Moron Slaves Of Your Mobile Phones

Ben Delicious reports from London state of media mobile technology and how a couple of mobile phones brought complete idiocy into the life in the UK of citizens with iPhones like Apple supporters of Darwinian theory. Theory fueled by push button expensive phones from exclusive companies like Vertu who provide concierge services for clients. You can also read about interesting app reviews that bring satire into the consumer watch thread.

Vertu has again made unique model that attracts attention of lovers of expensive smartphones. whether you love it or hate it, is a hot commodity.The first mobile phone was displayed by Motorola in 1973. New anxieties are appearing in social networking sites as people make updates from their hand held devices and hopelessly scratch for third and fourth places. The main benefits of the cheap mobile phones are that you can talk a lot with your family members and friends.

This post is about iPhones and the mobile phone, mobile technology in the Mobile phone fueled world propped up by fans of the IPhone. A revealing look at the British company Vertu and a comparative review comparing the company with Apple by a London Idiot armed with new Push-button Darwin idiocy.

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Photo Credit: A printed circuit board inside a mobile phone Česky: Takto vypadá mobilní telefon zevnitř. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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