August 24th 2013 Stirring Trouble Internationally

Modelling, Acting, Stand-Up Comedy, Or Politics? 

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modellingTed Obvious a writer in London has wrote this article for people at a crossroads on choosing their career. is modelling, acting, stand-up comedy a proper job? Yes an actor. The cast of the Harry Potter films, Friends a TV series created sturdy income. Acting, stand-up comedy, or politics? Stand-up comedy and acting go well together as more and more people go from being cast of Harry Potter, Acting, to being on a Television program. The Actor has to be great at Art and the Performing Arts, read more helpful tips over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Crazy Scenarios Of That Chemical Attack

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syria chemical weaponsAnton Goryunov gives some input on the chemical attack in Damascus: Syria. Today's entry considers Bashar al-Assad , the British Foreign Secretary and Saudi Arabia in its moderations. In this article Anton writes about the UN weapons inspectors the US CIA and President Barack Obama and gives 4 crazy scenarios connected to the chemical attack.
  • Here Are Some Crazy Scenarios Of That Chemical Attack Outside Damascus (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)
  • Obama's 'grave concern' as Hague says chemical attack in Syria is the only explanation (standard.co.uk)
  • Russia tells Syria to allow UN inquiry into deadly 'chemical attack' (thetimes.co.uk)

  • Beautiful People Reading Beautiful News 

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    good newsR.F. Wilson today wrote this comical article for people in London and Los Angeles, Hollywood. Read some interesting stuff about presenters on TV news, who do weather forecasts and how beautiful people make it much more entertaining. Have a read over on Stirring Trouble Internationally its really interesting.

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