Banning US Spooks Spying On America’s Allies Hacks on the jury of a phone tapping trial

rebeka brooksBen Delicious reports from London about the phone tapping trial at the Old Bailey of journalists of the now disbanded News of the World (NoW). The Leveson inquiry into the press standards in Britain having the wrong people as witnesses. Former chief executive of News International Rebekah Brooks, who had edited the NoW for three years. Andy Coulson chief of communications for Prime Minister David Cameron, the trial is expected to last up to six months. Word is that no one of the jurors have had any experience in journalism. So are there any hacks on the jury in the phone tapping trial? Probably not.
obama spying scandalDan Majestic reports from Washington: The spying scandal caused by revelations that US spooks have been eavesdropping on America’s allies reading emails and texts sent by millions of people across the world. The local comedy crowd should have had a field day and President Barack Obama team avoid the subject, instead telling  jokes about Sarah Palin,  Dick Cheney and Ronald Reagan another actor who not around no more to defend himself from these.
According to White House in order to lower the government budget they are to shutdown any spying positions like they shut down RV roles in the nineties. Anyone who admits they had any dealings with these covert operations will be immediately disgraced, they could even lose some stars of stripes. Big Brother did well to last as long as they have and five years ago the plan of announcing financial difficulty worked to keep these sections of the government open. They have been plugging the same message and constantly uploading, re-sharing and mashing up various things to keep people interested. The fact is there is no real return on investment on these things. What else are people qualified in the areas of surveillance supposed to do, just twiddle their thumbs, press buttons has become the most lucrative way of keeping people busy. The problem is even America has found out outsourcing these things is much cheaper. Just like we see in the film 'The Butler' with Oprah Winfrey. The War on Terror has everything to do with finding out whether anyone out there is planning anything against the cabal in power in Washington and their banker friends. President Obama Is Thinking Of Banning US Spooks From Spying On America's Allies. Hilarious, That


The World A Theatre Praise Gets The People In Trouble

rolling stonesTed Obvious reports from London about phoney praise and mediocrity. Take The Rolling Stones, a band that had been an acquired taste in pop for the whole of their career. To listen to some critics and Stones’ fans, it’s one of the best rock groups in history. To be fair to the Stones, pop music generally is hyped up to ridiculous levels. I mean, how stupid do you need to be to fall for all those art critics.

kate and diana  The same goes for bad writers, unfunny comedians, modernist architects politically correct, bland. Celebs and public figures who get all the praise Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Diana a fashion and style icon. FInd out more exciting news about the British monarchy and what they have been talking about. Read more: Of Phoney Praise That Gets The People It's Directed At In Trouble (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)

the obama years  Adam Lovejoy reports from Rome talking about the mediocre actor Tony Blair and actor Barack Obama, not really coming across convincingly in the role of US President. One of the last episodes in this increasingly tedious production, which comes under the title ‘The Obama Years’, concerned the US government shutdown.

barroso and ashtonAnd then there’s the new production of the old fairy tale, The Emperor’s New Clothes, this time staged in Britain, with the roles of two conmen played by David Cameron and George Osborne, pretending to be Prime Minister and his Chancellor. Jose Manuel Barroso he is the ruler of Europe. Kathy Ashton, of a stunning woman who finds herself in charge of European’s foreign policy. Herman van Rompuy, who plots against Barroso to win the affections of Kathy, The EU is currently experiencing problems with funding. Read the full article here. If the world is a theatre then politics is a never ending farce.


Justin Welby Archbishop of Canterbury and the carnage in Iraq

Welcome to Stirring Trouble Internationally. In today's satirical article Ted Obvious is in Lambeth Palace writing about Justin Welby Archbishop of Canterbury and his recent comedy appearances around the city.

welby comedyJustin Welby Archbishop of Canterbury has delivered some pretty impressive stand-up comedy routines in the past and didn’t disappoint his audience once again last week, soon after the christening of Prince George, the son Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge and heir to the British throne.

The Archbishop appeared on the box in his capacity as comedian and said that he wouldn’t mind if Prince George would become a Buddhist when he grows up. Yep, that’s what he said.

The prince, he said, is perfectly entitled to change his religion should he choose. And stuff those titles of his when he becomes king and the Defender of The Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church of England. Prince William, Jehovah Witnesses and Aston Villa FC read the rest over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. How about that Justin Welby Archbishop Of Canterbury.

The carnage in Iraq is flooding in, car bombs, explosives, deaths and injuries. In today's article we look at the particular reasons how this all started and why now Iraq people are killing Iraq people. Find out how all this starts and how it happens elsewhere and once unstable its a really difficult process to fix. 

bush and blair iraqAnton Goryunov wass in an area of Baghdad and we find him talking about the carnage in Iraq and the invasions that have happened in both the US and the UK in 2003.

Read all about President George Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair, Washington and London intelligence dossiers revealed about Saddam Hussein. The reported scoop of then wass about satellite pictures coming in a birds eye view of what happened and it also started with having WMDs in the area at the time of the troubles starting.

If you are curious about what exactly happened in the Middle East of the war in Iraq and needing to know what is happening now, this post is a great way of understanding how it works. This is a satirical post about journalism around the world and how the reports coming in differs from on the ground in the area where it is happening and how the Soviet Union see's it. Read the article in Full ---->>> Stirring Trouble Internationally.


Adultery Is Big Business And Get A Red Poppy For Free

adultery coupleDan Majestic writes from New York about Adultery has become big business these days. The films in Hollywood as you will find out underline all sorts of things about marriage. The films show marriage in a particular light which is not the most appropriate. Find out why this is good for the hotel industry and why other businesses are sprouting up. You might have noticed the change in the advertising industry retargeting people in new ways, where they get their information from is anyones guess. The same thing is happening with TV ads find out why over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. In case you don't know this, adultery is big business these days.
conservatives poppiesCan you afford to buy a poppy this year on November the 11th? R.F.Wilson reports from London: Prime Minister David Cameron has issued a secret memo to all ministers, Tory MPs and local party association chairmen to wear a paper poppy at all times and not use the ones from last year and before or put the quid used to buy them on their expenses. As Remembrance Day approaches, the memo makes perfectly clear that all members of the Conservative party should not accept free poppies from strangers, who might turn out to be undercover reporters sent out to trap them, or attempt to grab a poppy from the box without donating any money.

poppies  This year the Tories are also instructed to wear a poppy even outside work hours, to be seen as in touch with the nation’s heritage and not just a party that steamrolled gay marriage through parliament and is hoping that this alone would win them elections. With the general election only 18 months away, the remnants of the Tory party. PM Cameron in his secret memo that it’s the small things like being seen donating money when taking a poppy that make a big impression on the electorate. Secret memo to all Tories: don't try to get a red poppy for free this year (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)


The Economy And Angela Merkel. Syria, Humour And Propaganda Telling It Like It Is

Stirring Trouble Internationally 24th and 25th  Telling It Like It Is - TVOR - Nekrassov, Whale and Cole.
> george osborne RBS

The Office for National Statistics has been looking at and recording the patterns of people against the state of the economy of the United Kingdom since late 19th century thats over 100 years. The government budget balance makes its decisions on these figures. over the years leaders of the Conservative Party have taken government debt very seriously but still this has not managed to avoid to odd boom and bust that we have seen happening from time to time happening again and again.

With that said Adam Lovejoy is in London addressing the issues, he takes a look at budget deficit, national debt, the banks, real unemployment and possible songs that will take the edge of it that the Treasury must be experiencing.

This is a somewhat serious post about the announcements made yesterday by the Office of National Statistics, a fine collective of men and women who have stood firm during the recession. The real economy but doing exactly the opposite. 20 odd years  ‘economic booms’ driven by astronomical consumer debt and the vast majority living on credit.
Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne the perhaps next Tory leader that the economy is growing even though it’s not, the taxpayers will be bailing out all the usual suspects again as they have done for over 100 years. The British Economy Just A Keeps On Growing. There's A Song In It Somewhere A post about tax and the economy of the United Kingdom as recorded by the office of national statistics time after time.

Sponsor A Syrian Rebel And Watch Him Kick Butt 

weapons cacheThe Free Syrian Army often talk about Syrian opposition and its no secret that Paris is feeling the strain from what is happening and has brought up some old fears of the past. The United States and the Western world equally has a perception of what has been effecting the Middle East, this is a satirical light hearted look at Surface-to-air missile attacks and the recruitment process in place to overcome all the difficulties we are currently reading, watching and listening about when asked about how to fix the problems in Syria and is sponsorship really a good option, its been done before in other scenarios, so why not this one too.

Anton Goryunov is in Paris taking a look at America the Western powers that want to 'help out' and arm rebels round the world. 

Anton explores the thoughts and feelings outside of Syria and explores the variation of views out there on the topic of war and how in the past these things have troubled the world. They key thing to understand is there are no set rules and people have feelings as well you know.
map of syriaHow about launching an international charity called Adopt A Syrian Rebel? It would involve people sponsoring a member of the Free Syrian Army, say for a mere grand a month, getting his photograph on the map of Syria and receiving regular updates on his progress. Perhaps a Free Syrian Army to run a lottery  speeding up President al-Assad’s departure. Become a proud owner of an artillery piece or a heavy machine gun or a surface to air missile, with their names emblazoned on them, going to a place where they would be used to fight for democracy and freedom? #STi Spoiler (Oct 25th 2013)
You can find out more about the Free Syrian Army and try and make your own mind up about who it is called Syrian opposition and how Paris, the United States, the Western world and the Middle East will be interpreting this sort of information like Surface-to-air missiles over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Why Not Sponsor A Syrian Rebel And Watch Him Kick Butt? A cynical look at Syria, if you cannot be cynical then what is left in the world.

  Free Syrian Army, Middle East, Paris, Surface-to-air missile, Syrian opposition, United States, Western world 

  Yank Spy Angela Merkel's Darkest Secrets 

Ben Delicious reports from Berlin: Fancy that! The yanks have been spying on German Chancellor Angela Merkel for years, listening to her conversations on her mobile phone and now know most of her darkest secrets. 

Calls to high premium EU chat lines have been consistently documented. The European country, is not happy and the European army is making a fuss about what is happening too. Spooks from the US National Security Agency. She even called US President Barack Obama a naughty boy. Mr Obama was forced on the defensive, denying that he ever set his eyes on the print-outs. President Obama with his Nobel Peace Prize is presiding over the biggest spying programme in US history targeted at millions of Americans and pretty much every country in the world. Imagine if the same scandal would have happened under George Bush Junior or any other Republican president. Fancy That! Yanks Spied On Angela Merkel And Know All Her Darkest Secrets (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)

  Angela Merkel, Barack Obama, Chancellor of Germany, European Union, National Security Agency, Nobel Peace Prize, Obama, United States

Lefties Don’t Do Humour, They Do Propaganda

saturday night liveEveryday of every week "Russians come here because no questions are asked about the money - none" the more you look at it the easier it is the understand what is happening and where people are going wrong. In todays article you can read a spoiler about why lefties do not do humour they are actually doing propaganda, its all here on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Dan Majestic reports from New York: You know what they say about leftie comedians: they don’t do humour, they do propaganda, big, big difference, you know. 

Not to mention that substitute for humour ‘observational comedy’, which modern leftie funny men seem to love so much, picking subjects at random from daily life that are of no interest to anyone really. The whole mainstream comedy scene is liberal left-wing and even loony left a conservative and proud of it.’ Even the Fox channel, which is supposedly run by staunch right-wingers, peddles the most abysmal left-wing comedies.
These guys would be telling things that people now only talk about in the privacy of their homes, or when visiting watering holes with their buddies. And the first target of the right-wing funny men would be President Barack Obama. America but unfortunately, the way it is presented, it’s all about the white people hating others, mostly blacks and Hispanics. Right-wing comedians would have a go at left-wing politicians who are considered sacred by the current comedy lot.

That weasel Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary would be getting the slack a lot, and quite rightly, and Jesse Jackson. Saturday Night Live, that leftie amateurish TV and lets face its not the best political satire out there these days. Sports for many has become like a religion these days ticket prices of tickets has inflated because of this. Lefties Don't Do Humour, They Do Propaganda. Big, Big Difference, You Know (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)
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NATO China Bound To Have A Go And Arabs Thank God It’s Assad

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NATO And China Bound To Have A Go

One of the top five employers in the world is of course the Chinese army, China is very instrumental of distributing all sorts of goods to Ebay that get sold on high streets and pavements around the world. Anton Goryunov reports from Beijing about the distribution of DvD's dVd's. NATO and China are indoors talking often about world peace, its difficult to see who has all the power. If there was an arm wrestle who do you think would win?

NATO is a league of gentlemen and women in Western Europe. Over the years they have looked at things like Russia, Europe and now Syria. NATO and China have strong relationships. They both have all types of things in the bag.

The Afghanistan troubles like Syria we see today have created allsorts of spinoffs. There has been a lot of people trying to find homes, ways of making money and feed their families, its a very difficult situation to fully understand. But I am confident where there is a will there is a way.

There are many films online from the the US with drones in them flying in the sky, over places like the Nevada dessert and people on the ground are managing to share all sorts of things. Its only a matter of time until more people have a go, although they are not as popular as they used to be because of the Internet.

china troopsIn Europe there is still a small demand for Western governments who have the ability and the budget to explain the economics of war. They also have the kitty of the back this up every week which should see them through, if not they can speak to the people and ask them for more to pay for all this sort of stuff.

  Its a similar thing with the Chinese communist however they have a much tighter budget.

They play hard and work even harder, they have the art of surprise and factories and starting up all the time. The soldiers working do all kinds of things. The Chinese love there White Paper, calligraphy is very popular too.  What does not clearly make sense is how defense works. How do they put all these people to work, together and still be able to afford to turn on the electricity and gas. That is the great thing about drawing. All you need is a piece of paper and a pen or a paint brush. Letters are a great way to start. If you want to draw animals there are some great tips of drawing cats and dogs and birds from shapes. You can also draw great musical notes, they make interesting tattoo's. Tattoo's are very popular in China too. You can see the influence and how it is coming into Europe and the rest of the world. From being made in Taiwan to being distributed quickly to Taipei China is leading the way, NATO has learned so much from each other and the the People’s Liberation Army is a formidable force in the world of warcraft. NATO and China are bound to have a go at each other at some share point.

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Arab League Despots Think Thank God It’s Assad

arab leagueNATO is that mastermind meeting that many countries were clawing to attend. The Arab League managed to get a seat at the last minute. The camels of Europe were surprised recently at the empty seats which made the meetup less efficient. The Arabs were very grateful and lucky to get a place on the European ride, be reminded this is no camel race. R.F. Wilson reports from Cairo about the recent civil war in Syria and Western powers debating and exploring the news about Syrian chemical weapons being destroyed. The Arab League although unable to attend the meetings, must still be well pleased with President al Assad's situation. Saudi Arabia apologises for not being able to attend the meetings and I am sure hopes the best for Europe in its decisions about Syria.. A few years ago in a country not far away from Syria another dictator was singled out and eventually killed by his own people, that man was Colonel Gaddafi and he ruled over Libya.

saudi royal family The Libyan people by Gaddafi, who was no worse than most of them, of course, but failed to understand that denying oil contracts to Western companies was the wrong thing too do. President Bashar al-Assad has been accused of denying Syria basic freedoms and is now in talks with helping NATO fix the chemical weapons thing. It is easy to imagine how strongly the rulers in Saudi Arabia feel about the troubles in Syria like the Arab Spring has the Arab League, Syria has Al Assad and now the rest of the world to help out. And this has been an unusual but effective example that should stamp out the use of chemicals for good. Most Arab League despots are probably thinking: thank God it's Assad and not us


Help sorting out economy McCanns And Bankers

How Do You Dislike The McCanns And Bankers?
kate and gerry mccann What is there to like about the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann? Its a difficult situation for everyone involved including the McCanns and as you will find out a lot of pressure is spilling out the President of France. Scotland Yard in London have got involved and thanks to the Algarve charity fund David Cameron and other people get to have there say too. The Bankers have something to say about the disappearing act of Madeleine's whereabouts. In today's a strange but important comparison is made and its to do with your future too. Ben Delicious is in London doing a bit of research. In today's entry he blogs about popularity contests and asks a  on a scale from 1 to 10 how strongly do you dislike the McCanns. Just a bit of background the finances of the search have been funded by various donors from the appeal which kick started the news you read about in papers. And Scotland Yard team have been doing a bit of travelling to the Algarve too.  Its difficult to forget what happened with the McCanns because the the media in Britain has over the years built a compelling case to keep the flame alive in a hope that one day she will be returned to the previous owners her in the UK. Its a simple question about Europe, and the money being used there. Do we vote for McCanns search or the search to find a solution to the banking crisis flooding our shores. The European influence is as serious as it sounds and all though you might not have noticed it, Europes plans have already made big changes in the way we go out our daily lives.

gay marriage franceOutsiders would think it only natural to accept location wise the UK is part of Europe, but the reality is we have remained reliant, outside of the European commission. Ireland joined and there currency because of it has taken a turn for the worst. Both cases are difficult contenders to compete in that some would say they are both lost causes that is eating into the expenditures of the United Kingdom. In the news this week we see more updates about the two examples I want you to take the consensus poll so we can start the voting. People seem to be getting bogged down by similar things and more and more people in and around Europe are getting there say. And gay marriage is another discussion being added to the mix. A lot of people have concerns about the British Prime Minister David Cameron and French President and the Bankers all getting together in a room to talk about until resolved on what to do. Its a tricky call  to make hence the polls. How do the McCanns get away with It? No, Honestly, How Do They Do It? (stirringtroubleinternationally.com) Algarve, Bankers, David Cameron, Disappearance of Madeleine McCann, London, McCann, President of France, Scotland Yard

Asking The Mob - Help sorting out economy
east end thugs  R.F.Wilson reports from the East End of London: Here’s something that no mainstream economist would ever dare suggest: why not ask the criminal underworld to help sort out the British economy? The mob has taken a hit with the news about the weather and the fuel. The economy has turned on its head. They definitions have moved into incomprehensible proportions and the dishing out of jobs to do is changing too. The data to support these new pockets of information. Let’s get the godfathers introducing some sanity into economics for a change and a bit of roughing up as well. Some people might object to this as morally wrong. Many people have been objecting to the mob culture and the methods have changed. The films capture the old methods as the mob moves into new ways of profiting around the world. The political mob have been making a storm in a cup with Chancellor George Osborne and PM David Cameron are toting up the figures in 10 Downing Street, counting the notes, distributing and swapping brown satchels with next weeks notes.

london cityThese compositions are secretly practiced in halls and churches around the city. Rehearsals start soon to counterbalance the scales. The Big Jake provides a platform for the Chancellor to meet and celebrate with George, and other people. The Thames is a great place to fish for eels and all kinds of old furniture. Years ago the culture was different, you had Queen Elizabeth I, knew all this stuff and got involved in all sorts of deals with pirates which freed up payments and gave enough dough to build the British Empire. So it’s not like George and the gang would be doing anything out of the ordinary.  How about asking the mob to help sort out the British economy? 10 Downing Street, Big Jake, British Empire, David Cameron, East End of London, Economy of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth I of England, George Osborne


Yanks Spying On French And The Royal Christening

Adam Lovejoy reports about National Security Agency , President Barack Obama , Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius the French government and Interior Minister Manuel Valls. This entry is about how Yanks have been according to Eddie Snowden spying on the French. Yanks Were Spying On The French. The French Are Shocked (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)
  st james palace
Ben Delicious from London talks about chavs, Middletons, and British monarchy over the years. St James Palace are saying. Wednesday at the Tudor Chapel in St James Prince George Christening. Prince William the Duchess of Cambridge, Carole Middleton, William and Kate, Buckingham Palace Kensington Palace, and Take That. David and Victoria  Beckham at the royal wedding supported Kate and William so they may even turn up and the Christening. It's The Royal Christening, Innit? (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)


JP Morgan Fined Billions And Comedians Voice Concern Over Comedy And Satire

jp morgan 

JP Morgan got fined Billions. Dan Majestic is on the ground in Washington taking a good look at the US JP Morgan case which is rocking the market, these newly constructed financial products are causing a lot of bother. With the flop a handful of people have managed to come to a settlement. Jamie Dimon and Eric Holder are two find out who the rest of the people involved are over on Stirring trouble Internationally. Alot of people are talking about the US Federal Reserve and the creation of money to keep the economy going. Find out why this caused bother with Goldman Sachs. Find out more about the White House, Wall Street and why Dan is in Washington. A funny thing happened to JP Morgan. It got fined Billions (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)

roy hodgson

The comedy crowd have condemned another football manager. In this weeks helpful sports article get the inside look into comedy and satire in the UK. Ben Delicious is in Bradford and todays entry here on Stirring Trouble Internationally is about the management of England.Roy Hodgson made a joke which comedians are saying is beyond comedy and satire. Brighton stand-up comedians who usually tell jokes about the Queen have resorted to England football managers. It is another landmark in TV British comedy when comedians say that managerial football jokes are out of the question. Find out what the joke was over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Read all about the controversy the joke is having around the country before in becomes breaking news here >> Comedians voice concern over comedy and satire sounding offensive to some people (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)


Can A Man And A Woman Be Just Friends?

There are lots of people who will say appeasing things to seduce the masses into thinking they can be just friends before having a relationship. It is one of those leading statements. Ben Delicious is in London talking about what if they could answer difficult questions, he takes the question one step further by looking at the assassination of President John Kennedy. It is easy to get confused when making new friends you should not shy away from new friendships but at the same time you do not want to get wrapped up in complicated questions about preferences during sexual intercourse, it does often happen. We live in a world where anyone you meet could be suspected of meeting up with gay men. So women should ask these questions as quick as possible, they often do and end up in long term relationships with these men. But they are both just living a lie. Keeping up appearances for the red carpet, or using each others friendships as a means to an end. Always going out partying, having what seems to be fun, giving of all kinds of mixed messages, creating more confusion in the world. Ben takes a look at sex manuals like to karma sutra for answers, is he looking in the wrong place? Have a read yourself and let him know what you think, perhaps you have experienced something interesting that you wish to share with the world. He is no agony aunt however there are people on hand to answer all those burning questions you might have about meeting new friends and how to understand men and how to respond to leading questions. To see what they say about the matters. He has watched a couple of DVDs that he found somewhere that say some interesting things about the sex life. What you are about to learn today is actually quite tame compared to what is out there on the Internet. See here: Can A Man And A Woman Be Just Friends? (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)


Talking About Sex, God And Money

If You Were God Would You Give A Lot Of Money To Good People? I Doubt It Very Much
A lot of people believe God has a wonderful wealth to share with the world. In the bible this week a sermon in London read a passage which translated as the transformations of Obscenity. Reading the Bible is a great way of a religion and spirituality uniting under the name of Christianity. Today's post is about Money management. Adam Lovejoy writes from London: Let me ask you this: if you were God, what sort of people would You as Almighty give substantial wealth to? And we’re talking mega bucks here, obscene sort of wealth. 
If You Were God Who Would You Give A Lot Of Money To? (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)

Ben Delicious writes from Amsterdam, Talking about sex for people like Buddhist monks, pensioners and the rise in population of the porn film. A satirical post about education and the things that are often better left said. In todays satirical post there are references about Tony Blair and go into long detail about people who enjoy talking dirty but do not necessarily live up to the words they speak. If you are a pensioner and looking for some escape from the doom and gloom of Christmas weather there is an interesting section for you to bring a smile about Dame Helen Mirren. If you have any concerns about old people and neighbours with a  Zimmer then you will also be able to enjoy reading about sex life, just something to warm those cockles this time of year. Stay warm. What's All This Obsession With Talking About Sex? (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)


Proper Silly Questions And Answers Is Julian Assange Working For The US Government?

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Proper Silly Questions And Answers

There are many silly questions people are keying into search to find out things. The Internet is rife with all sorts of answers and theories none of which are backed up with true substance or common sense. For example the other day I noticed someone talking about human resources, now the acronym for this occupation is HR. Do you work in HR. The answer to which online replied in a well known forum, yes I work in human rights. What a load of poppy cock.

R.F.Wilson is in Brussels again talking about the world economy he has been closely watching the development of information and disinformation out there and come up with some interesting incites into the world of Q&A, perhaps the stuff they do not want to know about.

In his interesting abrasions of the subject he takes a rough look at many subjects that he thinks is key in understanding subjects. For example he takes a good look at the Arab Spring an uses the research available online to underline key flaws in the machine of information we read online. He highlights the silly questions and puts a big green thumb print on the answers available.

Coupled by political information about the Middle East he strategically puts a blue line through the complicated long list of clauses explaining new democracy now. Wilson does a proper job of tracking down key authors online and takes a look at there profile to see what it says there as an example of what silly questions can do for peoples understanding of who they are and what they are about. Furthermore he takes a look at peace keepers and points out some interesting truths. You see one thing to understand is people are not who they think they are. A spoiler of what Mr Wilson reveals in this important and at times satirical article is as you will find out is that friends often complain about friends.

He takes a good look at the HR department as a whole and consolidates with positions available and underlines a long list of criminals in the world pulling the strings and typing all sorts of silly answers and often these answers are reactions to their own silly questions cleverly created to keep the 99% of the population dumb founded and confused.

These subjects come up time and again in tests so you want to take notes, especially if you are studying the arts, social and political sciences. You are about to learn a great deal about people and how things work. Have you heard of the London Frieze Art Fair?

Perhaps your a fan of modern art or like going down the gallery with guests so you can impress them and feel stuck sometimes when people are asking questions that need direct answers, the chances are even if you had an internet connection the answers would not be true. Nows your chance to get an overall answer to those what seem at the time proper silly questions and answers over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Its a good time to take a reality check, there are certain things that will keep you up all night, this is just one of the submitted solutions.

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 Is Julian Assange Working For The US Government?

julian assange

If Julian Assange is working for the US government then what is he doing in the nicest part of London living in a Ecuadorian embassy? Its one of those rhetorical questions that come up over the dinner table. We have seen it happen before so its bound to have happened again.

Thomas Mathew takes a stroll through the Ecuador Embassy in Knightsbridge, London after reading somewhere that Julian Assange the mastermind behind the WikiLeaks website could well be another CIA agent just like Edward Snowden was. Here in London we take these matters very seriously. Imagine being a spokesman for the  the US government in London. And ask yourself this where would you go?

The British government have been watching the United States government for sometime, taking notes on everything they do, for example at the start of this month the rewrote article 38 of the constitutions giving the elected head of the house the last say on matters.

If it works out then all the more reason to go to Harrods and do some shopping. It is a great shop, one of a kind, they have some great shops, nice fresh food and plenty of friendly people to talk to. If you like shopping then you will like Harrods its up there with Fortnum & Masons. Here's A Juicy Conspiracy Theory For You: What If Julian Assange Is Working For The US Government? (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)


Curtains For Chilcot Report - Good Guy Movies And Chick Flicks

Good Guy Movies And Chick Flicks

stupid movies

We dough not see enough good guy movies and the chick flicks have been reduced to gossipy and tacky productions, the comedy is terrible and the actors are often the younger generation who resemble the previous generation of popular actors. So with all this considered Stirring Trouble Internationally asks the question today: How come most movies are so stupid?

Dan Majestic reports on the industry as a whole from inside Hollywood. The thing is Hollywoodland as it used to be known requires certain quota's each year to justify the craft. It is supply and demand. People like watching movies. People like the idea of people watching movies because it makes them think they have one over people. The chance of success is much closer when you live in a world of sad films that you never watch. Its been like this for years. And for years and years these traditions will continue. In every story there is a guy who everyone expect to do the right thing and take the heiress down the Isle. And every year what we actually get is a woman's role, glamorised and if you look closely you will find she is not all that. Your lucky if the girl is a plain Jane. You can find out what I mean by this by reading todays article about the movie industry. Another satirical post from the writers who brought you STi: The Best Of, Uncensored which you can find on Amazon.
action movies suck
There are movies then there are action packed films you just have to look around. If you are looking for films with bad guys in them watch the black and white films from years ago. All the films now are just playing homage to films that have already been made. The stories that people use are a homage to authors they read when they had time. So then is it not clearly obvious none of the directors these days have time to read other than read scripts that are placed on their office desk via Fed Ex from the same people. If you have a book that is about to come out and have visions of it being made in the film then you will have to get inside this inner circle. As you may have read over the previous months Pretty Woman is one of those films converted into stories that you best avoid. The success of the film was at the time focusing on the controversial notion that everywomen has her price. Which as I am sure you agree is simply a sign of the times in the world of Hollywood objectifying women. Each good story has to focus on two sad realities and this can be from both men and women. What are they well here is a spoiler of what you are going to learn about over on Stirring Trouble Internationally (see  the link below) every film needs good old fight scenes and not only exclusive to Hollywood is that the industry requires those male orientated  sex scenes >> How Come Good Guys In Movies Suck And Hot Chicks Aren't Hot? (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)

Curtains For Chilcot Report

chilcot report 

For the past couple of years high hopes have been expected from the 'John Chilcot Report' a paper which has been in the pipeline for a number of years now. Researching popular subjects like 'war around the world' and 'War and Peace in the Western World'.

Adam Lovejoy is in London reflecting on the promises made in Whitehall. In todays submission read all about the war in Iraq, Tony Blair and the strategies of politics devised by New Labour in the early decade of 2000. Get the latest scoop on David Cameron and what he said before and now after the report is concluded. If you think the report should continue now is you chance to have  your voice met over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

blair and cameron

It is difficult to pull the shutters over the prying eyes of readers of  British history so to keep everyone engaged its good to keep tabs on these sorts of things. Read all about it because its curtains for you Chilcot inquiry as the Chilcot report researching the Middle East gets posponed and effectively slammed back in the cabinet. Is It Curtains For The Chilcot Report On The War In Iraq? Yep, Looks Like It (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)

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McCanns - Sausage Objects

Sausage Objects frankfurter

You have to watch out, some of the top selling sausage objects are in-fact shaped like vegetables, for vegetarians, deceiving to the eye anyone could mistaken them for real sausages. Every year around the world butchers about this time of year take their prize sausages to the fair for locals to taste.

Ted Obvious is in Manchester taking a look at the good old sausage. During hard times the price of eating sausages goes up. People are in a rush and the quality of sausages in reducing. If you are lucky a large per cent of what you buy has the protein you need to keep strong. The best sausages have nice herbs in them. In other parts of the world they make do with the sausages they can buy on the street by adding thick sauces. Often these sauces are not what they say they are. That is the great thing about buying sausages at the fair. Wether the sausages are great or not you know what your getting with the sauce. The supermarkets are expanding in their range of sausages, importing from Europe so you can get a good deal there you just need to shop around. Finding the time to do shopping, whilst juggling around work and the kids is not an easy task. One great way is to educate your kids in the store, show them how to shop on a budget and give the lunch money to them. where's the meat gone
There will always be the temptation that someone late at night by a hot dog from the hot dog stall, it is very tempting, they fry onions which is the activating smell which triggers the senses to buy. The thing about meat products when shaped into sausage objects (curved, cylindrical, brown and neatly tied into a intestine bag) is that you know there is some protein inside. The thing is though you want it to taste nice if you want to get through the day without stomach rumbles. So here is the kicker how do you test your sausages and what are the tell tale signs that you maybe choosing a banger? Find out over on Stirring Trouble Internationally >> Test Your Sausages, Those Penis-Shaped Objects, Before You Eat Them (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)

McCanns mccann efit

Take a look at the mug shots, what do see? Anyone you know, this could be anyone, anywhere perhaps you have seen the reported McCanns abductee? Find out why this latest chapter as the surreal campaign continues as the hunt to find a lost child carry on Portugal.

Ben Delicious is in London explaining how the news being presented in Scotland Yard about the recently reported images of Madeleine McCann six years ago in Praia da Luz Portugal is dragging on a bit. The computer artists generated impression has some distinct things you should know about. Find out over on Stirring Trouble Internationally you will say 'ah h' when you read about it.

madeline mccann 

Its a sad reality when kids go missing, you see it everyday on the back of milk cartons in the morning. And when there is no other news stories like these make the headlines. Its up there with Elvis in the Kremlin and Michael Jackson stunt double was the man who died. When dealing with the surreal arts you think George Orwell and Franz Kafka they are two fictional authors who managed to effect and effectively shape fictional journalism. Read the rest of the carton over on >> How Do The McCanns Get Away With It? No, Honestly, How Do They Do It? (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)

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Watergate And President Obama

obama congress

Since Watergate we have become accustomed to seeing politicians on the golf course, talking to the people via television telling the moves that must be made by the government and as you will find out President Obama is continuing with this tradition.
Dan Majestic reports from Washington about US President Barack Obama who announced on the course about right-wing Republican Party involvement in the shutdown of the US government. The US Congress have been experiencing financial pressure from all sides. Many documentaries have managed to polarise sport and politics to get the message across. It was only a matter of time before the threat became a reality. Now it is time for people in the government to hunker down in a room a solve their differences and find out what goes where. Obama has scored a few birdies this year and Senator  John McCain is following in Obama's footsteps. The Eagle awaiting the White House team will also follow similar traditions. The message is a complex broadcast of a simple decision to begin the game of change to fruition.
obama whitehouse
President Obama is quoted as the main player in the Game of Thrones by taking the Nobel Peace Prize, on the golf course he may not be Tiger Woods but he does know how to do what a president needs to do. He is therefore like Tiger a difficult player to beat and what he does on the course is very similar to what happens of the green. The Democratic party are talking about outstanding achievements’ on the putting green and the distractive conversation happening in the golf carts is peacemaking. The black American president has changed the playing feild of politics and similar things have happened in sport for the United States. This way of communications was first shaped in the Watergate incident. This was quite controversial and the Lockdown of the government is also supposed to be as controversial.

They put up a Mormon against him in the last presidential election with not a chance of winning, convinced him that playing golf all of the time makes him look cool and persuaded him that sending drones into Pakistan in their hundreds was actually a humane and very popular way of fighting the War on Terror. And now, with the US government staying shut, the nasty games played by the Republican right-wingers have finally been revealed. New 'Watergate': President Obama was the creation of the 'Republican Right' (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)

Jimmy Savile Abused Thousands Maybe Even Millions

jimmy savile

When one man comes into a corporation company that speaks to millions and manages to make such an impression for so many years, questions need to be asked. Stirring Trouble Internationally #STi takes a look at Jimmy Savile who died recently. The papers have covered the graveyard images in the wrong context. Jimmy Savile as you will find out was a manipulative man who managed to pull the wool over the eyes of the BBC. Over 500 people who were also dumb founded by the lengths of abuse Savile sunk too. So Jimmy Savile abused thousands maybe even millions through the medium of television.
R.F.Wilson reports from London about the difficulties detectives are experiencing investigating sexual abuse committed by the late BBC presenter Jimmy Savile, who now say that the scale of his crimes could be much wider than anyone thought. In the very latest twist of this remarkable saga, which may be soon adapted for the small screen by the BBC as a sitcom called The Loner, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt asked the police to investigate more allegations again Savile concerning some of the abuse he may have committed in NHS hospitals.
‘He was an institution within an institution,’ one former BBC employee said.
Experts in sexual abuse, hired by Scotland Yard to look into the Savile case, say that a one man paedophile network is something  they have never encountered in the past. Jim'll Fix It was a TV show for kids, Jim was also a DJ on Top of The Pops. At the time the only show competing broadcasting music on television was called the Old Grey Whistle Test. He was awarded a knighthood for his work in charity. So it is understandable the surprise when over 500 people come forward telling their stories of abuse. The ring news started with Stuart Hall, other claims began with the Rolf Harris and William Rouche investigations. ITV's Coronation Street soap in the news appears to be a hornets nest of offenders too. It comes as no surprise when you look at the rich and famous musician Paul Glad who was arrested a few years before Jimmy's death for child prostitution in Vietnam by Operation Yewtree. Glitter made his name on popular musical TV's like Ready Steady Go tarnishing the Glam Rock and Hair Metal trade. He also opened a snack bar in London to keep up the charade, people were forced to listen to his crap. It was only when 14 year old Miss Brown came forward and sold her story to the News of the World that everyone realised he was an abuser. At 14 according to Shari Law it is legal to marry a women, Paul had no intention of marrying her in-fact it showed he had a hard drive full of images of young girls on his computer. Gary Glitter was friends with Jimmy Savile. Yewtree never made the connection until Savile's death in 2012. More evidence is coming in about the case as the appeal continues for people to come forward and talk about their abuse with these people. The hope is to stamp out offenders in the Entertainment industry. The reality is this never should have been able to happen in the first place. If Jimmy Savile was the real ring leader how did he stay under the radar for so long? Jimmy Savile may have abused thousands, cops say. Maybe even millions. (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)

Greenpeace in Amsterdam talk to Alexander Nekrassov [Newsnight]


Peddling Overpriced Junk In Business

From ship to shore the history of China and junk goes back a long way, its only recently its really taken off. More and more shops on the high street have been struggling. Consistently stocking the wrong stuff and stuck in overpriced labels disguised as sales. Chinese junk starts bidding at £1.00 postage and packaging is almost double that. This post is about that. Chinese junk ships were pioneers of their ocean in their own world. Its only when British fleets came to shore. The same journey needs to be taken at various times of the year. Halloween is a busy time online for costumes, many people do their research early on, place bids as high as possible or use various sniper software to get the best price. A similar thing happens during  Valentine’s Day only it is nice to purchase together in the store and its when you get to the counter they lay on the junk. The counter is loaded with other goods from China just like you would see online. On Father’s Day you would think people would know better, it is perhaps the most difficult time of year for choosing gifts. What do you buy for your father? On Mother’s Day there are some great cards made here in the UK and many of the gifts are fancy gifts made of plastic that has no use really other than a recommended token of thanks for being born. At Christmas we remember the birth of Christ and are told stories of gifts given at this busy time of year. We hang up giant socks (not small socks) and fill them with wrapped pressies. Most of the time the packaging is bigger than the actual item. This can add to the price of postage and packaging. Then there is Easter, anyone on social micro media will tell you eggs are all the rage. At this time of year cartoon DVDs are sold by people. Other celebrations mentioned are Ramadan which is another time people get carried away with shopping for overpriced Junk. Is it little wonder new business is getting confused. With all the distractive celebrations, consumers confused by the shelves stocked up with rubbish and people online and offline peddling junk. How's Peddling Overpriced Junk That No One Needs A Proper Business? (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)

Clowns Running Britain, Comedians Have A Ball

Adam Lovejoy reports London over on Stirring Trouble Internationally about clowns and comedians. Todays clown entry is about the libor scam. Its a comical post about David Cameron and Nick Clegg duo and the one shop pony Chancellor George Osborne. Read more about the Lib Dems  ball and Michael Gove and Vince Cable two British reps of business. If you have been following the blog you know what to expect and todays post is no different. For example yes this post includes blurbs about Tony Blair to as well as other British political  humorous news. Other posts on the subject include Comedy Rodeo Clowns,With The Clowns Running Britain You’d Think Comedians Would Have A Ball, British Having A Laugh At Italian Politicians. As If The UK Is Any Better, Lip-Syncing In Music – It Does Tend To Land Some Pop Stars In Trouble, Comedians In Britain Having A Go At Bankers And Politicians Prince Harry Is Going To Afghanistan. A Palace Insider Says He’s Ready To Kick Ass, Prince Harry Is Going To Afghanistan. Of La-La Land Economics And Silly Stats And Credit Ratings, A New Phenomenon In Austerity Britain, Browsing At Supermarkets. A New Phenomenon In Austerity Britain.


Chinese Military And Pop Song Lyrics

chinese military parade

It must be something to do with the cooking, the Chinese military are growing by the hour. Anton Goryunov is in Beijing taking a look at people who like things made in China to understand the army. For years celebrations have been in place of the People’s Republic of China every year. 
Mayor Boris Johnson has been conforming to the Chinese ways and has visions of brighter future for Britain. You can follow his adventures as the camera's wheelbarrow there way around the journey. The American military are also interested in the way things are done, sharing information through the great firewall of China.

 chinese navy parade
Many people are trying to get over the thought of what it must be like being ruled by a Chinese communist structure. Taiwan is another leader of emerging power, the world is watching and waiting for more orders from around the world. The economic power to the Chinese people is exciting for a lot of people in the West and around Europe. People are following what President Barack Obama has to say about a nuclear free world and support the recipes being offered to improve the structure of power and the sphere of influence. The future will definitely be more Chinese cooking the best investment therefore to understand is get a decent wok and stock up on Bok Choi.

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R.F.Wilson writes from London: Weird, isn’t it, the idiocy of lyrics in pop. And by ‘pop’ I mean pretty much all popular music, from rock to rap and beyond. Pop stars and semi-stars and pop songs about making out in the back of the Jalopy. Rap goes on about the Ferrari and how cool it is to have these extensions. To understand the decay of sexual intercourse take a look at the pop song lyrics. They explain what partners have to put up with these days just to meet each other. The pop video's are enhanced with special suggestive sex scenes and this often determines the popularity of Pop Songs which is effecting the music and could well be why the music needs to improve. Burst it in the bud and listen to something else rather than allow these sounds decay into similar forms of entertainment.

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World Economy Is Virtual

Pretty great post about virtual economics and using Google's new book search shows a drop in book sales. Ted Obvious reports from Washington about micro/macro economics. You will find this in the Let’s be cynical category.
...Afterall the world economy is changing so rapidly many companies are finding it difficult to overcome world economy panic...
wall street illusionThe media and the US government are still juggling the various ways to successfully create pay walls. The training continues and the virtual world like the economic world is a difficult game to finish. It just seems to go on and on for ages. There is not much time left (scarcity) and a large amount of options, small print and hoops to jump through (confusion). The US Federal Reserve has sent out so many IOUs many of the same people are turning to virtual economics for answers. Those with access have a much better incite into the banking crisis and have already been advised on what to do as it happens. Countries like China, India and Brazil, Zimbabwe are all contributing to the new World Economy.

Libyan PM Taken Hostage In A Boat

Spending Time In New York. And Admiring Some Boetti
Adam Lovejoy reports from London about a Libyan Prime Minister who was taken hostage in a boat. His name is Ali Zeidan. Other news this week included in todays post is about fashion and that is about David Beckham. Thirdly read all about the Nobel Peace Prize winner a Pakistan girl who has at the age of 16 wrote a best seller book and her name is Malala Yousafzai she was on the James Stewart show a couple of days ago. Finally find out more about  the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and the recent awards presented this week from the Nobel Prize Committee. A lot of people thought Malala might have won, if you want to find out who won the award please go over to Stirring Trouble Internationally. The former US President Bill Clinton is also mentioned in today's post and find out more about good old former British PM Gordon Brown. FInd out more about Business Secretary Vince Cable too.