Chinese Military And Pop Song Lyrics

chinese military parade

It must be something to do with the cooking, the Chinese military are growing by the hour. Anton Goryunov is in Beijing taking a look at people who like things made in China to understand the army. For years celebrations have been in place of the People’s Republic of China every year. 
Mayor Boris Johnson has been conforming to the Chinese ways and has visions of brighter future for Britain. You can follow his adventures as the camera's wheelbarrow there way around the journey. The American military are also interested in the way things are done, sharing information through the great firewall of China.

 chinese navy parade
Many people are trying to get over the thought of what it must be like being ruled by a Chinese communist structure. Taiwan is another leader of emerging power, the world is watching and waiting for more orders from around the world. The economic power to the Chinese people is exciting for a lot of people in the West and around Europe. People are following what President Barack Obama has to say about a nuclear free world and support the recipes being offered to improve the structure of power and the sphere of influence. The future will definitely be more Chinese cooking the best investment therefore to understand is get a decent wok and stock up on Bok Choi.

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R.F.Wilson writes from London: Weird, isn’t it, the idiocy of lyrics in pop. And by ‘pop’ I mean pretty much all popular music, from rock to rap and beyond. Pop stars and semi-stars and pop songs about making out in the back of the Jalopy. Rap goes on about the Ferrari and how cool it is to have these extensions. To understand the decay of sexual intercourse take a look at the pop song lyrics. They explain what partners have to put up with these days just to meet each other. The pop video's are enhanced with special suggestive sex scenes and this often determines the popularity of Pop Songs which is effecting the music and could well be why the music needs to improve. Burst it in the bud and listen to something else rather than allow these sounds decay into similar forms of entertainment.

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