Typhoon Haiyan Children Obese People And Horizontally Challenged

obese peopleAdam Lovejoy is in London blogging about Members of the Union Of Obese People And Horizontally Challenged, would like to appeal to all people to stop treating us like some freakish fat slobs. Big is beautiful and very big is, obviously, even more so. Some of us work hard to become obese. we eat eight times a day and even more often. Some start this gruelling regime since early age, in some cases when they are small children. It does not just involve eating a lot of food generally. Big men are handsome because, let’s face it, what is there to hold on to if you do not have a triple chin and a huge belly. It’s also no secret that many of the obese are victims of a disease called compulsive overeating. It’s a terrible condition and it needs years and years of serious medical attention. No one should be punished for looking big or for suffering from compulsive overeating. Anyone should feel free to eat as much as he or she wants. It is a basic human right. Statement By The International Union Of Obese And Horizontally Challenged
typhoon haiyan childrenThis is a satirical look at the disaster that happened this week, one of the biggest ever recorded. Whilst people wonder what is happening and aid gathers to help out, here you can read an interesting angle on what has happened. Anton Goryunov reports from Manila: Spare a thought for thousands of sex tourists who have been caught in the Philippines as a result of typhoon Haiyan children caught in the Philippines. Is it any wonder then that so many people from Europe and America come here. Hopefully help is at hand and some of the typhoon Haiyan children might be able to leave with the cargo planes that are bringing in the supplies for the victims of the typhoon. Expect to here a lot more about this subject today and read more about it over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. = Spare A Thought For 1000s Of Sex Tourists Caught In The Philippines =

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