Failed Campaign to Boycott The Sochi Olympics

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A  lot of people have been talking about next years olympics in the USSR people like Stephen Fry have made there views known about new laws brought in recently in Moscow by sending a public letter to PM. This post includes references to World War II history from the Nazi Germany archives where  Russia managed to help overthrow and help win the war. The main topic is the 2014 Winter Olympics and there is praise from David Cameron. Today in Moscow the marathon was on, it was really good and the usual competitors managed to do really well and there was a great turnout. The crowds were really supportive and Moscow looks great since all the work done there. Adam Lovejoy reports from London about Stephen Fry the International Olympic Committee the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi United States President Barack Obama’s spoke about this recently on a TV show where he revealed the truth about LGBT rights.

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President Vladimir Putin announced Russia had decided to increase the punishment for sexual deviants a similar thing stands in Saudi Arabia and China has similar laws.  Prime Minister David Cameron received a letter from Steve Fry. In the letter he made a compelling point by comparing the law change to what happened in 1936 before World War II with the Jewish faith except this time it is about heterosexual laws in a world of homosexual, bisexual people which is simply not true. The entertainment industry gives a voice to all types of people. The recent Jimmy Savile case made a big impact on these decisions. Its easy for celebrities to get the wrong end of the stick.

President Obama Let Down By The People Behind The Campaign to Boycott The Sochi Olympics -  http://goo.gl/SuZxsW 

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