August 25th 2013 Stirring Trouble Internationally

Baby Pacifier Good Angel 

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Adam Lovejoy talks about baby pacifying, working in restaurants and how to feel-good-about-yourself and how to bring comfort to ugly looking people.  

Gadgetry Kid Zombies 

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mobile phone zombie
Fiona Sweetheart reports from London about mobile phone, iPads and the virtual world. In todays article read about Steve Jobs or Bill Gates TV set world of pseudo-science All that and Steve Balmer Zombies.

Crisis In Syria West And Allies Pushing For War 

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syria chemical weapons Anton Goryunov is in the ancient city of Damascus in Syria. The crisis in Syria has shocked people. The chemical damage done to the victims is creation an emotional response from people around the world. There is a lot of suspicion about what happened, one wrong move could mean war. The evidence is starting to give hints to what happened, until all the intelligence is gathered there is no reason for alarm. In todays article you can read about Bashar al Assad who is under the microscope again as the United Nations weapons inspectors and other Western governments investigate rebel bunkers with the help of the local government to find out the truth about what happened in Syria. The article today is about William Hague, the British Foreign Secretary who is considering the results from the inspections. President Barack Obama is also looking for the best reasons in helping out in the Middle East.
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