Superheroes Halloween Costumes

Halloween is coming soon and people from all around the world are looking to Hollywood again to provide them with answers on what to wear and where to buy costumes before the October rush. The Communist Party of China fancy dress costumes has been one suggestion they are a lot cheaper and easier to get hold of. The first thing people thing is who has the bestest superpowers, then they try and get the suit from a fancy dress shop only to find they are all sold out or the ones left for hire are either to big or to small. Some say the superheroes suits make them look like Satanists especially when they have black eye patches. ET is a popular choice, Count Dracula and I Frankenstein is sure to be a big hit with trick or treaters. Spiderman is a popular choice but its best to find a suit for your kids that has a zipper just in case they need to go potty. Another popular selection from Hollywood is the Batman and Spiderman and the Phantom resemble members of a devil-worshipping sect? Christian Bale made Batman very popular for Halloween, the new suit is a big black rubber suit that resembles a diving suit. The older costume is more silky you can wear one the go and it has a big yellow emblem on the outside. Girls and women often choose the Catwomen suit similar to Batmans suit although the original was all blacks like the new Batman’s suit. Cat women was both lover and enemy of Batman. The reason they met was perhaps because they were wearing similar uniforms. If you are expecting on going to a disco after dunking apples and munching on toffee apples then this might be for you. You cannot really gauge a suit by the superpowers they provide because many of the suits that promise special things are simply fiction. The Spiderman suit does have an option spider spray though it is not strong enough to swing from building to building, It acts more like party streamers do where webbing comes out, looks good on the outside front door, not recommended indoors though. John Carpenter is a popular director of the 80′s Horror film The Prince of Darkness. This film is very popular in the world of Halloween because anyone can be the star, all you need is some grey makeup, dark eye liner a symbiotic relationship with evil. The trailer in 1987 cultivates a fear of staring in the mirror because it might shatter more importantly if you own a fancy dress shop playing the sound track in the cubicle is a great way to help people shopping for fancy dress costumes to make a decision. The energy at a house is zapping the world of energy to grow. Similar stories are of people knocking on the door in the Fog. The Fog is another interesting book that was made into a film. The fog started of life in a Lighthouse, then moved to shore after taking over the fishermen and turned people into similar zombies. Its easy to understand how people get confused with a Prince of Darkness costume and a Dracula costume. The names are very similar however the stories are slightly different. The thing is they all bow down to similar forces. If you are running a marathon and thinking about dressing up like a zombie then be warned the makeup might run when you sweat, try not to add any makeup to your back because this will be the first area that runs. If you are still in two minds after reading this post on which suit to wear this morning or not sure where to buy a new Halloween costume or in two minds about Batman or a Spiderman film as your favourite fancy dress Superheroes then check out this interesting post over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.How Come Superheroes Are So Useless? http://goo.gl/baOYTL

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