Nov 22 - 23 2013 Stirring Trouble Internationally News And Current Affairs

hookersThe escort industry could well suffer because of the Paul Flowers scandal. Paul a religious man a few years ago got caught up in a series of public events. Meanwhile the other side of the world a similar case is opened. People of influence have a habit of dabbling in all sorts of things, turning up at a number of events getting carried away often taking the same lead as they would in their careers. The media can be quite a consuming force which lead on to various things which often for many there is no turning back.

paul flowersBen Delicious is in Manchester talking about the escort industry in Britain and takes a look at working girls reports that have been coming in of them expressing how they will cope with a large percentage of customers should these changes take effect. Publicly the Co-operative Bank has sent Flowers and cards out to all there customers with a statement apologising for this sort of thing and how it will not happen again.

It seems the working girls are not responsible for this particular error it was actually the reports from a rent boy who joined the Methodist minister intrigued by the mysteries and ended up getting tied up in Labour activism. Sources say he said its hard-ons outside of the escort agency that struggle in London. The only means of work is brought in from word of mouth. The MPs recommend civil servants and visa versa. This will pause for a short while and the industry is predicting it will take a sharp hit until it all blows over. Escort industry concerned its cred may suffer as a result of the Paul Flowers scandal.

mock liberalsHave a listen to comedians all around the world, the entertainment industry is changing. Comedians have taken a stance on liberals and modern art distinguishing between the two is key. Adam Lovejoy is in London categorising comedians to distinguish between the two. A lot of jokes seem to be about idiocy trying to understand why people are and how they get together.

modern art The topic of the day is still sex and the human right to talk about kinky sex and make it seem funny. Its a part of entertainment and modern art and many people won't have a bad word said about the matter. The Humorous side of comedy and Liberals
 trying to be funny are on today's roster. Ever wondered why comedians never have a go at Liberals even though they're hilarious?

parliamentOutside 10 Downing Street people are turning up late with sleep in their eyes. Inside David Cameron is in Downing Street along with Eric Pickles, Maria Miller, Nick Clegg and Philip Hammond. This is a story about 'Old Labour' Chancellor George Osborne, Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander, the works and pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith, Jeremy Hunt, the NHS, Theresa May, the Home Secretary, Education Secretary Michael Gove, Vince Cable, Philip Hammond of the British army, Culture Secretary Maria Miller and other members of the coalition’s cabinet. Clegg and other nicknames from the coalition cabinet.

david cameron iraq The free media shows are covering lot of stuff that the mainstream media are speaking about. Read today's article if you get chance by Adam Lovejoy about news in London and how new media is sharing news about Stephen Lawrence, the Chilcot inquiry, the war in Iraq, Sir Jeremy Heywood, PM Tony Blair, US President George Bush, George Cameron and new free media shows are coming.  The Iraq Inquiry and  Sir John Chilcot is finding it difficult to go share what documents are available. Another popular subject this week was as you will find out about the dialogues and monologues spoken between UK David Cameron and the Sri Lankan government. How come the free media shows no interest in The Chilcot Report on the war in Iraq?

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