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STi economy How come hacks love David Cameron all of a Sudden? This post is about life In The UK, David Cameron and wearing t-shirts in this hot weather. You can find historical quotes from historical books about the "economy" and find out more stirring discussions of thinkers from around the world about the [economy]. Find out what the press do and don't want you to know about rhetoric and propaganda. From reading todays article you will have an opportunity to solve the puzzle yourself and have a better understanding of how opinion polls are used to take your own knowledge to either give you what you want or even worse use against you in the name of change. Interesting campaigns at the moment are about popularity and the NHS in the news. Today's post are about various cartoon pictures of David Cameron which support the theme of cartoon comedy (it worked for Spitting Image in the 80's).

The first thing to understand about compiling and extrapolating generalities is gathering information from various places to get a broader understanding of the demographics. In the UK polls for example they are compiled by gallop just like the top 40 and in the USA they had straw polls just under twenty years after the great depression (1939).

Here in Britain UGov and Zogby have a database of volunteers and they specialise in questionnaires, great info for positive PR about politicians celebs, TV and radio shows, papers and charitable campaigns. Micheal Portillo is big on opinion polls and mentions them on TV all the time to make a point. The act of going out the house and attending a polling station to vote is dwindling as more and more people decide they want to vote online. The race between Boris Johnson and David Cameron in London for popularity is one good example. Constantly reading popularity figures. In the NHS example to make Cameron seem closer to the common people he is advised to wear a t-shirt, visit a hospital and pull out a brick in the wall.

The Conservative campaigns have managed to gain popularity is the bid to challenge failing policies in Britain.

The movement of trade around the world in the clear mist of globalisation has meant a rise in international investments and British businesses have embraced this, money now paid in goes straight out the country. Markets are always claiming they are boosting, this creates an influx of financing, this eventually leaks out to help prosper the people all around the world prosper. For example America has their commerce department, India has economic indicators probing for more opportunities to help expand like other countries around the world interested in modernisation and modernity in architecture and housing.

Then there is North Korea that has a free enterprise economy this basically means anything goes. Companies move around in position but remain there place on the Rubics cube, matching up the pieces to keep the image together requires movement, how they shuffle and turn depends on the same people having tactile control. The only difference between the Rubics cube and the economic plain is size micro and macro.

The history of this goes back to the shekels of Mesopotamia 3000 years BC and the etymology of economic growth stems back to Greece in the 15th century where administration and the measurement of wealth began. Perhaps this is why Europe single out the area apart from bail outs and bank closures the powers that be like to send strong messages out to the world to destroy the history and progression of any topic. A great example of this is in the film "The Planet Of The Apes".

When restructuring and covering up the past to suit the needs of a different breed all kinds of horrible things happen to make it so. Restructuring and shuffling is fine, though making decisions from assumptions about superficial stuff on the surface is preventing any real change happening. Therefore understanding erasing the past burst in bud is understandable though history clearly dictates its been very messy and only gets worse before it gets better. Read More Click Here!  

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