnson dancing in this weeks release of the VIP box set Question of sport with repeat appearances from the Spice Girls, Russell Brand and other big fans of the Olympic Games who know the answers to the questions. The rehearsals begin again soon, this is one legacy you do not want to miss. Find out more over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Read more...

operation yewtree  Ben Delicious is in London transcribing what is being said in Scotland Yard’s Operation Yewtree questions and answers corner. Its times like these you understand what Jimmy Saville was all about. Having the right people on the panel who can objectively report about child sexual abuse in the studio with representatives of the heterosexual entertainers and of course the growing gay people within the ranks of the entertainment industry. The BBC have used the Operation Yewtree Q & A as an example of how they would like people to express themselves whilst joining in the conversations on the message boards. There is talk about a bigger gay and heterosexual intercourse link to provide information for people who are curious and seek to find out more. Find out more over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Read More--.


Stirring Trouble Internationally November Updates Telling It Like It Is

This week in Telling it like it is, the broadcaster James Max and the former Kremlin adviser Alexander Nekrassov discuss the response to the disaster in the Philippines, whether Britain, as former pri...
The Voice Of Russia's insight:
Internet radio broadcast from the Voice of Russia with Alexander Nekrassov, former advisor of the Kremlin. Todays entertaining show is about Britain, Immigration, Philippines, Social mobility and unusually timed Tattoos. Telling It Like It Is episode 10 includes World news and Latin news that includes a nostalgic memory of John Major.
See on voiceofrussia.com

lucian freud triptychIn 2008 at a Sotheby's auction a triptych sold to Roman Abramovich for eighty six millions two hundred thousands this week one went for not quite double that amount. Alexander Nekrassov reports from London about William Acquavella, the New York dealer, is thought to have bought the painting on behalf of an unidentified client. The rich dimwit purchased a triptych of portraits of Lucian Freud by Francis Bacon's Tryptych for one hundred and forty two million dollars.  and the art world and the world beyond it goes nuts. It’s the biggest amount of money paid for a modern artist in the history of auctions.Russian oligarchs and art critics are very interested in Bacon's Tryptych and other works of art. Edvard Munch’s Scream, another acquired taste. The previous record was achieved last year and it was clear then that the heights of stupidity of the new rich would rise. Filthy rich dimwit buys Bacon's Tryptych for $142 million, now what?
  • NEWS: At $142.4 Million, Triptych Is the Most Expensive Artwork Ever Sold at an Auction (art-antiques-design.com)
Dave will be back at Number 10 in 2015What do you think the odds are that David Cameron will win in 2015? Adam Lovejoy explores the question and has made some very bold claims about future politics in Britian. In todays article you will find out more about David Cameron and have a reasonable understanding of the New Tories and what area of politics will be in two more years. The United Kingdom Independence Party are a formidable force that is currently trying to challenge the European Parliament and with that said Adam reveals some interesting things that you will want to know about. Read all about political correctness and Tony Blair over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Its another chance for you to brush up on what happened with the war in Iraq and read the latest and greatest updates about Nigel Farage appearances in the House of Commons. Rupert Murdoch over the dinner table provided everything anyone would need to know on a napkin which is something the relevant politicians decided to take action on and the direction of Britain is now firmly set in stone. Here's one prediction for you: David Cameron and his lot will win in 2015.

hand gunAnton Goryunov is in Moscow writing about a past friend of his who was murdered over fifteen years ago to help you understand the anti-gun lobby and where it seems to be going with people living in America and around the world. He says the anti-gun lobbyists are missing some points and shares them with you. The story is about a history of violence in London against a physical publisher from Russia who had high expectations of publishing in the cities around the world and reaching readers in the United States, the type of people active in the anti-gun lobby. This article addresses people who watch violent films, the realities and possible consequences of being exposed to these films. This also includes a stark reminder to politicians and celebrities to be mindful of this story to. Here it is here:Why the anti-gun lobby is getting it all wrong.

tony blair storyThe politicians lecture circuit has been a lucrative alternative for life after the political limelight. Adam Lovejoy a political and economic analyst and futurist from London takes about the profession explaining the variables and behind the scenes notes of the industry. Two politicians lecture circuit tours of duty  the Tony Blair compared with Gordon Brown (2 former British PM's), how much you can earn from these types of lectures. Unlike lectures from Harvard, Tony Blair  and Gordon Brown offer educational contrast, although free from an American accent. Following in the footsteps of US speaker Bill Clinton who was leader on the US lecture circuit leading the way in this type of new vocational occupation. Politicians making a buck on the lecture circuit.


United Nations And The Poppy Fields Of Afghanistan

afghanistan poppy fieldsTed Obvious has examined the report and is in Kabul talking to local residents about the news. Here is what we know, you will be surprised to see what he said. Many other sites have commented on the proceedings, yet none have managed to explain concisely what has been happening, nor have they offered any realistic solutions until now. Its reports like these that really help solve conflicts, check it out. For now here is what we know (some of which is spoilers from what Ted actually says over on Stirring Trouble Internationally and you can read the article in full by following the link below.

Great news comes from the poppy fields of Afghanistan where a record bumper crop has been gathered this year, the largest since 2001 when America had led the effort to liberate the country form the tyranny of the Taliban. The UK sent British troops to Helmand to help cut down poppy farming. There are more figures that should cheer up people who like shooting-heroin and people who smoke the stuff too.

The drug dealers kept the banking system afloat during the depths of the 2008 financial crisis. The biggest increase came in Helmand, the province where US and British troops have been doing their utmost to provide protection for the farmers toiling on their poppy fields. The UNODC report said the harvest was 36% up on last year, and if fully realised would outstrip global demand.

Most of the rise was in Helmand province. Because of the impact of modern weedkillers, the poppy no longer blooms so readily in the Flanders field. The poppy harvests the Afghan national army and the police will take over the safekeeping of the fields and, what is even more important, will be provided with sufficient funds to keep the whole operation growing. Happy poppy farmers are saying that America and Britain are now their biggest friends, because without their help they would not have been able to improve their opium production.

Afghanistan farmers collect raw opium as they work in poppy fields in Khogyani district of Jalalabad, east of Kabul in the Afghanistani regions. The people in Afghans Borough need this profit to support large families who also depend on this sort of thing.

The United Nations said on Wednesday, opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan rose to an all time high, so farmers are now seeking new claims of insurance on future income commissions in reaction to the  conditions for supply and demand. For that reason NATO troops are pulling out in 2014.

Some  opium was cultivated in nine provinces in the south and the west and that will be converted into a big batch of heroin, which include the most insurgency-ridden provinces in the country, the report said. The report, the 2013 Afghanistan Opium Survey. The UN warned warlords may be the biggest benefactor of the situation. The report, part of the agency's annual survey , indicates a grave trend for the country. Great news from the poppy fields of Afghanistan: Bumper harvest this year.


David Cameron And The International Community Saving Innocent Civilians In Britain

Adam Lovejoy reports from Westminster about Prime Minister David Cameron of the Conservative party and the popularity polls between himself and Ed Miliband. This is a satirical post about David Cameron as leader of the Labour Party as well as Conservative and as we already know liberals too. Some might see this as PM Cameron hedging his bets, others would see this more as a complete takeover cover all bases. Any decisions to become leader of the Labour party would have to be a secret mandate, rather than something public. For a Cameron victory over Miliband the panel listen to what Miliband says then they can either agree or disagree. Tony Blair an earlier leader of labour used a similar way of agreeing with the free market economy as a good thing after listening to what the opposition brought forward and quickly made immediate changes to adjust to what seems to be correct. 10 Downing Street without a proper mandate, having failed to win a working majority in parliament before striking a dodgy deal with the Liberal Democrats. Gordon Brown like many others before and after him do similar things. For example announcing rise in economics, strange out of the blue opinion polls and reasons to be confident in one area as they focus on something completely different. The free market economy is very important to small businesses because it gives them opportunities to try and be distributors and contribute to the global economy. This goes against the grain of socialism and labour values, which by all measures has been an internal system which is easy to document and kept paperwork down to a minimum. Could David Cameron become leader of the Labour party? Yep, easily

The problems seems to be that fuel prices are going up, whilst weather conditions are becoming more diverse, lots of families are struggling to make ends meet and the consequences of the changes means more and more aid is in need. Ted Obvious from Paris reports. This is an informative post explaining the variables that need to be addressed in 2013 and a suggestive structure to solve and troubleshoot the problems existing these days. Ted suggests something like a body called 'the international community' which can help Britain guardian human aides who can help communicate with companies in UK and explain the prices within the country and also regulate the aid that goes outside of the UK. This is a satirical suggestion to the United Nations and provides a solution for the rest of the world to help out the UK during times of need. Help the Aged such as as pensioners feeling the cold, struggling to stay warm get out and socialize over nice warm cups of tea. A body that can juggle the changes as they happen, for example the Philippines , like areas in Africa requiring humanitarian aid, delegating who is able and ready to do what. Making sure that the problems at home continue as well as adapting to the other things that need to be addressed. Understanding the requirements and obligations required of EU Union as well as meeting the needs of constituents who represent local areas. Regulating and maintaining prices at a rural and urban level of companies like EDF who provide energy from outside of the UK. Price checkups and mediations between what Chancellor George Osborne is announcing of new ways of saving cash. The complications seem to be mixing all these things to justify and understand exactly what to do and how best to do it. On a global scale with all the news coming in about climate change the International Community will have to understand all these variables and be in touch with the people who matter and also make them understand the sacrifices and future demands as complications arise. The last thing people want is people freezing to death, so with that said its one solution and I invite you to share your solutions with Adam over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.


Typhoon Haiyan Children Obese People And Horizontally Challenged

obese peopleAdam Lovejoy is in London blogging about Members of the Union Of Obese People And Horizontally Challenged, would like to appeal to all people to stop treating us like some freakish fat slobs. Big is beautiful and very big is, obviously, even more so. Some of us work hard to become obese. we eat eight times a day and even more often. Some start this gruelling regime since early age, in some cases when they are small children. It does not just involve eating a lot of food generally. Big men are handsome because, let’s face it, what is there to hold on to if you do not have a triple chin and a huge belly. It’s also no secret that many of the obese are victims of a disease called compulsive overeating. It’s a terrible condition and it needs years and years of serious medical attention. No one should be punished for looking big or for suffering from compulsive overeating. Anyone should feel free to eat as much as he or she wants. It is a basic human right. Statement By The International Union Of Obese And Horizontally Challenged
typhoon haiyan childrenThis is a satirical look at the disaster that happened this week, one of the biggest ever recorded. Whilst people wonder what is happening and aid gathers to help out, here you can read an interesting angle on what has happened. Anton Goryunov reports from Manila: Spare a thought for thousands of sex tourists who have been caught in the Philippines as a result of typhoon Haiyan children caught in the Philippines. Is it any wonder then that so many people from Europe and America come here. Hopefully help is at hand and some of the typhoon Haiyan children might be able to leave with the cargo planes that are bringing in the supplies for the victims of the typhoon. Expect to here a lot more about this subject today and read more about it over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. = Spare A Thought For 1000s Of Sex Tourists Caught In The Philippines =


Disasters, Philippines And TV Repeat Views

R.F.Wilson reports from London: Let me tell you something about television – it sucks. All of it, including the ads. There’s nothing even remotely entertaining or amusing to watch on the box these days. It’s crap, across the board, whether it’s drama, sit-coms, comedy is actually worst of them all and then there are documentaries, singing competitions and reality shows. Even TV ads have become so dumb that they manage to say practically nothing about the goods or services they supposedly plug. dumbing down the content on the box is a form of censorship. Anyway, if you watch the box religiously and comedy series dozens of times then you know most of the lines by heart. The BBC show constant repeats and there is a danger that people could turn into vegetables. Singing and dancing competitions keep viewers glued to the box your better off watching paint dry.
un headquartersAnton Goryunov is in Manila talking about natural disasters like Typhoons and natural disasters. Before the Philippines we had that earthquake in Haiti and also on in the Indian Ocean six years ago which created a tsunamis, all of them shown as the happened on television. Today's post is about the money international agencies and charities gathered successfully only to be spent on the United Nations and the International Red Cross. In Haiti there are still lots of people living in tents after the disaster that happened there all those years ago billions of dollars were raised by celebrities and musicians . Much of the revenue was spent on UN staff and aid agencies and other sectors. Disasters are big business for a lot of people outside of the areas of concern. And now the typhoon Hiayan hitting the Philippines and destroying whole towns and villages.

Stirring Trouble Internationally November 10 11 2013 Sport, Romantic Comedy And Twitter IPO

R.F.Wilson writes from London about sport news, football and the interviews from sportsmen on television. The value or usefulness of the Olympic Games, then expect to be accused of pretty much everything. Olympics, fashion, sports and the sponsors plugging brands. Athletes competing using performance enhancing drugs. Women love going to a football match or spending two hours in front of the box, watching a game and soaking in the stupid analysis of it afterwards. You know what, f..k sport and all that comes with it.

payday lendersTed Obvious reports from London about films Pretty Woman, Air Force One and Olympus Has Fallen, with US presidents and Barack Obama after Al Qaeda. So the former breadwinner of the house, let’s call him Joe, goes on the Internet and in several minutes gets something like four hundred quid transferred to his account, with a very competitive 6,000 per cent APR.  Time for a romantic comedy about Payday lenders as the good guys

around the worldDan Majestic reports from all over the place: Well, how about that Twitter IPO in New York despite the US government shutdown that lasted more than two weeks. The spying scandal in America has taken on board a commercial dimension, with revelations that the CIA had been paying the telecommunications giant accessing telephone records. The spying scandal has created Barack Obama’s presidency problems on the golf course and party's at the White House. In Britain, where more revelations about Big Brother spying on lots of people and phone tapping the News of the World is in full swing. British Prime Minister David Cameron, gathered some Marines outside 10 Downing Street to tell them that they were doing a great job in Afghanistan. Finally, lots of posturing and self-promotion in Geneva where Iran’s nuclear programme is being laid bare in front of the big international hitters, who want to prevent Tehran from acquiring a nuclear bomb. Around the world in under 600 words: a quick glance a some recent events.


Shopping Urges And Buying Junk

Ben Delicious writes from Paris about shopping urges and buying junk, that is the things on offer positioned in certain places to get your attention and make you buy even though you might not really want anything of the sort. Find out about junk food which is tempting you on the high street when doing your usual groceries or shopping in department stores. The shopping urges to by cheap Chinese made junk, that looks sometimes better than the real thing but generally brakes down or has some restriction on it so it does not work as well as what it would if it was still in China where it was designed originally. A prime example of this is the iPad or the Android tablet accessing the Internet is cleverly restricted by the games they make compulsory on the computer. These games have all sorts of strange codes which render the device useless here in Britain yet are sold from addresses here in the UK of other people who have fallen for the same thing and cannot wait to get rid of it. Have you ever bought designer jeans in the hope they will last for years and justify paying of the odds in this way. Only to find out they are just the same as any other pair of jeans. They do not fit, make you look square shaped or the moment you put them in the wash they change colour. Even worse at the ends they begin to frey the moment you go out the door, or the zipper keeps falling down. People say horrible things like you are flying low, have you or anyone you know ever experienced such a thing? Well the chances are you are being misled. You are caught up in the same marketing campaigns, being used for years. Uniforms and Nazi propaganda was very popular in Germany before the German Empire began and the methods shaped to keep everyone buying and selling the same stuff is celebrated in certain quarters around the world. Now with the mobile phone shopping wars similar tactics are being reintroduced, this really interrupts peoples buying commitments,  because they can smell whats going of immediately. Every sales script and shopping list is wearing thin, being lost or falling down the side of the dodgy pockets available these days which are now infiltrating department stores so look out for more of this over the next few weeks which is putting a daily pressure on shopkeepers on the high street. The pressures are effecting the workers which is making an impression on people who walk into the store ready to buy put of by all the hassle and confusion. Of shopping urges. And buying up junk that no one needs.


Stirring Trouble Internationally November Six And Seventh 2013

Adam Lovejoy reports from London about payday loan companies, parents who are pestered by children to get a loan in minutes’ and the comparisons with money laundering being made online. Wonga crowd showed up in the House of Commons, to be grilled by MPs it all turned out nicely for the lenders in the end. People might supposedly turn to illegal loan sharks and end up in trouble. George Osborne The Chancellor overlooks licensed loan sharks in Britain and has a history of being sponsored by Wonga at a Lib Dem bash a couple of years ago. Soon to come is a satirical TV channel coming out called Greedy B*****ds. Have you heard any good jokes about payday Loan companies? I Bet You have.

Ben Delicious reports from London Eat your heart out, Chinese and North Korean communists and all sorts of other dictators. According to two surveys Britain now has a booming economy. The UK is bursting with satisfaction. Financial data provider Markit Group, based in London, and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, based in Paris. In Soviet Union there was a saying that the Soviet people had developed a sixth sense. Merkit or the OECD come up with such rubbish. In France politicians talk about things getting better in Greece, Spain and Ireland. http://www.stirringtroubleinternationally.com/2013/11/08/in-case-you-didnt-know-britain-is-booming-and-its-people-are-feeling-happy/

Ted Obvious is in Rome talking about the fact that some mobile phone conversations are meaningless. Listen over his shoulder as he explains like many others what he is saying to the person he is speaking with on the phone. Listen in and join in the mobile phone conversations that the whole world wants of thinks you should know about. Overhear what the US National Security Agency has to do with public transport, public places idiotic post offices telephone exchanges and everyone complaining about their mobile phone conversations that are meaningless.

Ben Delicious writes from Paris about Miley Cyrus and the new dance thats rocking the free world twerking is said to be MTV awards equivalent of women’s lib , where women go out dancing in mini-skirts and other skirts. It's nothing new and according to the usual suspects its been around since Sodom and Gomorrah.Today's post is about Twerking and Couture Fashion.


liberals who love the Duchess of Cambridge

william and the queenComedy writer Ben Delicious in London has written a hilarious satirical post about liberals who love the Duchess of Cambridge.

As per usual Prince William and the Royal Family are included in his blurbs. Find out a handful of theories selected from online archives about Kate Middleton and the British monarchy that stitch together and construct some interesting observations of these Liberals who love the Duchess.

You can also get yourself ready for a constructive positive outlook by taking a look at Princess Diana and her story over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Yes it includes Buckingham Palace as you can imagine its a lovely place to see up close, which brings me onto the next bullet point of todays article. If you like singers like Cliff Richard, singing in the rain and wish tennis was on all year round then you'll love this.

Even if you do not I guarantee at some point you will have a little chuckle about what you read. No post with a title like this would be complete without talking about relationships. Get the low down on why Prince Charles has managed to do so well and why the Middleton family and he get on so well together. You will be surprised. This may come as a bit of an unexpected shock to the system and unless you have been living in a barn you will find yourself saying, yes I can relate with that too, because when your laughing your learning.

No post about relationships would be complete without talking somewhat about getting hitched, everyone who are anyone are talking about similar things and nows your chance to broaden your understanding of the Duchess of Cambridge so you can too, and who knows you may even end up a keynote speaker at the Buckingham Palace just like many liberals do, day in day out.
statue of liberty
Dan Majestic reports from Washington: How about that spying scandal, with the US National Security Agency (NSA) helped by US PR companies and Big Brother. Mind you, the yanks are doing a bit of PR themselves, feeding wide-eyed hacks stories about the Russians and the Chinese and God knows who else doing a bit of their own spying against the freedom loving America and its Western allies.

There was that story about the Russians supposedly treating their guests at the G20 summit in St Petersburg in September this year with free chargers and power cables to obtain information on these new laptops and dongles.

Compared to Mossad PR for US Big Brother seems rather tame. The symbolism used to explain with has occured with the Arab Spring is actually quite tame in correspondence with the results of these sorts of campaigns. You can spend months reading trying to find out just what it is you need to know, or you can take time out your busy day, have a read and chime into the necessary channels. Here is the link: Moron Land Doing PR For US Big Brother Nicely


List Of Power 'Forbes' VoR Debate [Audio] Voice of Russia UK Edition

Forbes influential list
Power: Who's got it and what are they doing with it?
Forbes Magazine in the US produces an annual ‘power list’ which the editors claim is a ‘snapshot of heads of state, NGO bosses, billionaires, philanthropists and entrepreneurs. This year, the winner is... the Russian president Vladimir Putin. VoR’s Tim Ecott chairs this lively studio discussion with Catherine Mayer, Hugo Rifkind and Alexander Nekrassov. The Forbes most influential list sequentially lists a number of people. On the radio show today three highly regarded voices explain the list, how the leaders in politics make the list. They also explore and perhaps speculate how these measurements occur. You will also hear more about Russia, demonstrations, counter cultures and all the forms of leadership available in 2013.

Stirring Trouble Internationally's insight:
FORBES POWER LIST TE TX - TVOR - Alexander Nekrassov, Hugo Rifkind and Catherine Mayer.

The sphere of influence of powerful people around the world are debated by four voices men and women. Learn about journalism, influence, the west, politics and banks. This entry is a great example of political science and great place to safely learn what is going on around town.
See n Hear on VoiceofRussia.com
  • VoR Debate: Does voting show tacit approval of political system? (voiceofrussia.com)
  • Forbes ranks Joyce Banda most powerfu Malawi leader moves 24 places in world ranking (nyasatimes.com)
  • Power: Who's got it and what are they doing with it? (voiceofrussia.com)
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