Watergate And President Obama

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Since Watergate we have become accustomed to seeing politicians on the golf course, talking to the people via television telling the moves that must be made by the government and as you will find out President Obama is continuing with this tradition.
Dan Majestic reports from Washington about US President Barack Obama who announced on the course about right-wing Republican Party involvement in the shutdown of the US government. The US Congress have been experiencing financial pressure from all sides. Many documentaries have managed to polarise sport and politics to get the message across. It was only a matter of time before the threat became a reality. Now it is time for people in the government to hunker down in a room a solve their differences and find out what goes where. Obama has scored a few birdies this year and Senator  John McCain is following in Obama's footsteps. The Eagle awaiting the White House team will also follow similar traditions. The message is a complex broadcast of a simple decision to begin the game of change to fruition.
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President Obama is quoted as the main player in the Game of Thrones by taking the Nobel Peace Prize, on the golf course he may not be Tiger Woods but he does know how to do what a president needs to do. He is therefore like Tiger a difficult player to beat and what he does on the course is very similar to what happens of the green. The Democratic party are talking about outstanding achievements’ on the putting green and the distractive conversation happening in the golf carts is peacemaking. The black American president has changed the playing feild of politics and similar things have happened in sport for the United States. This way of communications was first shaped in the Watergate incident. This was quite controversial and the Lockdown of the government is also supposed to be as controversial.

They put up a Mormon against him in the last presidential election with not a chance of winning, convinced him that playing golf all of the time makes him look cool and persuaded him that sending drones into Pakistan in their hundreds was actually a humane and very popular way of fighting the War on Terror. And now, with the US government staying shut, the nasty games played by the Republican right-wingers have finally been revealed. New 'Watergate': President Obama was the creation of the 'Republican Right' (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)