Oprah Winfrey In Zurich

oprah zurichAdam Lovejoy reports from Paris writes about an interesting case in Zurich. The bag was made of crocodile tears, it seemed a great treat to get whilst visiting a favorite musician in the area do her thing. celebrity Oprah Winfrey billionaire went to Zurich and it was not long before every celebrities and attendee of the show knew about it. Donna Karan dresses are very popular, look good and keep you cool. The African countries have links in Zurich because the country provides such a good service, especially for you in the clothes and online apparel industry. Tuna Turner is a big fan, she sang songs that smashed the charts years ago, to I can think of of hand are 'Nut Bush City' and of course everyone's favorite 'Steamy Windows'. This was more than just a window shopping incident and Oprah apologised for the heavy media intervention about the case she went in to buy and the exchange of words that happened between the store assistant and her television team. You can watch what happened on CCTV or go to YouTube and watch the mash-ups there. Tina which just comes in handy when in stores around the world, very helpful when arranging new marriages and even works in Germany. So many people want to look like Oprah, dress like Oprah, walk and talk like Oprah that it is not so unusual for someone not to recognise her and give her the kind of service the rich deserve. TV host can be very funny like this. Going into shops and expecting the same results you get in a controlled environment inside a warm studio.

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