Pulling In Old Classic For Modernity In Monaco

Modernity pulling

Thomas Mathew goes to Monte-Carlo and the Principality of Monaco and the recent building being built in the City of London courtesy of the Baltic Exchange. Meanwhile near France a hotel called the  Sporting d’Hiver is doing a similar demolishing and road digging assignment. The plan is to make nice designed buildings around the world in aid of re-branding the cities. Out with the old and in with the new, sound familiar? They tried to do a similar thing to Herbie the Volkswagen a few years ago (see the Youtube clip above). English Heritage is enshrined, protected and catapulted by The National Trust and they to love Art Deco architecture but not to the proportions we see these past six months in London. In France the point of the exercise seems to be to impress Prince Rainier and Princess Grace as Thomas shares over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.
Sporting d'Hiver
Developments happening in the area (More road digging)
 Monaco football coach Claudio Ranieri said the challenge is Tottenham in the race to make the first place at the top of the league table on Saturday they managed to do just that. Noticably Real Madrid player from Monaco Andrea Raggi scored an opening goal so the country is infact as well as a posh place to live is understandably churning out good football players. This summer, a competition of musical fireworks in Monaco hosting up to 21st of August to cater for 4 areas from around the world; Canada, Spain, Italy and China. Life in Monaco has never been easy any fan of Art Deco will tell you a similar thing that life in the Baltic Exchange or Middle East is not all a bed of roses. Well the Casino has marked there cards and pulling out all the stops, this story reads like a Grace Kelly song which will make you feel like your a Traveller (game). rich financers from the Middle East have took a shine to Europe. Pulling Down An Old Classic In Favour Of Hideous Modernity. In Monaco Of All Places. Where to find the best Balti shop in France.
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