liberals who love the Duchess of Cambridge

william and the queenComedy writer Ben Delicious in London has written a hilarious satirical post about liberals who love the Duchess of Cambridge.

As per usual Prince William and the Royal Family are included in his blurbs. Find out a handful of theories selected from online archives about Kate Middleton and the British monarchy that stitch together and construct some interesting observations of these Liberals who love the Duchess.

You can also get yourself ready for a constructive positive outlook by taking a look at Princess Diana and her story over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Yes it includes Buckingham Palace as you can imagine its a lovely place to see up close, which brings me onto the next bullet point of todays article. If you like singers like Cliff Richard, singing in the rain and wish tennis was on all year round then you'll love this.

Even if you do not I guarantee at some point you will have a little chuckle about what you read. No post with a title like this would be complete without talking about relationships. Get the low down on why Prince Charles has managed to do so well and why the Middleton family and he get on so well together. You will be surprised. This may come as a bit of an unexpected shock to the system and unless you have been living in a barn you will find yourself saying, yes I can relate with that too, because when your laughing your learning.

No post about relationships would be complete without talking somewhat about getting hitched, everyone who are anyone are talking about similar things and nows your chance to broaden your understanding of the Duchess of Cambridge so you can too, and who knows you may even end up a keynote speaker at the Buckingham Palace just like many liberals do, day in day out.
statue of liberty
Dan Majestic reports from Washington: How about that spying scandal, with the US National Security Agency (NSA) helped by US PR companies and Big Brother. Mind you, the yanks are doing a bit of PR themselves, feeding wide-eyed hacks stories about the Russians and the Chinese and God knows who else doing a bit of their own spying against the freedom loving America and its Western allies.

There was that story about the Russians supposedly treating their guests at the G20 summit in St Petersburg in September this year with free chargers and power cables to obtain information on these new laptops and dongles.

Compared to Mossad PR for US Big Brother seems rather tame. The symbolism used to explain with has occured with the Arab Spring is actually quite tame in correspondence with the results of these sorts of campaigns. You can spend months reading trying to find out just what it is you need to know, or you can take time out your busy day, have a read and chime into the necessary channels. Here is the link: Moron Land Doing PR For US Big Brother Nicely

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