November 18 - 19 Stirring Trouble Internationally

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david cameron sri lankaAnton Goryunov reports from Colombo about the recent Commonwealth Summit In Sri Lanka. This is a satirical article about how well represented Britain was this year. Anton makes a compelling story about the birth of a prime minister of Britain. A lot has changed in the area since the civil war in Sri Lanka four years ago. The Commonwealth Summit In Sri Lanka is a vibrant event where lots of people from the UK attend, its a good chance for politicians and the aristocracy of Britain to travel abroad,acknowledge everyone and share their story. Prince Charles had a joint birthday party recently and you can read about the celebrations in Sri Lanka over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. An informative and often satirical news based website concentrating on news and current affairs, entertainment, comedy, politics from around the world and of course life in the UK. One subject that we constantly get asked about is the Chilcot Inquiry which is looking into the last war in Iraq. A lot of people ask a lot of questions about Tony Blair for example. Tony Blair in his day also attended the Commonwealth Summit In Sri Lanka and had a big say in what goes on in Libya. This year there were different agendas for David Cameron to address. David managed to express his views on same sex to the Sri Lankan government, the response and after effects are yet to be noticed. I am sure after reading todays light hearted article that PM Cameron will follow up in communications with the local movers and shakers in Columbo. And in his favour he has managed to cover up this recession cleverly making those that matter experience a ‘recovery’. For example Chancellor George Osborne is said to be over the moon with the announced news. Find out more about the Commonwealth Summit and some other interesting highlights about what happened in Sri Lanka over on the main website, here is the link. Read more...
  Bankers Co-op Chairman
paul flowersBritish bankers taking dope, no way? Adam Lovejoy reports from London about ex vicar turned Banker Co-op Chairman Paul Flowers. This is a compelling reaction to the story in the news this week coming from the City of London Sunday tabloids. In the Sunday Tabloids reports are in from the Co-operative Bank are not happy about reported cases of a rise in crack cocaine and crystal meth usage. In todays article you will find out that this is not all they are worried about. Find out what is really going on behind the scenes over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Hundreds of pounds get handed over everyday in cities around the world to illegal substances London is one of those cities too. The problem seems to quite similar to the mistakes street gangs make they operate on the street and because the streets are covered by the MoD. What goes on on the street gets recorded on the street cameras, its only a matter of time before the powers that be catch up and address what is going on. Flowers has opened up and shared how he felt alone and often turned yellow back in the days when he thought he was having fun. In response to his announced response the Methodist church have had to deal with a considerable amount of questions about him counting the cash. Mr Nice Paul Flowers may have to like the Canadian Diplomat have to stand down as chairman. The news about people with money using dope is on the rise, so todays article is a staunch warning to anyone thinking they do not know what you are doing and the chances are they have you on video footage. They do and its only a matter of time before these things catch up with you. If you have concerns about a member of your family stuck in a similar situation, unable to get out and are messing things up as a consequence cheque out todays article to find out what goes where in-amongst you know who. Here is the link. British bankers taking dope

olympic closing ceremonyIts not everyday we see an Olympic legacy rollover. London is one of those sacred spots which people talk about till the end of time. This is because of a local sales force team who talk about the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games in a really positive way. So when the question comes up about the House of Lords positive report, everyone on the panel have to leave their own positive blurbs too. Especially as such outstanding political leaders and living sport legends as Prime Minister David Cameron, London Mayor and Tory leader in waiting Boris Johnson and Lord Sebastian Coe  that the Games that cost ten billion quid plus were a bargain really. To keep up a positive retention of what is going on the closing  Olympic credits are  very loud. The voice is not the only important thing you need to hear. You can listen to Dave Cameron and watch Boris Johnson dancing in this weeks release of the VIP box set Question of sport with repeat appearances from the Spice Girls, Russell Brand and other big fans of the Olympic Games who know the answers to the questions. The rehearsals begin again soon, this is one legacy you do not want to miss. Find out more over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Read more...

operation yewtree  Ben Delicious is in London transcribing what is being said in Scotland Yard’s Operation Yewtree questions and answers corner. Its times like these you understand what Jimmy Saville was all about. Having the right people on the panel who can objectively report about child sexual abuse in the studio with representatives of the heterosexual entertainers and of course the growing gay people within the ranks of the entertainment industry. The BBC have used the Operation Yewtree Q & A as an example of how they would like people to express themselves whilst joining in the conversations on the message boards. There is talk about a bigger gay and heterosexual intercourse link to provide information for people who are curious and seek to find out more. Find out more over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Read More--.

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