R U Good At It? Sex That Is

Adam Lovejoy writes a satirical hetrosexual article from London about ancient arts and teachings being touted across the Internet and hog the stage on Youtube. He starts of with a joke from a Buddhist monk and moves into more important matters like gags about sexual intercourse. I guess you could say this is an exploration of the options readily available for people to spend time studying. Many people take time out to go to the library and read these things, then come out there shell and go out practising in the life and with anyone they can. Adam looks at the life of  a mad pop star and how they explore there sexuality through there songs but in the autobiographies it paints a different picture. Read all about the Mafia and the confessions of a sex therapists who have to listen to all there stuff. One of the best sellers of all time other than the bible is the Kama Sutra and books like this are being added to peoples reading list. These idiotic clubs then go on to MeetUp and discuss the books face to face out in the ocean where they cannot always get the help they need. Often they get dumped at shore in the middle of nowhere where they often die.

fish called wanda
love Tips?

The Himalayas have similar teachings which contradict the bible, the techniques they instigate promote loneliness and often lead to diseases like STD. They create a fear of the opposite sex and make people confident on the outside but more reserved in the sack.

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