Aug 31st Stirring Trouble Internationally

Olympic Legacy £10 Billion Plus Well Spent 

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closed schoolR.F. Wilson writes from London How about that Olympic legacy and the aftershock of the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games effected the economy. Read all about Dave and Boris down the East End , have a good Spice Girls curry with Russell Brand and how the Chinese-made restaurants are worth at least ten billion Eh? http://dld.bz/10BillionOlympic

Legacy Why Don’t We Punish Yanks If They Attack Syria 

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hollywood propaganda Anton Goryunov is looking at places like Afghanistan, Libya and Syria read all about President Barack Obama, McDonalds , iPhones and iPads. Read more about Hollywood films from the US of A and get the latest info about whats on on America TV Middle East and North Africa. Todays entry is about Barack Obama, Syria, the United States, Libya and McDonalds. Read all about the latest IPhone and the US government and what they learnt from Iraq. You will also find out more about Big Brother, an IPad and Afghanistan over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. http://dld.bz/PunishingYanksInSyria

Life Is A Constant Battle 

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hamlet Adam Lovejoy is in London talking about the constant battles in life. Today's article is about mobile phones and driving. Find out the solutions to those peoples screaming and swearing. Improve your knowledge of Communications in the real business world and find out the one thing that makes Consumer Electronics stand out in the Shopping arena. Its a Business and Economy world we live in and its a constant Battle. Find out three things that make London what it is today and get more info about the Mobile phone and ideas of God in the modern age, the language used, the choice of words and everything in-between. http://dld.bz/lifeIsAConstantBattle


Stirring Trouble Internationally August 30th 2013

Brothers ‘Continued Struggle’ In The White House 

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Ben Delicious reports from London in parliament talking about the proposed military strike that did not win the vote, find out more about Bashar al Assad, PM Cameron and the measures in place to help Syria. Find out more about Tony Blair, President Barack Obama and the war in Iraq as reported in the US, all this and more over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.
A Yard In Scotland Pretend To Be Cops
rolf harris scotland yard R.F. Wilson reports from London near Scotland Yard in Scotland  investigating TV presenter Rolf Harris, Jimmy Savile sexual abuse scandal, the BBC, paedophiles in the UK Mark Thompson and the Director General.

Dave Calm Down On Syria Wars 

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obama lincoln memorialDan Majestic is in Washington about ‘MarchDan Majestic is in Washington about ‘March for jobs and freedom’ the civil rights activist Martin Luther King the Lincoln Memorial, Bill Clinton  the White House, Barack Obama, President Jimmy Carter, the US and presidencies.


Yanks, Chemical Weapons And Vietnam, Celebs Act Fifth Column Propaganda Jamie Oliver Pop Poor For Eating Food

Celebs Act Fifth Column Propaganda 

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Cara DelevingneR.F.Wilson reviews John Lennon again and takes another look at the Vietnam War. Todays entry is about political correctness and living in the Western world its an angry rant about allsorts of things including how celebs play a role in the fifth column propaganda put into society. For example read all about the 2012 London Summer Olympics and the influx and movement of Londoners in and out the city during, after and before the Notting Hill Carnival. Find out more about Kate Moss and the popular British Twitter icon home page Stephen Fry and get the latest updates about the 2014 Winter Olympics over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.


Yanks, Chemical Weapons And Vietnam 

Tags: Agent Orange, Bashar al-Assad, Chemical weapon, Saddam Hussein, Syria, United States, Viet Cong, Vietnam, weapons

vietnam agent orangeAnton Goryunov  writes about Bashar al Assad  and the US news from outside Syria. Read all about the Vietnam war, find out more about Agent Orange, Viet Cong, the chemical war, Captain Scarlett in the war in Iraq and why the enemy often looks like Saddam Hussein when Chemical Weapons are used.

Jamie Oliver Pop Poor For Eating Food 

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jamie oliverFiona Sweetheart is in London readingabout TV chef Jamie Oliver and Jason Bourne in Eastern Europe. Find out more about Tony Blair and the awards handed out in 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace where OBE's have been dished out too.


Spooks Fail To Predict, Left Love The McCanns To Bits And Somali Pirates Protect Shipping Routes

Spooks Fail To Predict 

Tagged: Arab Spring, Attack on Pearl Harbor, Cairo, Middle East, Saddam Hussein, Soviet Union, Spooks, United States
syria chemical weapons  Ted Obvious is in Cairo asking questions about the Arab Spring and explores the methods used by intelligence services around the world particularly in the United States. In this post you can read historical references that use satire in the case of the attack Pearl Harbour in the early first half of the twentieth century. The USSR is also used in reference to make this point that often spooks fail to predict what can happen even when they have the very information in front of them they need to solve puzzling scenario's we have since seen in the past. Read all about Saddam Hussein academic history and the embarrassment he brought by his actions in the Middle East to the academic world. This post is about what happened in Syria with those chemical weapons and find out who is responsible. In doing so you can get a better perspective of how Spooks can improve the way they go about trying to predict the future so they can deal with the current situation in an appropriate way without making any mistakes.

Left Love The McCanns To Bits 

Tags: Algarve, David Cameron, Disappearance of Madeleine McCann, Madeleine, McCann, News of the World, Praia da Luz, Scotland Yard 

Madeleine McCannAdam Lovejoy in London is talking about the left love in Praia da Luz , Algarve. Adam talks about Scotland Yard the British public, Prime Minister David Cameron, the News of the World  being a married couple, the left-wing PC readers and the Kate McCann book about their daughters disappearance.

Somali Pirates Protect Shipping Routes 

Labels:Cargo ship, Foreign hostages in Somalia, Mogadishu, Persian Gulf, Piracy in Somalia, Royal Navy, United Nations, United States 
somali piratesR.F.Wilson is in Mogadishu taking a cynical look at the Somali pirates imagining that instead of hijackings cargo ships they go into something more helpful to society. This post includes notes about Paul and Rachel Chandler who served on a ship for the British Royal Navy and takes an informative look at the Persian Gulf from the point of view of the US and suggests some interesting tips for the Afghanistan catchment area and how the United Nations could get leverage from this too.


Propaganda Wars Distort The Big Picture

Propaganda Wars Distort The Big Picture

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stalin and hitlerAdam Lovejoy is in the British capital talking about the Propaganda wars in place and how they distort the bigger picture. Read all about David Cameron Bashar al Assad, and the UN in Syria over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. The UN Security Council lies that Saudi Arabia and Qatar and Turkey are not arming the rebels or that the CIA. Similar things have happened with Tony Blair  that are happening to William Hague from Iraq to Syria.
  • It's The Little Things In Propaganda Wars That Help Distort The Big Picture (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)

Brussels Black Market Economy 

Tags: Angela Merkel, Athens, East Germany, European Union, Free German Youth, Germany, Greece, Soviet Union
mob taking overIvan Ivanov talks about the new Brussels black market economy.  Athens about Greece, Europe socialists, who run the EU and have no idea how the real economy works. Read all about how Chancellor Angela Merkel joined the Free German Youth in East Germany and what is happening in the Soviet Union with organised crime groups and what this has to do in relation to the Brussels black market formation.

Melissa and Michaella Having Fun. No Harm Intended 

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stiFiona Sweetheart is in London writing about Melissa Raid and Michaella Connolly who were approached by drug dealers and caught at customs. The young women in Hollywood films portray criminal activity and social sites like Facebook help to get people to really want to watch these films, find out how over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Read all about KFC and find out the number on Sunday newspaper, the most people are going to get their weekend entertainment.


August 26th 2013 Stirring Trouble Internationally

President Obama And The EU Are Nobel Peace Prize Laureates

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obama nobel peaceAnton Goryunov is in Oslo again talking about the US President Barack Obama and the European Union a few years ago and how the Norwegian capital gave out Nobel Peace Prizes. Read all about Herman Van Rompuy and European Parliament President. You can also enjoy some interesting reflections about the Nobel Prize Committee and how the EU Nobel Peace Prize was distributed. Read all about Thorbjoern Jagland, the Norwegian Nobel Committee leader in the EU Council of Europe.

    Bradley Manning Wanting To Become A Chick 

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August 25th 2013 Stirring Trouble Internationally

Baby Pacifier Good Angel 

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Adam Lovejoy talks about baby pacifying, working in restaurants and how to feel-good-about-yourself and how to bring comfort to ugly looking people.  

Gadgetry Kid Zombies 

Tags Bill Gates, IPad, Mobile Phone, Pseudoscience, Steve Jobs, Television set, Virtual world

mobile phone zombie
Fiona Sweetheart reports from London about mobile phone, iPads and the virtual world. In todays article read about Steve Jobs or Bill Gates TV set world of pseudo-science All that and Steve Balmer Zombies.

Crisis In Syria West And Allies Pushing For War 

 Labels: Barack Obama, Bashar al-Assad, Damascus, Middle East, Syria, William Hague 

syria chemical weapons Anton Goryunov is in the ancient city of Damascus in Syria. The crisis in Syria has shocked people. The chemical damage done to the victims is creation an emotional response from people around the world. There is a lot of suspicion about what happened, one wrong move could mean war. The evidence is starting to give hints to what happened, until all the intelligence is gathered there is no reason for alarm. In todays article you can read about Bashar al Assad who is under the microscope again as the United Nations weapons inspectors and other Western governments investigate rebel bunkers with the help of the local government to find out the truth about what happened in Syria. The article today is about William Hague, the British Foreign Secretary who is considering the results from the inspections. President Barack Obama is also looking for the best reasons in helping out in the Middle East.
  • Here Are Some Crazy Scenarios Of That Chemical Attack Outside Damascus (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)
  • Grave concern of US as Hague says chemical attack in Syria is the 'only explanation' (standard.co.uk)
  • Obama faces more calls to act on Syria (news.yahoo.com)

  • william hague on syria


    August 24th 2013 Stirring Trouble Internationally

    Modelling, Acting, Stand-Up Comedy, Or Politics? 

    Tagged: Acting, Actor, Art, Harry Potter, London, Performing Arts, Stand-up comedy, Television program
    modellingTed Obvious a writer in London has wrote this article for people at a crossroads on choosing their career. is modelling, acting, stand-up comedy a proper job? Yes an actor. The cast of the Harry Potter films, Friends a TV series created sturdy income. Acting, stand-up comedy, or politics? Stand-up comedy and acting go well together as more and more people go from being cast of Harry Potter, Acting, to being on a Television program. The Actor has to be great at Art and the Performing Arts, read more helpful tips over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

    Crazy Scenarios Of That Chemical Attack

    Tags: Barack Obama, Bashar al-Assad, Chemical warfare, Damascus, Saudi Arabia, Syria

    syria chemical weaponsAnton Goryunov gives some input on the chemical attack in Damascus: Syria. Today's entry considers Bashar al-Assad , the British Foreign Secretary and Saudi Arabia in its moderations. In this article Anton writes about the UN weapons inspectors the US CIA and President Barack Obama and gives 4 crazy scenarios connected to the chemical attack.
  • Here Are Some Crazy Scenarios Of That Chemical Attack Outside Damascus (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)
  • Obama's 'grave concern' as Hague says chemical attack in Syria is the only explanation (standard.co.uk)
  • Russia tells Syria to allow UN inquiry into deadly 'chemical attack' (thetimes.co.uk)

  • Beautiful People Reading Beautiful News 

    Labels: California, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Natural disaster, News program, Weather forecasting 

    good newsR.F. Wilson today wrote this comical article for people in London and Los Angeles, Hollywood. Read some interesting stuff about presenters on TV news, who do weather forecasts and how beautiful people make it much more entertaining. Have a read over on Stirring Trouble Internationally its really interesting.

    August 23rd 2013 Stirring Trouble Internationally


    Not Very Good Movies Release 

    Trawling through Hollywood looking for a film worth making and watching? If you like a good Film critique and the odd jibber jabber about Bollywood then todays article should make you laugh. Find out more about the Titanic and how the this encapsulates what is happening with the Film industry. Find out more about Screenplay and how Big Hollywood knows less now than before it even started. Here are a List of films considered the worst. Dan Majestic reports from about the Hollywood script, the movie industry Titanic,  Avatar , Bollywood , big Hollywood bad films and says how come new films are never up to what they point out when you go out to the Movies? Searching through for films this week I agree there is not much on.

  • Wondering, How Come So Many S..tty Movies? (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)
  • How Predictive Analytics Is Changing Hollywood (embargozone.com)
  • Smaller movies hurt more (kitguru.net)
  • Netflix Review: The Paperboy (thecinephilepodcast.wordpress.com)

  • Super-Recognisers At Notting Hill Carnival 

    boris carnivalEntertaining news from London coming in about the up and coming festival. Boris Johnson and the Caribbean crew will be attending West London to join in, its carnival time again.  R.F.Wilson reports from London the Notting Hill Carnival a photographic memory and multiculturalism as the NHC intercourse continue. Traditions, history and the West Indies. London Mayor Boris Johnson and the monument to political correctness.There are no reports from the National Hurricane Centre and if my Eidetic memory serves me correctly the Political correctness of the West Indies sun will shine at the Notting Hill Carnival and the super-recognisers originating in Germany are trained up and ready to watch CCTV during the processions.

  • Super-Recognisers Are Joining The Fun At Notting Hill Carnival This Year (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)
  • Wave of police harrassment and raids in the run up to Notting Hill Carnival (socialistworker.co.uk)
  • Gang thugs warned to steer clear of Notting Hill Carnival (standard.co.uk)

  • Dave Coalition With The Lib Dems 2015 Election 

    nick and daveRead all about it the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg and the Conservative Lib Dem Ed Miliband and more predictions come true from George Orwell in the news this week from BBC and Labour. Thomas Mathew reports from London: Find out more about Cornwall, the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats and political correctness in Britain Nick Clegg has taken the reigns Lib Dem leader and Deputy Prime Minister it’s like something from a George Orwell book. British press is looking to Ed Miliband for all the answers whilst Dave is away the BBC and everyone else will play.

    Attack in Damascus was a "set-up" - Nekrassov 

    In this week's Telling It Like It Is, the former Kremlin adviser Alexander Nekrassov and broadcaster James Whale discuss the week's news with VoR's Brendan Cole.
    JB's insight:
    Top of the agenda is the attack in Syria that saw so many people die in what is alleged to have been a chemical attack.  Brendan Cole. The attack in Damascus is being discussed in a news podcast over on The Voice of Russia. Mentioned is the extent of damage broadcasted on women, men and children by these awful chemical weapons. Listen in as Alexander Nekrassov, James Whale and Brendan Cole discuss the weeks news.
    See on ruvr.co.uk


    Fukushima News

    aniston jolieAnton Goryunov reports from Tokyo about  this Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant they are having trouble with. Read all about Syria and the Japanese government, read satirical reporting about contaminated water,  nuclear reactors and  what can be done about Japan? You will also read about the Tokyo Electric Power Company and how the Big Brother there is being compared to the Russian Bolshevik party.

    Germany Greece Need Another Bailout

    angela merkel
    Bailout news from Germany to Greece.  The latest updates on the financial situation in August and the predictive future in September 2013 of the European Union to help countries struggling financially keeping up to date with payments.R.F. Wilson is in Berlin talking about the Greece bailout request for next month. The finance minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble in Germany has organised a meeting to help Greece in September. Angela Merkel should be attending the meeting along with the European Central bank and the International Monetary Fund and the European Union. If you are curious about Central banks in Europe and how they can help Greece then have a read of todays article. Some interesting points are made in a light hearted way, find out why the country is so important strategically in EU and how Germany can go about helping them again. This article addresses problems in Europe that may never be solved. Join in the conversation to help matters.

    Syria, Chemical Weapons And UN Inspectors

    syria chemical weaponsBen Delicious reports from Damascus about Syria, Syrians and how other people might feel if they had UN inspectors knocking one their door looking for chemical weapons. The thoughts that must have gone through Syrian President Bashar al Assad head. Picture the scene a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate US President Barack Obama and British Foreign Secretary William Hague come to visit it must be quite exciting. The Syrian rebels have been accused of all sorts of stuff that has happened in Syria and Egypt recently. What kind of things are the UN inspectors looking at, what sort of chemical weapons did they discover and what is really happening to raise the hearts and minds of people in Syria. Find out this and much much more over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.


    #STi News Updates For Twenty First Of August

    Photos: Of Prince George Via Grandpa Michael

    william kate baby georgeFiona Sweetheart reports from London: Have you seen the first official photos of Prince George the royal palaces. Bucklebury and stewardesses in Buckingham Palace are very busy.  Queen into the picture, the parents Are unveiled. Compliments of Grandpa Michael.

    A Bloody Circus

    nsa building Unpredictable report from Washington about this bloody circus unfolding.  Dan Majestic, Ted Obvious and Clara respond to data coming in from the US National Security Agency who are more known for work done researching al Qaeda. In today's article you can find out more about Europe,  and Muslim terrorism. Includes updates about the soldier Bradley Manning who sent a report to WikiLeaks are few years ago. In Britain Prince Williamis at home changing the babies nappies. Hosni Mubarak has an autobiography coming out. Leaders like Barack Obama should read each others books to keep up with current affairs around the world. Oscar Pistorius case has been put back till March. And in the UK the marital status continues.

    Guy Sold Fake Bomb Detectors To Armies

    Gary BoltonAdam Lovejoy reports from London about Gary Bolton in Kent, who has been sent to prison at Old Bailey court for selling weapons to Iraq,  Afghanistan and other countries where battles happen. Chinese People’s Liberation Army has also done some interesting things that came up. His Honour in the court mentioned everything that needed to be said about what the British government know and the armies involved over the years. Read the full article over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.
    • So There Was This Guy Who Sold Fake Bomb Detectors (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)
    • Gary Bolton slapped with seven-year sentence for fake bomb detectors (doubtfulnews.com)
    • Man who sold fake bomb detectors jailed for seven years (thetimes.co.uk)


    Film About Diana In The Arms Of Two Men

    dianaFiona Sweetheart is back from Brussels talking about the film again proposed about the life of Princess Diana. London Fiona is talking about big ideas, the film Diana explores the life of Princess Diana. Fiona is very enthusiastic about the film and shares her hopes and dreams about it being an Oscar winner.

    Fiona also explores how actors get the job, even when they do look a bit like her they still have to do other things to clinch the deal. Naomi Watts has been singled out for the role of Princess Diana, find out how she is explaining how it was all meant to be. The reason for this is more media forced than anything else. The choice of acting roles for the film, runs like an episode of Oprah Winfrey. Find out more about the actor Naomi Watts, channelling and why she is now aligning herself with Princess Diana. Find out more about the pressures of acting and the controversial nature of being in the limelight and the mistakes that have been made that make a film such interesting viewing over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.
    • A Film About Diana In The Arms Of Two Men (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)
    • Naomi Watts on perfecting her role as Diana (hellomagazine.com)
    • Naomi Watts Learning To Perform Princess Diana's Voice For Diana (perezhilton.com)

    Trial Of Bo Xilai: Chinese Comrades Feeling Nervous

    Anton Goryunov reports from Beijing: Read all about Bo Xilai, the Communist Party of China, and the suspended death sentence verdict made last year. Read all about Xi Jinping and the transactional economy between the two Chinese comrades scrutinised for getting involved in business.
    Contrastingly Bill Clinton or George Bush or Tony Blair or Gordon Brown all have had relationships with China and as you will find out were rewarded for their efforts. Todays post is about Communism, bosses and global business news and the ongoing trail of Bo Xilai.

    Gibraltar Keeps On Giving

    USS Mitscher and USS Gettysburg join a Spanish...
    USS Mitscher and USS Gettysburg join a Spanish navy
    ship in a tactical maneuvering exercise. (Photo credit: Official)
    Jasmine Jenkins is on the ground in Gibraltar talking about what she is experiencing on her trip there and her observations about the influx of ships in port. The Spanish government and Mariano Rajoy is experience ing difficulties in Spain with a decline in tourism. This could well be due to the border taxes that are being implemented. Also a rise in taxes on booze and cigarettes Being part of the EU is a big and running a Spanish navy is one thing that makes Spain shine above the other members of the EU.

    The tensions of border checks creating long queues in traffic going into the British colony is unknown why it is happening though is is breaking the freedom the move around rule. The Royal Navy were passing buy and paid a visit to ask why it is happening.

    The pressure on Gibraltar according to Fabian Picardo has developed into more deeper and worrying threats as the pressure pot begins to boil . The Maritime industry has been under a lot of pressure since the funding has drastically cut, universities have been shut down and studies of the sea capped.

    The 50 euro's charge coming and going in this economic climate is to much for people to afford. This is a progressive economic that has gone on for over 300 years. The story is very similar and relationships with Spain and Britain have always been strong. Britain feels very guilty that it did not know Spain was is so much trouble and will help as best it can and sympathises with the pressure being put on the country from the European Union. Jasmine shares her experience over on Stirring Trouble Internationally ( see link and supportive quotes below).
    • Tensions Over Gibraltar. A Farce That Keeps On Giving (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)
    • EU team to monitor Gibraltar border (bbc.co.uk)
    • Gibraltar border crossing fee "illegal," says Barroso (elpais.com)
    • Gibraltar row won't be diffused by political powerplays (itv.com)
    Crest of HMS MarlboroughThe navy is always in close communications with David Cameron and the HMS Westminster is in Gibraltar right now. The British government commanded by William Hague are doing there best to suggest effective measures to be there for the Gibraltarian government. People are turning to Paulo Coehlo in Geneva (author of The Alchemist) to find the answers when stuck in traffic and flying on planes to Spain.


    News Updates Stirring Trouble Internationally August 19th 2013

    Stirring Trouble Internationally August 2013; Eddie Grant 'Give Me Hope Diana' Back In News - Filed in British Royal Family, Daily Express, Death of Diana Princess of Wales, Diana, Diana Princess of Wales, Dodi Fayed, Henri Paul, Mohamed al Fayed, Paris, Scotland Yard
    A video of Eddie Grant performing in Paris 'Give Me Hope Diana'.Adam Lovejoy reports about the death of Princess Diana and the former in-laws to the British soldier sending files for Scotland Yard to read about Dodi Fayed, Henri Paul who also tragically passed away 16 years ago. Harrods most commonly known for the good services available there Mohamed al Fayed and his staff provides for London shoppers. Common knowledge is that he thinks something happened between the British Royal Families since the ordeal. The Daily Express picked up on the scoop along with other mainstream news and sent to the reel. Over on Stirring Trouble Internationally they are calling it the silly season because Princess Diana’s death is back in the news. Find out more about Diana by visiting Allthorpe.
    Stirring Trouble Internationally 2013; Iraq Needs Help Created By America - Filed in al Qaeda, Facebook, George Bush, Hoshyar Zebari, Iraq, Tony Blair, United States
    blair and bushThe Iraq news shows more meetings are happening with John n Jerry and various people. They have been quoted online saying various things and the archives and databases of information available is very confusing here is why. The transactions made were all about red palm oil, brominated vegetable oil, coconut oil uses, oil pulling, mct oil, oil cleansing method, coconut oil and all sorts of uses for the lubricant. And did you see those pictures of iraq, they were quite similar to the ones being posted on Twitter and Facebook about Bahrain. The violence there are the substance of why this sort of thing happens is not quite clear and lots of people have been caught in cross fire from both sides. Moms miss there kids and senators and representatives during the Bush era disturbance would not sign their kids up to go out and fight for the country, they seen as very dangerous, a high risk only one family at the time of the documentary had one of their sons out in the area. I was reading an iraq newspaper the other day (like you do) and noticed a clipping that In kurdistan iraq is a producer of the fearsome dragon oil burning fire from his breath. The dragon in the area is smokey hot air.
    iraq oil rigs
    Iran Oil and Yanks
    I remember watching a trailer in the cinema of a America soldier and a flag of Iraq, no sorry a flag of the United States blowing in the wind in the background around dusk. Around a similar time the 'Fahrenheit' documentary was released talking about heritage oil. Moore did a consensus on the Iraq population and it seemed the population of Iraq or the aswat al Iraq did not have to say to the troops. The Iraq latest news now is struggling to find new ways because latest news Iraq was not anything to do with any twin towers or the Arab embassy. The latest Iraq news shows not a great recovery the Iraq cities are being built offline but online pictures of George Bush are still in rotation. The Iraq financial news made with Hoshyar Zebari means more political profit with foreign countries. Hoshyar studied here in Essex he is a curd and a top political figure on the subject of the war, according to Facebook he is based in Baghdad.
    Iraq news today has Prime Minister Jawad al Malike from the Dawa Party government overseeing what is happening there now. He has been in the same position for over seven years now and is still very confused about what happened to Saddam Husein.
    The US the Saudis have made Washington, al Qaeda, President George Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair very rich men as a result. Read a more detailed and factual description of what has happened in Iraq since the Micheal Moore documentary over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.
    Stirring Trouble Internationally August 2013; EU Women Reviewing Relations With Egypt Filed in Cairo, Egypt, European Union, José Manuel Barroso, Mohamed Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood, President of the European Commission, William Hague

    eu review
    EU womens voice
    Fiona Sweetheart reports from Brussels about the voice of the EU Cathy Ashton and conversations  between President of the European Commission and Jose Manuel Barroso she also talks about the shocking things that happened in Egypt and where to put Mohamed Morsi now that he has been ejected from his seat. Read all about al Fath mosque and find out everything you needed to know and more over on Stirring Trouble Internationally about the disbanded Muslim Brotherhood. You can also read about William Hague and the crush and admiration she has for him in these conversations.


    Designer Wear Mass Produced In China

    designer shoppingChina is leading the way on Mass production and both Vietnam and India are taking over the factory industry. Read all about the decisions of Renault Clio, Ford Focus and the good things happening in London in Designer labels. R.F. Wilson is comparing online shopping carts and places like Ebay and finding it quite difficult to figure out what to buy and what not to buy. London is being infiltrated by mass-produced goods. Many of these items you add to cart are made in China, some of them are made in India and now we see Vietnam emerging as the leaders of copying good online. Mr Wilson takes a look in the sweat shops and its not a pretty site. The obvious first assumption is to assume a designer label is what it says it is, as you will reveal most of these motifs are just stuck on, and the goods are made of fake silk trade material. Now the success of garments is trying to into the motor industry. And as the sales are cars seems to slump the guys in Essex are thinking about getting people in Vietnam, China, Renault Clio and Ford Focus outsourced to be sold to these areas too. It won't be long before manufacturing begins there too.

    Funny One: Dave Begs Jose Help Sort Out Mariona

    gibraltarBen Delicious reports from Gibraltar about claw backs in the country. British armed forces there are expressing their concerns about both the Lib Dems and the European Union. He shares the news about Prime Minister David Cameron, Jose Manuel Barroso and the Spanish Prime Minister. The question poll being asked seems to be should the British people stay in the EU or not.

    A Hilarious Comedy About Charles Darwin?

    darwin hollywoodDan Majestic is in Hollywood Los Angeles talking about about a business proposal in the pipeline to be seriously taken on board. Its a satire about  Charles Darwin in Hollywood and the goal is to make a top selling DVD about the satirical truth called The Sting.Charles Darwin the modern mans answer to how to get get hitched. The evolutionist is a weird example of how relationships occur because of his marital status with a close relative Emma Wedgwood. Origin of Species, Darwin and his chimp Jenny dancing to the music of the Rolling Stones all part of the new age dating and coaching programs. Women pay thousands of pounds to learn about what men want, they know about a good investment this DVD would be. Making him as a mentor and role model is so against the grain it will definitely work and get a few laughs along the way.

    Egypt: “the beginning of a civil war”

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    In this week’s Telling It Like It is, VoR’s Brendan Cole is joined by former Kremlin adviser Alexander Nekrassov and the broadcaster James Whale to discuss the week’s news, majoring on this week’s dramatic events in Egypt., Brendan Cole…

    Jim Bob‘s insight:

    Second episode of Telling It Like It Is with Brendan Cole, political adviser Alexander Nekrassov talking about Egypt, the Middle East, Politics, James Whale talks about the Empire and The Voice Of Russia.

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