Retail Trade Browsers Charge Entry Fees

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Brick and mortar shopping or brick and mortar business, brick and mortar businesses or just business? Beat the rush before Christmas, Greece, London, New Year, Tate Modern and the United States.

Imagine this retail trade charge browsers for entering shops, a deposit down would get you access to the store. Outside, nothing other than a guard, a cashier and some digital flashing lights to entertain passers by along the high street. R.F.Wilson reports from London suggests in the satirical post to get you thinking before the Christmas rush. The retail trade understands that people like shopping and understand the difficulties of couples shopping for one another, in store holding hands trying to make the most of the day. Often never getting chance to buy anything. Distracted often by the amount of people just browsing. The same people awaiting the New Years sales, or checking prices to see if its any cheaper. What they do not understand is the price and rent going up. The overheads are causing shops to close. The only solution seems to be to charge an entrance fee, add a deposit. The brick and mortar businesses need to take a stand. As more and more brick and mortar business crumbles away, the service and experience drops online. Charging entrance is one way traditional businesses can stay afloat. Religion is one way people can make the right decisions about what to do at Christmas. Similarly churches ask for a donation rather than be blunt and ask a fee. Museum's do a similar thing. As more and more businesses close down and less and less people go outside the trickier it becomes to pay the overheads. Its times like these you see museums getting bailed out by the government just like Greece. And in America there is no government in stores to speak too. They are all online. You phone for help and receive a choice of numbers to key in because positions are being replaced by robots or outsourced all around the world. Here in London the retail trade are very proud of being one of the best places to shop and it attracts a lot of tourism. You will not however see shops being bailed out. In fact trading figures are being raised, yellow and red lines are being drawn outside department stores and road works being set up disguising hairdressers ruining business so what hope is there?

hand-to-hand combat

Should the world focus on taking what little money is available and use hand-to-hand combat to dig up the roads, or have a look again in the shops, ask them their needs and try and give some help to the up and coming bubble which is about to burst? In the Tate Modern art has many of the answers, people go inwards, become creative a recluse for years creating nice images for people to admire and look at. Shopping is for browsers too, so why not balance the scales and charge entrance fees after all its getting colder outside and the price of heating and electricity is going up too. Which is cheaper creating manual labour and digging up old tarmac or trying to get it right the first time?