Germany Greece Need Another Bailout

angela merkel
Bailout news from Germany to Greece.  The latest updates on the financial situation in August and the predictive future in September 2013 of the European Union to help countries struggling financially keeping up to date with payments.R.F. Wilson is in Berlin talking about the Greece bailout request for next month. The finance minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble in Germany has organised a meeting to help Greece in September. Angela Merkel should be attending the meeting along with the European Central bank and the International Monetary Fund and the European Union. If you are curious about Central banks in Europe and how they can help Greece then have a read of todays article. Some interesting points are made in a light hearted way, find out why the country is so important strategically in EU and how Germany can go about helping them again. This article addresses problems in Europe that may never be solved. Join in the conversation to help matters.

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