Peddling Overpriced Junk In Business

From ship to shore the history of China and junk goes back a long way, its only recently its really taken off. More and more shops on the high street have been struggling. Consistently stocking the wrong stuff and stuck in overpriced labels disguised as sales. Chinese junk starts bidding at £1.00 postage and packaging is almost double that. This post is about that. Chinese junk ships were pioneers of their ocean in their own world. Its only when British fleets came to shore. The same journey needs to be taken at various times of the year. Halloween is a busy time online for costumes, many people do their research early on, place bids as high as possible or use various sniper software to get the best price. A similar thing happens during  Valentine’s Day only it is nice to purchase together in the store and its when you get to the counter they lay on the junk. The counter is loaded with other goods from China just like you would see online. On Father’s Day you would think people would know better, it is perhaps the most difficult time of year for choosing gifts. What do you buy for your father? On Mother’s Day there are some great cards made here in the UK and many of the gifts are fancy gifts made of plastic that has no use really other than a recommended token of thanks for being born. At Christmas we remember the birth of Christ and are told stories of gifts given at this busy time of year. We hang up giant socks (not small socks) and fill them with wrapped pressies. Most of the time the packaging is bigger than the actual item. This can add to the price of postage and packaging. Then there is Easter, anyone on social micro media will tell you eggs are all the rage. At this time of year cartoon DVDs are sold by people. Other celebrations mentioned are Ramadan which is another time people get carried away with shopping for overpriced Junk. Is it little wonder new business is getting confused. With all the distractive celebrations, consumers confused by the shelves stocked up with rubbish and people online and offline peddling junk. How's Peddling Overpriced Junk That No One Needs A Proper Business? (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)