Worldwide Terror Alert Rolling

News from around the world from various sources about Worldwide Terror alert rolling in here in the UK and over there in the United States representatives Barack Obama and the Arab Spring Ali Abdullah Saleh are taking action to help Yanks and the British who are in Middle East still trying to get out of Yemen. Ted Obvious in Paris the US State Department and al-Qaeda about US President Barack Obama Drone strikes kill militants in Yemen. Americans ordered out A Yemeni soldier mans a checkpoint on a street leading to the US embassy compound in Sanaa today. In line with taking the terrorist threat seriously, US Joint Chiefs of Staff boss Martin Dempsey, said that this was a significant threat and it was more specific than the previous ones. The Department for Transport raised the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) threat for British. U.S. government is said to want to close nearly 21 plus embassies and consulates. Foreign Office say the British staying in the area should be evacuated because it is going to get worse in Yemen. Lt. Col. Mohammed el-Mamari was shot on his way home on Sunday and that was two days ago he was shot down in the central province of Bayda. The Arab Spring is wanting to be getting rid of its dictator and people like Ali Abdullah Saleh in the Middle East and North Africa are causing a heap of trouble for the United States. Even Barack Obama has expressed his surprise about the Arab Spring. Ali Abdullah Saleh like the Yanks in the Middle East along with Martin Dempsey have expressed their genuine fears about al-Qaeda resurfacing.
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