August 23rd 2013 Stirring Trouble Internationally


Not Very Good Movies Release 

Trawling through Hollywood looking for a film worth making and watching? If you like a good Film critique and the odd jibber jabber about Bollywood then todays article should make you laugh. Find out more about the Titanic and how the this encapsulates what is happening with the Film industry. Find out more about Screenplay and how Big Hollywood knows less now than before it even started. Here are a List of films considered the worst. Dan Majestic reports from about the Hollywood script, the movie industry Titanic,  Avatar , Bollywood , big Hollywood bad films and says how come new films are never up to what they point out when you go out to the Movies? Searching through for films this week I agree there is not much on.

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  • Super-Recognisers At Notting Hill Carnival 

    boris carnivalEntertaining news from London coming in about the up and coming festival. Boris Johnson and the Caribbean crew will be attending West London to join in, its carnival time again.  R.F.Wilson reports from London the Notting Hill Carnival a photographic memory and multiculturalism as the NHC intercourse continue. Traditions, history and the West Indies. London Mayor Boris Johnson and the monument to political correctness.There are no reports from the National Hurricane Centre and if my Eidetic memory serves me correctly the Political correctness of the West Indies sun will shine at the Notting Hill Carnival and the super-recognisers originating in Germany are trained up and ready to watch CCTV during the processions.

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  • Dave Coalition With The Lib Dems 2015 Election 

    nick and daveRead all about it the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg and the Conservative Lib Dem Ed Miliband and more predictions come true from George Orwell in the news this week from BBC and Labour. Thomas Mathew reports from London: Find out more about Cornwall, the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats and political correctness in Britain Nick Clegg has taken the reigns Lib Dem leader and Deputy Prime Minister it’s like something from a George Orwell book. British press is looking to Ed Miliband for all the answers whilst Dave is away the BBC and everyone else will play.

    Attack in Damascus was a "set-up" - Nekrassov 

    In this week's Telling It Like It Is, the former Kremlin adviser Alexander Nekrassov and broadcaster James Whale discuss the week's news with VoR's Brendan Cole.
    JB's insight:
    Top of the agenda is the attack in Syria that saw so many people die in what is alleged to have been a chemical attack.  Brendan Cole. The attack in Damascus is being discussed in a news podcast over on The Voice of Russia. Mentioned is the extent of damage broadcasted on women, men and children by these awful chemical weapons. Listen in as Alexander Nekrassov, James Whale and Brendan Cole discuss the weeks news.
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