World Economy Is Virtual

Pretty great post about virtual economics and using Google's new book search shows a drop in book sales. Ted Obvious reports from Washington about micro/macro economics. You will find this in the Let’s be cynical category.
...Afterall the world economy is changing so rapidly many companies are finding it difficult to overcome world economy panic...
wall street illusionThe media and the US government are still juggling the various ways to successfully create pay walls. The training continues and the virtual world like the economic world is a difficult game to finish. It just seems to go on and on for ages. There is not much time left (scarcity) and a large amount of options, small print and hoops to jump through (confusion). The US Federal Reserve has sent out so many IOUs many of the same people are turning to virtual economics for answers. Those with access have a much better incite into the banking crisis and have already been advised on what to do as it happens. Countries like China, India and Brazil, Zimbabwe are all contributing to the new World Economy.