#STi News Updates For Twenty First Of August

Photos: Of Prince George Via Grandpa Michael

william kate baby georgeFiona Sweetheart reports from London: Have you seen the first official photos of Prince George the royal palaces. Bucklebury and stewardesses in Buckingham Palace are very busy.  Queen into the picture, the parents Are unveiled. Compliments of Grandpa Michael.

A Bloody Circus

nsa building Unpredictable report from Washington about this bloody circus unfolding.  Dan Majestic, Ted Obvious and Clara respond to data coming in from the US National Security Agency who are more known for work done researching al Qaeda. In today's article you can find out more about Europe,  and Muslim terrorism. Includes updates about the soldier Bradley Manning who sent a report to WikiLeaks are few years ago. In Britain Prince Williamis at home changing the babies nappies. Hosni Mubarak has an autobiography coming out. Leaders like Barack Obama should read each others books to keep up with current affairs around the world. Oscar Pistorius case has been put back till March. And in the UK the marital status continues.

Guy Sold Fake Bomb Detectors To Armies

Gary BoltonAdam Lovejoy reports from London about Gary Bolton in Kent, who has been sent to prison at Old Bailey court for selling weapons to Iraq,  Afghanistan and other countries where battles happen. Chinese People’s Liberation Army has also done some interesting things that came up. His Honour in the court mentioned everything that needed to be said about what the British government know and the armies involved over the years. Read the full article over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.
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