Stirring Trouble Internationally November 10 11 2013 Sport, Romantic Comedy And Twitter IPO

R.F.Wilson writes from London about sport news, football and the interviews from sportsmen on television. The value or usefulness of the Olympic Games, then expect to be accused of pretty much everything. Olympics, fashion, sports and the sponsors plugging brands. Athletes competing using performance enhancing drugs. Women love going to a football match or spending two hours in front of the box, watching a game and soaking in the stupid analysis of it afterwards. You know what, f..k sport and all that comes with it.

payday lendersTed Obvious reports from London about films Pretty Woman, Air Force One and Olympus Has Fallen, with US presidents and Barack Obama after Al Qaeda. So the former breadwinner of the house, let’s call him Joe, goes on the Internet and in several minutes gets something like four hundred quid transferred to his account, with a very competitive 6,000 per cent APR.  Time for a romantic comedy about Payday lenders as the good guys

around the worldDan Majestic reports from all over the place: Well, how about that Twitter IPO in New York despite the US government shutdown that lasted more than two weeks. The spying scandal in America has taken on board a commercial dimension, with revelations that the CIA had been paying the telecommunications giant accessing telephone records. The spying scandal has created Barack Obama’s presidency problems on the golf course and party's at the White House. In Britain, where more revelations about Big Brother spying on lots of people and phone tapping the News of the World is in full swing. British Prime Minister David Cameron, gathered some Marines outside 10 Downing Street to tell them that they were doing a great job in Afghanistan. Finally, lots of posturing and self-promotion in Geneva where Iran’s nuclear programme is being laid bare in front of the big international hitters, who want to prevent Tehran from acquiring a nuclear bomb. Around the world in under 600 words: a quick glance a some recent events.

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