Hillary Clinton President In 2016

New York candidate Anthony Weiner poll numbers dropped these past few months the press got hold of some of the fake zeitgeist video's online with him made by the usual spoof hacks online. The donations and funds coming in have been effected. The text messages sent through video text messaging from a women has revealed more than information that NBC downtown in the city coined the title 'no sexting'. Weiner responded saying that he was 100% sure nothing had happened, or was happening and never did happen. He is also an actor like many Mayors and Senators, Ronald Reagan is a really good example of how acting and politics work really well. Arnold Schwarzenegger other of the bodybuilding and body shaping books played a hero figure Hercules in the film after proving he could win the title and does in California what Weiner might like to do in New York.

     When Huma Abedin his wife came home and caught him again the game was up really, searching each others phone archives is very common when difficulties arise. A similar thing happened to Tiger Woods and when he was winning the PGA golf tour. As we seen there it effected his swing and other players came into the forefront of the tournament. One of my favourite films is the Corbet Report from 2005. At that time Weiner won popularity my openly taking on a George Bush arms deal. Perhaps this is a bit over the top but these things always pan out in certain ways. The easiest way is to catch men with there zippers down or taking photographs on people in private after they have done things that do not please the oligarchs.

     Michelle Bachmann connected similar dots when she linked Weiner and Hilary with the Muslim brotherhood though John McCain challenged her on this only to find out she may have been barking up the wrong tree. John married his mistress and then went on from strength to strength, though Obama changed all that when he saved the day back in 2008. According to BreitBart Tycoon Ellison endorsed Wieners message. Bachmann was also accused on anti Islamisation after her challenging speech contesting the power being proposed by the muslim brotherhood, since that time to meetings have folded and the transference of power has been handed over to whoever can cope. The pressures of politics seem to be paved with difficulties.

Its little wonder by an official in the United States deserves a Nobel Peace Prize all they have to do is do nothing wrong, stay in a loving christian relationship and stay away from backing the wrong horse. Ronald Reagan was a great cowboy and made some interesting speeches, did no wrong it was like butter wouldn't melt, Obama has taken this to the Nth degree which is why he is still popular. Hilary is already starting campaigning to challenge the position in 2016. We will see what happens she has a great mentor her husband Bill. As Bill see's it there is no comparison. You see that good look on his face you see the smiling. Democratic candidate, Anthony Weiner Huma Abedin, Senator Barack Obama   Nobel Peace Prize; 2016 presidential election. ;Ronald Reagan  the US President, Mitt Romney and Senator and John McCain.

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