The World A Theatre Praise Gets The People In Trouble

rolling stonesTed Obvious reports from London about phoney praise and mediocrity. Take The Rolling Stones, a band that had been an acquired taste in pop for the whole of their career. To listen to some critics and Stones’ fans, it’s one of the best rock groups in history. To be fair to the Stones, pop music generally is hyped up to ridiculous levels. I mean, how stupid do you need to be to fall for all those art critics.

kate and diana  The same goes for bad writers, unfunny comedians, modernist architects politically correct, bland. Celebs and public figures who get all the praise Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Diana a fashion and style icon. FInd out more exciting news about the British monarchy and what they have been talking about. Read more: Of Phoney Praise That Gets The People It's Directed At In Trouble (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)

the obama years  Adam Lovejoy reports from Rome talking about the mediocre actor Tony Blair and actor Barack Obama, not really coming across convincingly in the role of US President. One of the last episodes in this increasingly tedious production, which comes under the title ‘The Obama Years’, concerned the US government shutdown.

barroso and ashtonAnd then there’s the new production of the old fairy tale, The Emperor’s New Clothes, this time staged in Britain, with the roles of two conmen played by David Cameron and George Osborne, pretending to be Prime Minister and his Chancellor. Jose Manuel Barroso he is the ruler of Europe. Kathy Ashton, of a stunning woman who finds herself in charge of European’s foreign policy. Herman van Rompuy, who plots against Barroso to win the affections of Kathy, The EU is currently experiencing problems with funding. Read the full article here. If the world is a theatre then politics is a never ending farce.