Edinburgh [Fringe] Festival 2013

fringe sucksThe festival every year attracts the world and their fellow friends of comical sketches. People from around the world come to Scotland in the United Kingdom to be entertained. Everyone have their reasons, some are looking for gags for their own shows, others are looking to hire comedians in their venues and others are their just to see if there is actually any acts out there doing anything original that may hold there attention.

If you like immersing yourself in bizarre acts of entertainment then The Edinburgh festival is the event to attend this year 2013. Adam Lovejoy reports from Edinburgh about Fringe and the PC brigade that go there to experience evolution myth and seek Stardom the same people he says go to the Cannes Film Festival every year are the same people who contribute to mainstream films. Contemporary, humorous attending theatre and public shows is growing in the numbers and people are turning up in droves. Brands are now looking for comedians to create a catchy campaign to capture their audiences and this trend is very popular in 2013. Jokes often become films, the movies often become television series and the gags from the fringe contribute to the same saturation on the Internet.
The jokes are often very silly and based on innuendo's that revolve around cursing this tracks back to the pun, which will make the company using branding to find what they deem as comedy be the butt of someone else's joke, everyone know this stuff and because they are asked to laugh and clap they do. Conditioning people to laugh in advertising makes people trust more and seem like they are your best friend. The truth is these mundane tasks to the comedians and the people attracted to taking part in the show is fear based. The fear of seeming boring, keeping up with the Jones is another key factor. The positive side of mediocrity is avoiding half assed things, becoming just like celebrities avoiding sentences in phrases and quotes that just do not work in society, depending of which circles you want to network in. People are the most important people they like to 'mediocrity' knows nothing higher than itself and the meaning in Hindi is something completely different to mediocrity and the quotes about mediocracy that politicians gravitate towards.
  fringe drags comedy down
Some interesting shows that brand themselves as comedians but in all honesty are not that clever are Irish, Scottish and English comedians who are moving from the stand up comedy stage into the keynote business speaking arena. Ruby Wax is a good example of this, they get paid a higher fee and seem to be in more demand around the country. They swap topics from slapstick interviews and banter with celebs to more serious topics like Psychology to dumbfound the audience by extracting keywords from newspapers in shows like Mock of the Week.

They also share there hopes and dreams in silly emotional voices to make you listen more rather than switch of or do something constructive like do the dishes or hoover up all the collected dust. Because of this the festival is adapting moving away from comedy and conforming to more liberal theatrical ways of entertainment turning the stage into a soap or exaggerated thriller hoping this will become a series or something like this. People are getting sick of going there every year and listening to the same old rubbish. Fringe is also very popular in Canada, the Toronto Fringe festival operates on similar tip.

They are hives for all sorts of things. Fringe the series have arbitraged the same people who like attending the festivals but would rather stay at home and watch telly, the offer enough episodes to keep people indoors happy, if they are not watching the show they are immersed in the spoiler ads and they are available freely to watch on line because the messages in the shows are that important to the people behind the scenes. Popular shows that have worked over the years in comedy shows are of real people doing real jobs like dinner ladies and a lot of people reviewing these shows are asking the question:

Have they gone to far with all the political correctness?

They use all kinds of examples to explore the jokes, down-scaling to fit the needs of the audiences attitudes of popular cultures that use and play with tropes and idioms to avoid offending anyone.

 So when visiting Edinburgh you have two options you can apply to do a show or you will want to book tickets in advance because the ques are very large, if you know the gags you will be want step ahead of the curve in understanding the media around you which controls everything you see and hear.

You can fly by airline or simply book your flights and hotels. Timetables are available on Time Out. Whilst there you could even visit the zoo avoid the ques and bring the kids there rather than go unannounced and have them go through the same ordeal everyone else experiences. Waiting for ages outside to only get inside and be disappointing. The great thing about this Scottish city is the weather is great and you can cycle around easily because the streets are designed as such that cyclists can peddle around freely. Edinburgh is an iconic tourist attraction in the Northern regions.
"The Edinburgh Fringe is to proper entertainment what syphilis is to a loving relationship" (StirringTroubleInternationally) #STi. Leftie Mediocrity It Is!
So how does Fringe work I hear you ask? The main theme seems to be bizzaro fiction which appeals to the new cravings for cinematic weirdness in the digital age. Fringe is a place for people to air and voice their views, just like speakers corner in Hyde Park. It helps people get jobs in the entertainment industry, if they survive the crowds in Scotland they are often rewarded with part time work in the acting and television industry. The festival generates lots of work for people clearing up after the festival mess, security to stop any hecklers going to far and people trying to get in without booking or having a ticket. Not to mention the hotels are fully booked and the planes, trains and roads for automobiles are packed. Fringe is the key to getting out the house, the illusion is this will which it does help the economy. In so doing people believe these sorts of options are a good thing, a wise decision, something you could tell your grand children about when you are too old to do anything impressive. They say it is a lot of fun but also a lot of hard work, this best explains I think the festival and what its about, so if you are up for that and have no other priorities to attend to then this is definitely for you.
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