JP Morgan Fined Billions And Comedians Voice Concern Over Comedy And Satire

jp morgan 

JP Morgan got fined Billions. Dan Majestic is on the ground in Washington taking a good look at the US JP Morgan case which is rocking the market, these newly constructed financial products are causing a lot of bother. With the flop a handful of people have managed to come to a settlement. Jamie Dimon and Eric Holder are two find out who the rest of the people involved are over on Stirring trouble Internationally. Alot of people are talking about the US Federal Reserve and the creation of money to keep the economy going. Find out why this caused bother with Goldman Sachs. Find out more about the White House, Wall Street and why Dan is in Washington. A funny thing happened to JP Morgan. It got fined Billions (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)

roy hodgson

The comedy crowd have condemned another football manager. In this weeks helpful sports article get the inside look into comedy and satire in the UK. Ben Delicious is in Bradford and todays entry here on Stirring Trouble Internationally is about the management of England.Roy Hodgson made a joke which comedians are saying is beyond comedy and satire. Brighton stand-up comedians who usually tell jokes about the Queen have resorted to England football managers. It is another landmark in TV British comedy when comedians say that managerial football jokes are out of the question. Find out what the joke was over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Read all about the controversy the joke is having around the country before in becomes breaking news here >> Comedians voice concern over comedy and satire sounding offensive to some people (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)