Happy Faces For Middle East And North African As US Embassies Reopen

us embassy in egyptAnton Goryunov reports from Cairo Happy faces in the Middle East, North African, and a handful of central Asian US Embassies have opened again now that the threats have subsided. Middle East, Barack Obama, Yemen, al-Qaeda, Vladimir Putin, List of diplomatic missions of the United States, United States, Ayman al-Zawahiri. The exact same news has been piling in from cnn and fox news who are both taking advantage of search local by aggregating out the same news to every state in the US and all the regional countries interested in purchasing the scoops. The White House funding for Barack Obama and CNN news is similarly funded by the consulates and embassies and both bathe in the luxurious diplomatic immunity when travelling around the world. The embassies have taken the lime light this year (easing of the pressure of the real news) with entertaining films like FARGO. They take Hollywood, mix in some sci-fi space intrigue and cash in on real stories boosted by hiring top actors to entertain the masses. Each story about the embassy is lubricated with nostalgic references to working inside the embassy, so there is a little bit for everyone. Those working and guarding instead embassies around the world and in Kensington here in London. Entertainment news should always be accompanied with some compelling opera music to raise awareness about intelligence and counter terrorism. This type of music is also good in health care sectors and would work well with mobile aps to accompany the sound. Doesn't matter whether you live in the united states or working in tourism and trying to solve the best way to travel too Iranian new having a mobile app that does not need Internet access, works on a planes and helps monitor yourself with the personal health care reform, monitoring the heart etc. You do not have to leave the Embassy and its always interesting to see all flags if the world is ok then the flag is at half mast and if you see a Russian newspaper in uk flying with Emirates to the middle east is by far the most luxurious and the best way to avoid any conflict at customs is get diplomatic immunity like President Obama. Retina scanning makes this all possible and retina scanning is now available on an android mobile app and iTunes. You can also find a great selection of opera music on Radio 4/5 Live at the Proms. US diplomatic missions have gathered enough intelligence to know better things about Yemen so by sharing informational training the US are one step closer to washing their hands of any further talks with al-Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawahri. President Barack Obama and President Vladimir Putin are both closely studying similar case studies to keep tabs on what goes where. The world is now full again of happy faces and the Middle East And North Africa are reopen again.

Happy Faces All Around The Middle East And North Africa As US Embassies Reopen (stirringtroubleinternationally.com)
Most US embassies to reopen after alert (aljazeera.com)
US to reopen 18 diplomatic missions after threat (news.yahoo.com)

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