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Forbes influential list
Power: Who's got it and what are they doing with it?
Forbes Magazine in the US produces an annual ‘power list’ which the editors claim is a ‘snapshot of heads of state, NGO bosses, billionaires, philanthropists and entrepreneurs. This year, the winner is... the Russian president Vladimir Putin. VoR’s Tim Ecott chairs this lively studio discussion with Catherine Mayer, Hugo Rifkind and Alexander Nekrassov. The Forbes most influential list sequentially lists a number of people. On the radio show today three highly regarded voices explain the list, how the leaders in politics make the list. They also explore and perhaps speculate how these measurements occur. You will also hear more about Russia, demonstrations, counter cultures and all the forms of leadership available in 2013.

Stirring Trouble Internationally's insight:
FORBES POWER LIST TE TX - TVOR - Alexander Nekrassov, Hugo Rifkind and Catherine Mayer.

The sphere of influence of powerful people around the world are debated by four voices men and women. Learn about journalism, influence, the west, politics and banks. This entry is a great example of political science and great place to safely learn what is going on around town.
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