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Rock And Pop So Politically Correct
rolling-stones2Rock and pop generally have always been so politically correct.  Ben Delicious reports from London about Madonna in New York and Led Zeppelin and Doors. And how about Charles Darwin  pop musicians and rock bands.
Rock and Roll (Led Zeppelin song)
Stirring Trouble Internationally - Humorous Comments and Analysis Of News And Current Affairs. Rock and pop generally have always been so politically correct?
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Sex scenes in films are for idiots. Don't add anything to content.
Movie poster
Jim Bob's insight:
A satirical post about films and movies. The topic of the discussions today is about sex scenes, why do films insist on having these scenes in films? Where would we be without all this. Watching films will never be the same again after you read this post.
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How about a career in the underworld? Beats staying on the dole anytime.
Frank Costello, American mobster, testifying b...
Jim Bob's insight:
An interesting post about crime and how unemployment creates excitement in the underworld.
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