Stirring Trouble Internationally Happy New Year holidays 2013

Adam Lovejoy is in Copenhagen: What is it exactly that PM David Cameron and the ConLibDem coalitions economic Britain.The Centre for Economic and Business Research from the Copenhagen Business School says Britain if it joins the EU can become the biggest economy in Europe. North Korea has enjoyed better GDP growth than Britain. George Osborne responded by mentioning some interesting figures, smiled and turned on the academic approach to reacting to these announcements. Find out more about the British monarchy Dave Cameron elections and the challengers UK IP in a bid to win power in a very liberalised Europe that includes Britain one way or another. Read more…

Adam Lovejoy reports from London about football and the matches in most of Europe. Find out more about spot betting, and read about hard times and match fixing. Discover and intuitive way of spotting illegal betting syndicates and find out more about how to navigate between football clubs around the world. Investigations into match fixing and how it is upsetting people in the football industry. Read more>>

Dan Majestic satirical comments from Washington about the latest updates from the US National Security Agency and how the NSA who have strangely spied on all different types of people, helping other agencies all around the world tap into conversations. On the legal policies and paperwork Dan has a look through what William H. Pauley III announced recently that these implemented measures were to stamp out al Qaeda conversations. Also take a good look at the Richard J. Leon conversations where he said US Big Brother must have a a great sense of humour if it thinks it can tune into any conversation or mention of these sorts of things.

“As you will imagine the people only care about what US President Barack Obama has to say on the matter since without him America could simply collapse and he made some funny jokes about the agencies all coming together too.”
Dan O’Majestic, London, UK
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Ben Delicious in London summarises the article in the Sunday Times this weekend about Chancellor George Osborne. It is an interesting read about Boy George, the Office of National Statistics and UKIP. A New Year humorous and witty post made by the Deputy Editor of the Sunday Times this weekend whereby George Osborne is nominated man of the month. Read more…

Ted Obvious reports from London about a Public Health warning in England this week. It is an advertising campaign targeted at smokers in a bid to hopefully move them into playing computer games by capturing the attention of their viewers with graphic violence. Usually an anti-smoking advertisement shows what a cigarette can do in the lungs propped up by Public Health statistics to show that they mean business. This advert will keep Big Brother happy for a short what while but what about the others, you know the people who are struggling with other things, find out over on Stirring Trouble internationally. Read more…

Anton Goryunov in Moscow talks about the social issues a drink can have compared to having sex. This case study takes a look at Charlie Sheen who coined the social media term #Winning! Sensible binge drinkers are a different kettle of fish and the shit they do is different. The topic of Dope comes up and Anton Goryunov shares his points of view about his experience of life in the UK and life there in Moscow.

The solutions recommended in todays post revolve around DIY and manual labour as a solution for anyone who find things getting out of control and reminders readers that Drinking is not the only option.

He explains as a consumer about an Alcoholic beverage and uses current trends like Charlie Sheen in his comparisions about what is happening in Moscow. Todays article also examines the drink, and looks through the lens of an empty pint glass and opens the lid on Binge drinking, Do it yourself, Manual labour and all kinds of interesting stuff.

News from London about the White House Politician leaders and different sides of the coin in Fleet Street, how they write about 10 Downing Street, news from Élysée Palace and how MSNBC do a similar thing.

In todays post we look at the lawmaker, the senator, the boss, the chieftain, the democrat, the grandstander, the orator, the partisan , the congressperson, the handshaker, the servant, the statesperson and the whistle-stopper. Fleet Street, in London: Now that politicians.

Fifi Kwetey has explained that politicians are not responsible for the increase in the wage bill. (ModernGhana.com)
The hacks that challenge are defined as a demagogue they include being the agitator, or a fanatic, the firebrand that contradicts all brands, they act as a fomenter and get called a haranger, come across as a hothead. The incendiary the inciter, a good inflamer of topics, the wicked instigator, the politician and demagogue have similar interests. They are the rabble-rouser, the radical or rebel in a sense they are revolutionary and a bit of a troublemaker.

The senior UKIP politician who was caught on camera saying Britain should not send aid to “Umbongo land” has walked out of a Channel 4 interview. (ITV.com)

The sycophant person who caters to another adulator and backscratcher, the backslapper, a bit of a brownnoser, someone who decides not to be a doormat, a raving fan the flatterer, a flunky, considered a groupie, the hanger-on, a lackey, the minion, come across as a parasite, a politician puppet or slave.

The executive at the executive mansion at the residence of the White House, 10 Downing Street or the Elysée Palace delivering breaking news annul clamp down crack down and question they invalidate and overrule repeal rescind reverse revoke aside squelch undo vacate veto void abrogate discharge dissolve kill negate overthrow vitiate black out bottle up cork up declare null and void hush up put damper on put the lid on, shut down, about things like Watergate advertise.

The Syrian Electronic Army has breached the official blog of Channel 4, the popular British public-service television broadcaster. The hackers have published a screenshot to demonstrate that they’ve gained administrator access to Channel 4′s WordPress blog dashboard. (Softpedia.com)

So now you know more about hacks on the world wide web in London, the White House who talk about the Politician, you will find them in Fleet Street or waiting outside 10 Downing Street, in France its the Élysée Palace people living in America get it from MSNBC All In It Together.


2014 Better Chinese Stats Floods In December

2014R.F.Wilson reports from Rome people the US National Security Agency in Europe in the form of the European Union tightening its grip on once sovereign nations, something the German Nazis from the 1940s. As regards the European economy, well, the European Central Bank, which is based in Frankfurt.

America's US Federal Reserve and the latest Arab Spring and civil war in Syria drones in their dozens, with Prescient Obama’s signature on every mission. Expect the United Nations to intervene. Read more... English: GDP development trends of China and I... 

Anton Goryunov reports from Beijing economic miracle free market economy Chinese communist leaders economic data, talking National Bureau of Statistics Chinese government collects statistics economic growth and Chinese myth. Of Chinese Economic Stats. And Mugs Who Treat Them Seriously

flooding in brockhamBen Delicious reports from Tunbridge Wells Councils across Britain flood alerts , homes flooded. The working people reported from all across the country by the media have experienced the most difficult Christmas ever, thanks to the adverse weather conditions. Mother Nature has eaten into the flood defences budget and the damage amounted from the floods came unexpected. The weather forecaster predicted a warm winter for those able to afford central heating, even Local Councils were surprised when the weather got as bad as it did, floods, walls getting blown over and slates of the roof disappear in the wind. Read more...


Christmas TV junk and holidays

bad weather uk december 2013Adam Lovejoy reports from London: It’s Christmas and once again hacks from the mainstream media covering the weather in TV news. The media over the festive season New Year on mainstream TV channels for example the BBC. Read more...

R.F.Wilson writes from London an article about Christmas and the New Year festive season. This post includes info about George Osborne, TV news channels and people who go on a shopping spree buying Chinese made junk. Find out how the legalisation of loan sharking is keeping this confusing shopping up to date and other great ideas over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Read more...

gibraltar monkeysBen Delicious is in Gibraltar talking about politicians from Europe, wealthy Arabs and off-shore companies and the synergy between the three. Find out more about the Caribbean Christmas breaks, the British Virgin Islands and the proud nations of the Commonwealth. Then find out what the Baltics have been offering people with there off shore companies over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Everyone who registered are all enjoying and spending the wealth around the world this Christmas holidays. Read more...


Alastair Adams Tony Blair Canvas

Blair, London, Mick Jagger, National Gallery, New Labour, Saddam Hussein, Stephen Fry, Tony Blair

tony blair portraitAdam Lovejoy is in London and has noticed something from the art world and its the above image of Tony Blair. Painted by Alastair Adams who also painted Stephen Fry and Mick Jagger.

Tony Blair is mostly known for getting Britain involved in the war in Iraq, and helping capture Saddam Hussein. Tony also used an anti-Christ political campaign of a man with horns to win the elections.

You can take a look at the paintings at the National Gallery and find out more about New Labour by following the link below to Stirring Trouble Internationally where you can read the complete post.
Blair, London, Mick Jagger, National Gallery, New Labour, Saddam Hussein, Stephen Fry, Tony Blair

Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Pussy Riot Russian Release

Joseph Stalin, Maria Alyokhina, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Moscow, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Pussy Riot, Russia, Vladimir Putin
pussy riot
Anton Goryunov reports from Moscow about the Russian counter culture group Pussy Riot and oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky both released this week with approval from President Vladimir Putin. Find out more about Bernie Madoff and his political views in relation to the work he does for the United States. Todays post concentrates on the release of Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova the two protesters who videod themselves in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow. You will also get to read a little bit more about Joseph Stalin as a reminder of what Russia is trying to avoid ever happening again.
Joseph Stalin, Maria Alyokhina, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Moscow, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Pussy Riot, Russia, Vladimir Putin


Christmas Charts And Pop Music

Cheryl Cole, Christmas, Demi Lovato, Gary Barlow, Leona Lewis, New Zealand, One Direction, Pharrell Williams, Rebecca Ferguson, Robbie Williams, Sam Bailey, Sharon Osbourne, Simon Cowell, X Factor
Christmas in Britain.

robbie williams
Midnight Memories by One Direction X Factor and Garry Barlow, with the special Since I Saw You Last. 50th birthday of a Christmas album “A Christmas Gift For You from" Phil Spector which has a great list three-minute songs for example “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) a song which you cannot help but hum along. The singles chart is headed by this year’s X Factor winner, Sam Bailey, a former prison warden, with a song called Skyscraper, which seems to have just two notes played throughout the whole of it, and a lot of emotional high-pitched singing. Christmas Extravaganza”, the atmosphere in the mall was filled with warm-hearted Christmas songs. American Pharrell Williams a number 2 on the singles chart. The number three spot is occupied by another child of the X factor, Robbie Williams live in New Zealand.

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Cheryl Cole, Christmas, Demi Lovato, Gary Barlow, Leona Lewis, New Zealand, One Direction, Pharrell Williams, Rebecca Ferguson, Robbie Williams, Sam Bailey, Sharon Osbourne, Simon Cowell, X Factor

UN Time In South Sudan

Ban Ki-Moon, Hilde Frafjord Johnson, Jonglei, Juba, Nigeria, Riek Machar, Salva Kiir Mayardit, South Sudan, United Nations, United Nations Mission in South Sudan, United States
Anton Goryunov from the heart of Juba reports about decisions announced by United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon call on some nation to stop the fighting I just know that we have another big mess somewhere which South Sudan’s turn now. Ban Ki-Moon is calling to put an end to violence in the newly created country and special envoys from the US and Nigeria. A decent resident Salva Kiir falling out with his deputy, Riek Machar, and accusing him of plotting to oust him. 

Sudan Crisis
Journalists and UN peacekeepers have sadly passed away, which means that unlike Ruanda or Somalia are no longer safe to report there.

There is a staffing relocation process happening in Juba and Ban Ki-moon suggested moving low waged to Uganda. The UN Secretary-General has requested that people causing trouble and killing people to stop it and that they should leave civilians alone. 

South SudanThe Jonglei state mission is to help out protecting South Sudanese civilians. He also asked in Manila for help from local leaders Salva Kiir and Reik Machar from Sudan to chip in and help out in the Sudanese peace process. President Barack Obama said in a letter read out in the U.S. House of Representatives about the situation in South Sudan.

US residents have been evacuated and asked to leave behind there properties whilst the troubles continue. The house State Department Jen Psaki offered special aeroplanes to help out people from United States living in the area. The Congress later got news that the U.S. military personnel sent from the United States and the United Nations to help fly these people out were fired upon and a handful of soldiers were injured in this cross fire but at the last minute but they did managed to get out safe and sound.

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From Afghanistan to Amnesty Telling It Like It Is [VoRUK] #Audio

The death of the Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs, the pardoning of the Arctic 30 and Pussy Riot and David Cameron’s visit to Afghanistan are among the topics discussed in this week’s show.
Jim Bob's insight:
Another radio broadcast with Brendan Cole, Alexander Nekrassov and James Delingpole over on The Voice of Russia UK (TVoRUK). They are discussing this weeks news.
See on voiceofrussia.com


NSA spying, time for a review

Barack Obama, Ed Snowden, European Union, Moscow, National Security Agency, NSA, United States, Washington, White House
obama spying Dan Majestic has sent this report from Washington:
The spying scandal, which had hit America after whistleblower Ed Snowden spilled the beans about the US National Security Agency (NSA) and has its funny moments. President Barack Obama said  "it’s time to review the NSA". The White House appreciated this message. NSA and covert surveillance operations and how it has helped everyone around the world. Ed in Moscow releases new material about NSA and the European Union commissioner, Israeli officials, charities and aide agencies.
Barack Obama, Ed Snowden, European Union, Moscow, National Security Agency, NSA, United States, Washington, White House

Life And The Liberal Leftie World

Big Government, David Cameron, List of mayors of Toronto, London, Private school, Right-wing politics, The Co-operative Bank, Tom Ford

leftie party James D is in London talking about loving God and outlining liberal-lefty beliefs.
Maybe I might even get to be prime minister – like my old university friend David Cameron. Labour MPs do: campaigning against private education while simultaneously sending their own children to private schools.
Look at the Rev Paul Flowers, loving former chairman of the Co-op Bank.  This isn’t to say that right-wingers aren’t capable of bad behaviour too. Let’s hear it for Tom Ford, Mayor of Toronto. Conservative major in a congenitally liberal-leaning city. Social engineering from Big Government to make everything fair and dandy.
Big Government, David Cameron, List of mayors of Toronto, London, Private school, Right-wing politics, The Co-operative Bank, Tom Ford

World Economy On The Cards

Afghanistan, Arab Spring, Bashar al-Assad, Eiffel Tower, Government of the United Kingdom, Middle East, Pakistan, Paris, Syrian opposition, Taiwan, Taliban, United States and WikiLeaks

map of syria Adam Lovejoy is not far from the Eiffel Tower in Paris doing some  global political and economic analysis for you to study over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.  European and  other bankers around the world. the US print trillions of new money which upsets a lot of people. The British government is always trying to help and recently armed with appropriate weapons Syrian rebels so they can have a better start in 2014. 

Bashar al-Assad has weapons but they are not the weapons you thought he had. America on the other hand is in the Middle East and they are helping people to begin looking after themselves with the teachings that they have been given. The team in Afghanistan are discussing and rewriting things in Pakistan, the problem seems to be with the Taliban they have some beef about the borders and will hopefully sort themselves out too. The socialist leninist Arab far left party started of in bath were a group of people got together and eventually started a coup. 

They thought is would be good for Palestinians and they have been moving for peace in the area, but its been very hard. They have had many formal and informal parties talking about the situation. Organisations like WikiLeaks drew attention to the importance of this small number of people behind the scenes trying to sort things out. And yes they track back to the al Assad family a basically Arab and African left organisations that popped up when news, talks and fears came about from things like Jihad and terrorism. 

The thing that sprouted up the most was an argument about land in the middle east, which never seemed to settle, even today. They have tried martial law, which evolved into the Arab Spring which again never amounted enough to completely resolve the conflicts there.

day o the triffids Many people around the world have been creating think tanks and capturing opinions through incubators to see if anyone else knows what to do. They have sat down and spoke and also actively gone out on the streets waving banners and suggested all sorts of things in the hope that someone will come up with great solutions. 

In the movies these sorts of things get sorted out in a very short time. One good example of this is the sci-fi British horror spoof 'The Day of the Triffids'. In this film very quickly people begin to understand who the enemy are, what they are capable of and what there weaknesses were as well as avoid the nasty sting of the tentacles. 

The plants would paralyse then eat people. The people in the area quickly came up with the perfect weed killer and the film ended on a happy note. This has not been the case in the middle east in fact its nothing like the film I am just making a very important point. The more people talk about things the more you understand the agendas that are holding back peaceful actions and neighbourly reconciliations.

Afghanistan, Arab Spring, Bashar al-Assad, Eiffel Tower, Government of the United Kingdom, Middle East, Pakistan, Paris, Syrian opposition, Taiwan, Taliban, United States and WikiLeaks

Spooks Fail To Predict Things

Arab Spring, Attack on Pearl Harbor, CIA Langley, Human intelligence resources, intelligence, Middle East, Middle Eat Arab Spring, Pearl Harbor, Saddam Hussein, Soviet Union, United States and World War II
cia langley
Ted Obvious is in Eygpt Cairo in the Middle Eat Arab Spring. In todays article find out about the successes and failures of CIA Langley and the intelligence services that are futurists trying to predict before it happens turn back the clocks and go back in time and fix everything. Human intelligence resources in the United States where reassignments are being issued to flush out new resolutions. A lot has changed since World War I and World War II back in the days when wireless communications, morse code and other forms of cryptography were widely used. 

If it was today we would have been able to easily prevent the attack on Pearl Harbor simply by a few normal conversations over the phone. It was not only the USA that were trying to build up a large database archive of this sort of intelligence, it has always been very popular here in the UK and over in the USSR.
By having good archives and being able to distinguish between claims of being presented with a very special blue print of Saddam Hussein to be able to distinguish between course work from his school mistaking the lever arch file for something much more top secret.

syria chemical weapons
The thought was between agencies that the Middle East would be able to sort itself out and no one ever imagined there would be an Iraq war but it did and lots of people have disappeared since then. The Benghazi paid a heavy price in connection to Saddam Hussein even though they publicly said they did not approve any of his assignments. The budget for one was all wrong and the pages were full of theories and pie in the sky ideas.

Arab Spring, Attack on Pearl Harbor, CIA Langley, Human intelligence resources, intelligence, Middle East, Middle Eat Arab Spring, Pearl Harbor, Saddam Hussein, Soviet Union, United States and World War II

The Mobile Phone In Vibrating Mode

eBay, Mobile phones, mobile technology, PayPal, Skype, Sony, Westfield Shopping mall and Windows.
mobile phones
Ben Delicious reports from London and China. Mobile phones in public places. A ring tone that sounds like a blow job in a confined space and what not. More news when you view eBay on your mobile. Rebecca has been shopping in Westfield Shopping mall and noticed that prices were much cheaper using PayPal account to buy electronics like Sony when shopping with Kate. eBay innovation mobile shopping holiday season, consumers digital storefronts select merchandise like consumer electronics and fashion Labs at the mall Shoppers. 

Mall-goers at the Westfield test enter their mobile numbers by pressing the interactive glass. The digits are visually hidden to protect shopper security. They then get a text message on their phones to complete the transaction. Shoppers can ask for free home delivery or pick up their items at mall stores that allow it.The connected glass used in the screens has some nifty features. The glass vibrates — allowing it to serve as a speaker so customers can hear sounds when they touch the glass. The moving images of products can also be synchronised to the movements of shoppers standing in front of the display.

Image representing eBay as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase The glass works eBay touchscreen sound systems technology compared to brick-and-mortar and square-footage of Vice Squadron leader Steve Yankovich was just a publicity stunt and it worked because now they have it all patented and it looks good on the phone, switching devices.

Mobile Phones manufacturers make mobile phones mobile technology mobile mobile phones, tablets ultra-mobile PCs are now shifting from Windows phones to other devices like Sony. Here's a wish list of things those of us at CMSWire reports about a snafu ring tones of moose calls that simulate in vibrating mode and with the volume. 

Skype in Skype out HD voice in Hotmail and Twitter integration with the new Nomophobia of people paranoid when logging into email finding people phoning on Skype via the new Voip BYOD. 

eBay, Mobile phones, mobile technology, PayPal, Skype, Sony, Westfield Shopping mall, Windows


Quantitate and Qualitative Easing In January

Go Away Federal Reserve System!
Go Away Federal Reserve System! (Photo credit: r0b0r0b)
US Federal Quantative Easing, Janet Yellen in Jan 2014 takes the helm replacing Ben Bernanke. Holding the helm of a Federal Reserve System is no easy task. Quantitative easing helps and Barack Obama has been lubricating the United States Treasury security as behind the scenes the Dow Jones Industrial Average out which leaves a big horseshoe hanging over the Federal Reserve.Dan Majestic reports from Washington: The US Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen, the US printing Treasury QE the US currency and IOUs. President Barack Obama the world economy.Faces some formidable challenges as the economy and financial system continue to recover from the long-lasting effects of the global financial crisis and the accompanying Great Recession. The first woman to lead the Federal Reserve, setting up a final vote in the full Senate after Thanksgiving. So, who is the woman set to manage the world's biggest economy.Ben Bernanke quantitative easing QE 1, 2 and now 3 because the global markets have tumbled an unorthodox policy constructed for the US central bank. Janet Yellen plus U.S. lawmakers will hopefully solve Congressional U.S. decisions previously made by the Chairman Ben Bernanke. Jan. 31 is the big changeover day where the Federal Open Market Committee will agree upon a new stimulus. Asia has a special org FOMC that will also take a look at what is inside. Andrew Huszar four years ago took his turn in the quantitative easing banking process . As we move into a new year you will see a large investments in U.S. Treasury bonds as recommended by the trends based on the Dow Jones Industrial Averages. Wall Street has proved to be a great help with the U.S. Treasury.

London West End Theatre

child misbehaving in restaurantLook up and what do you see, flats with Beatles in, records shops all around everyone having a good time shopping around town. Adam Lovejoy explains about the baby pacifier companion over on Stirring Trouble Internationally from West End in London. From tickets to rocker concerts to and tickets on sale to shows and theatres the West End is the heart beat for a lot of people. And its also where you'll find  baby pacifier's or so the  sayings goes and all the fun of the fair for all ages. If your looking for a square meal whilst passing through Oxford Street or just dining in musical theatre land there are venues for all sorts of people at various prices. Read more about the restaurants around town and find some very interesting  companion books to suit your needs. Whether you are strapped for cash or doing fine yet still feel your one of those people with deep pockets, they is something for everyone in London city central.

ugly man
If you like food and drink in good company in an area that young people frequent and develop a new place to meet new people then this is definitely for you. Find out more about the new Baby and the people who help out behind the scenes over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.  Todays post will help you understand a little bit more about the new rich, what they like, what they want and how to tune into all these things.

What was the price of Olympic Games?

Adam Lovejoy reports from London talking about the London Olympics telling it like it is meaning. Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park statistics show a decreasing amount of young people are playing sport and so close to the London 2012 Games all this does not make sense. The last time we here in the UK held the Olympic Games was in 1948 three years after World War II, times were hard then but the amount of people playing sports increased. China they don’t do things like that anymore, refusing to treat their people as total idiots telling it like it is quotes. A senior researcher has spoke about Chinese shipping containers from the USA and how a fellow set sail, with the China Institute china facts is a sovereign state located in East Asia. World news about the Great wall of China. New Labour government and then gradually rising up to £9 billion was discussed on the telling it like it is blog. Not a penny more not a penny less, as one modern classic would have put it. Problems mount for army quietly deploying anti-aircraft guns. Olympic facility, smack in the middle of a semi-final of some obscure sport. David Cameron, Mayor Boris Johnson telling how value for money the Games turned out to be. Western liberal democracies and emerging ones as well are no different really.

Alexander Nekrassov BBC Radio 4 Interview

People Protesting

English: The Schevchenko National Opera House ... English: The Schevchenko National Opera House of Ukraine in Kiev Camera: Canon PowerShot A650 IS License on Flickr (2010-12-30): CC-BY-SA-2.0 Flickr tags: Ukraine, Україна, Украи́на, Kyiv, Kiev, Київ, Ки́ев, National Opera of Ukraine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  See on bbc.com

See on voiceofrussia.com

Ted Obvious reports from Kiev about the Ukraine and Russia as more and more questions are asked about protesting for certain reasons around the world. At about 18 minutes into the show the Ukraine and the EU membership is mentioned in relation to the recent association agreement put forward from Brussels. The EU united Germans ,  French etc have all made a proposal that did not manage to lead Ukraine in any way. Find out more about what the Kiev protesters were trying to argue on the topic of Ukraine, Russia and Europe in the audio above from BBC Radio 4. Find out more about the Ukrainians and what is important to them as objections converge on this weeks topic.
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Welfare For Dave In Afghanistan

Iain Duncan Smith in the Commons Bed Delicious talk about welfare reform ID Smith and  Nelson Mandela. In this talk Ben makes a comparison with a US President Barack Obama speech and South African President Jacob Zuma speach who on the same day said similar things but the way they were said had different effects on the crowds. The talk then goes in reform pitches in the UK by Iain Duncan Smith   and takes an inside look into how 10 Downing Street go about making decisions on topics like these. If you like political speeches and like to be entertained about what is going on around the world then I am sure you will like todays post because it also includes the latent effects of speakers like Tony Blair . When you get chance take a look at Ben's conclusions about this topic and find out more about up and coming speeches by PM Cameron and many more as well as the next big topics that everyone will be talking about for example fake IDS is one topic that Ben singles out in today's STi Talk.

white hart lane mandela  Ben Delicious has a flash message about Tottenham  Hotspur’s sentiments on the passing of Nelson Mandela and asking questions about how fans feel about the transfer of Andre Villas-Boas. Also there is some news from insider Toby Young  and a potential new football manager. They also talk about the concerns of the political ex wife Winny during this difficult time. In todays article read all about White Hart Lane, Qunu and a game last month with Man City. Contrastingly read all about the news from North London the Emirates team and how they feel about the football and political news.

david cameron afghanistan  British Prime Minister David Cameron in Afghanistan tell British troops they can be proud of government. Michael Owen, who showed him around Camp Bastion where locals still remember Windsor who taught them to drink whiskey.The Taliban will be taking over from them having been schooled in the art of BRitish Intelligence. Taliban propaganda is still very real and the best team to deal with these problems now are Afghanistan themselves.The Afghan army  have just under half a million people who are schooled in dealing with any risks from the Al Qaeda and Taliban suicide missions.Meanwhile  back here in Britain the English FA have said everything worth saying about the decisions to pull out. Ed Miliband and dad Ralf did not think Britain was ready to pul out and that troops were better of staying employed in Afghanistan instead of returning home and trying to make it here as unemployment continues to rise.


Christmas Spirit Films, Commer And Command

happy christmas
Christmas Travel, Christmas & Europe, A Christmas Carol, Solar Christmas Lights, Pope Francis & Christmas. KOSDAQ, today announced that it has entered into strategic collaboration and investment agreements with GCT Semiconductor, (AP) for use in smartphones. The dampening of the Christmas spirit through flat panel TV and the kids squinting into small screen Samsung's TV phones. LG Electronics on the Metro PCS trying to find some LG Uplus in the commer. The 4G LTE that promises customers a quicker service, faster and better with less areas able to distribute the service Operating Profit Gross Profit. Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates joins the Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce and James Hogan is their Chief Executive Officer.

Adam Lovejoy today talks from London about the history of the Christmas spirit and asks some probing questions about why cultural and political correct people are putting a dampener on the festivities. The politically correct challenging celebrating Christmas for Christians the PC lot blatant blasphemy and intolerance. Christmas is all about doom and gloom Christmas period where news pauses for people to embrace festivities. Rather than focusing on retail trade visits by Tony Blair or Bill Clinton. Its a time when TV pulls out old horror films and you only have to take a look at the TV Times so see what you can look forward to on any given TV channel this New Year.

Christmas alone on Christmas Day the lonely festive celebrations begin. The festive plans spent with someone else, Christmas cards at the ready as Christmas alone looms and ushers in feelings of loneliness. Christmas lunch, Christmas Day, Christmas alone and thank the stars for British charity Age UK. Fear not without putting to much on the people who dampen the Christmas spirit I have provided 5 films to entertain you and keep the whole spirit alive.
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas Dr. Seuss with Jim Carrey.(2000)
  • A Christmas Story a funny film about Christmas hilariously good for the kids wishes movie selections.(1983)
  • Scrooged starring Bill Murray an American comedian Scrooge to Ghost Busters Christmas Carol. (1988)
  • A Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey as a Charles Dickens cartoon version of Scrooge. Disney at its best.(2009)
  • Black Santa more satirical humour from the USA.

Greed And Envy Create Coups

© Photo
© Photo "Golos Stolitsy" (Voice of capital) 

Adam Lovejoy is in Kiev eating chicken with the European Union the US, Ukraine sharing notes on napkins about Europe and many people of Britain, and Brussels are asking the question about what if and how does this effect me. Currently Ukraine is experiencing challenging ideas of coups from German foreign minister and Lithuanian politicians who have a number of suggestions for Kiev citizens to think about.

     The EU at Vilnius made a big impression on the The US and the Moslem Brotherhood are the next lot to get some attention. So with that said I have taken a look at the archives online and compiled some interesting moments in time that supports what is being said in today's article published today over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

     Here is a summary of three interesting articles from around the world to show the objectivity and compile a bit more data about where we are today with information that explains revolutions, coups and how greed and envy is always something in the back of peoples minds when making these decisions. More importantly how getting the right people to share their points of view, bearing in mind that a lot of this information although objective as far as reporting goes in from the countries themselves that this article concerns.

For example Mark Sleboda, Senior Lecturer and Researcher, International Relations Department, MSU mentions American interventionism prior to the end of Cold War that peaked and ended with George Bush. The irony here is that US foreign policy ideas are now very similar to that of the Soviet Union fifty five cents to forty five years ago. 

     The Middle East also influenced by US measurements in place that changed the way the Arab Spring went about approaching politics. Mark then wrote about Russia, Ukraine and the United Kingdom Independence Party, who at that time were trying to align themselves with what they called a federal Europe which was basically a counter culture movement in Britain that got enough press to be worth mentioning earlier last year. 

That is one reason he thought the United Nations and the UN Security Council were coming together to try and stop any unnecessary Coups from misinformation or ill-informed messages travelling from one continent to another. 

VoR Live Panel: "revolutions" - a Boon or a Curse?

Baba Ould Cheikh said of the area that parliament votes for constitutional amendments making PM accountable and outlawing any revolutions, coups greed and envy. Moktar Ould Daddah 45 years ago in the area helped the military out with red tape, legislation and the wannabe putschists could then receive military school punishments avoiding any unnecessary greed and envy in Mauritania. in Mali, former Senegalese Foreign Minister Cheikh Tidiane Gadio mentions coups and how these types of revolutions cause problems in the Borough of Africa. Four years ago General Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz left the armed forces to go into politics which shows how closely and effectively this merger went between the state and military infrastructures.

Mauritania outlaws coups d'état

Belarus and Russia Independence Day military parade outlined a number of expectations of the people to avoid any confrontations at the mid half of this year according to the Russian Times. It is reported that Aleksander Lukashenko said the joint military grouping of Russia and Belarus was successfully operating in East Europe air defense system and the Union State Belarusian members approved this message too.

Lukashenko and Putin 

Lukashenko and Russian military marched together back in July and a speach was made about Belarus people and a ‘color revolution’ coup in a hope of avoiding any greed or envy in the area.

Lukashenko vowed to oppose foreign threats and color revolutions.

While Syria's army cold war, alternated between Saudi Arabia and Egypt, the UAE and Morocco and a lot of lives were lost from these revolutions coups, greed and envy ensued. Arabs from UAE and the Guff stable free countries able to adjust to change but welcomed reform. Arab Spring with ruling elites championing at the time promises of powerful political change and the outskirts of Syria; Algeria, Lebanon and Iraq who were perhaps ill-educated on the changes that were happening in the area at that time earlier this year.

With this came Geographical change on all parts and the maps axis brought more questions about Muslim Brothers, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party in Turkey which spearheaded what we understand as political Islam's cone of power. From an article earlier last year published in March 2012 about Arab states redraw the map of alliances after revolutions by UAE journalist Jamal Khashoggi labelled Arab states redraw the map of alliances after revolutions.

Nelson Mandela Tribal Funeral Political Satire Is Dead

tony blair comedymocking bill clintonIn todays post we explore the notion about political satire and ask the question is political satire dead?

R.F.Wilson is in London exploring political satire, President Obama’s uncle and life living in America. Read more humour about illegal immigrants, gun culture and the printing press with another batch of money. Find out what is funny about President Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize in response to the timing and nature of peaceful. The comedy crowd Ronald Reagan and Ed Miliband The Thick Of It, and Labour political objections. Actor Peter Capaldi played The Thick Of It's foul-mouthed spin doctor Malcolm Tucker, inspired by Alastair Campbell, a former aide in Tony Blair's government. US, UK and Saturday Night Live HIGNFY and other stuff that makes a point about whether political satire is dead or not.

The Abbott government refused to bring a proposed ban on political pictures of politicians and mixing their pictures with animals and insects. The message sent serious ripples out to reporters, photographers covering stories in mainstream newspapers in their satirical stories. Anything proposed as counter culture challenging political expressionism art. News in the US has picked up on the story of political satire is dead by asking the question can nine year olds offend teachers through the use of words. These stories come and go and the satirising of these stories from places like The National Report come into contention about simply fly by plans to go viral online. One video for example created a fake story about people in India hurting people. The art of satire Ukrainian poet Taras Schevchenkob (1814, Moryntsi) declared his independence from the USSR, which helped create change in 1991. Here is a music concert of popular band from UK who paid tribute to the Ukrainian poet (New Order).

Armando Iannucci a well known political satirist in the image below shows him receiving his Order of the British Empire medal at Buckingham Palace earlier this year.Armando Iannucci helps out with a popular show that does political satire challenging the notion that 'political satire is dead' the show is broadcast in the USA HBO political satire Veep.

What's Wrong With Political Satire? It's Dead, That's What's Wrong With It(stirringtroubleinternationally.com)
Veep peep: behind the scenes of the new series (standard.co.uk)
nelson mandela coffin Soon the Nelson Mandela ceremony will commence, the local tribesman are on the ready to follow up with the ancient traditions. Ted Obvious takes another look at Johannesburg and the death of the man everyone is talking about. Qunu his original town of birth will set the stage for the final arrangements.The Themba tribe are on hand to see that all the necessary procedures will be followed through. Directing the procedures will perhaps be King Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo who is inept in honouring the last rites of passage in the correct way. We have all heard about the memorial service in Johannesburg, now its time for the family to get together and after the wake there will be a low key memorial. RIP.
witch doctorPresident Barack Obama at the service called for unity and many other politicians paid their respects to Nelson Mandela. In about  four days time at the Union Buildings, Pretoria there will be a christian service in remembrance of the man that everyone are talking about this week in Africa. Mandela is having both traditional and ecclesiastic ceremonies.  One is to ward of evil spirits and the other stage of Mandela’s Funeral is done all in the best possible taste for the rest of the world to let go and contemplate on his life and achievements.


Uncle Jang's Dead

Jang Song Thaek
Uncle Jang bites the bullet
Anton Goryunov from around the world reports takes a look at North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and the death recently of Jang Song-Thaek who is the North Korean leaders uncle. The North Korean news reports from a TV presenter in the area announced that Jang had been executed the same day. Jang helped Young Kim's pops Kim Jong-Il who 23 years ago struggled to feed the residents in North Korea and many died because of starvation for years after.

north korean troops
The young firing squad

Kim Kyong Thaek Hui, Jangs wife has not been seen for time, the fear is that she might be at risk of similar harsh punishments.  Because of the strange news the US State Department and the British Foreign Office will be keeping  watchful eye on the area. The Twitter blog shared an interesting tweet about executions and how a family thing does not change anything. The United States has warned North Korea against any "provocative acts".

The reign of terror by Kim Jong-Un


The execution of leader Kim Jong Un's uncle fall from grace of a most senior figures in North Korea. Deep instability in the country's regime.

kim jong un independent
Jang Song Thaek came from being a municipal bureaucrat to a Government of North Korea vice chairman of the National Defence Commission and member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party. 
The chief architect of China, Jang and his vision for economic policy with neighbours of North Korea. Jang married his aunty Kim's Jong Un from North Korea and he was very protective of her, she accompanied him everywhere whilst doing public speaking and helping other people on their journeys around the world.


Above is a picture of the court holding room, some of the last pictures ever seen of him before his judgemental execution by firing squad. On passing judgement they called him a dog and all kinds of things.

The brutal killings of these executions are done by a line of men with heavy machine-gun rifles and then the purging begins.

Il's sister Kim was shocked to find out that a few days before the execution that he was whilst being arrested out partying and singing karaoke, they turned of the machine and interupted his song, arrested him and frog marched him out of the disco's premises.

The vice-chairman of the National Defence Commission often went out partying so this was nothing unusual, he and his nephews were known to go out and have fun on days away from the Game of Thrones. Some of his associates were sot weeks before for their hedonistic behaviours whilst out and about on the town.

The fear was because perhaps of his ties in China that he would overshadow what was going on in North Korea, someone somewhere down the line smelt a rat and the associates spoke about some sort of coupe which did not help. This news made Uncle Jong out to be some sort of liability and the news of a coup was the final icing on the cake. It pushed him overboard and in the room of thrones threatened North leader Kim Jong-un, he was probably angry about his friends being shot a few days before hand. A lot of this information has been fed by Northern Koreans mainstream news. How South Korean's in Seoul interpreted this is that the Northern dynasty were simply creating bigger news to avoid the fact that living standards up North are much worse than they are down South.

Jang Song Thaek from North Korea was very secretive, he always knew that the family had never really gotten over the death of pops and that North Korea was a very tricky country to predict how you should act and what should you do but more importantly what you should not do.

So even though it may have come as no surprise knowing that you are to be executed he must have also been very confused and curious to know why everyone in the realm wanted to kill him. 20+ years of famine and low living allowances was enough for the country to justify and take out its pent up anger on The Man From Uncle since the real trouble maker had died two years since. The rewards for people in the country were special stickers and badges for doing good work and proving that they had watched certain things. Lots of military staff checkin via mobile smart phones and awarded badges and stickies for doing good stuff. Ruediger Frank an academic illuminati member graduating from North Korea's Ivy League equivalent Johns Hopkins University Institute brought up the thing about Young Kims uncle purging the area and this revved up the prosecution.

He drew his argument from local history dating back to 1948 three years after World War II and United Nations statistics show that they were much more well of then compared to the South although reports were that a large percentage of the population who were not in the top 2% bracket were although broke, quite happy.
"Certainly, it's something we're concerned about, and we would urge the North Koreans not to take provocative acts, not to do so going forward, because it's not in the interest of regional stability,"
Friday Dec 2013 US State Department Marie Harf.
US President Barack Obama via Jay Carney a media representative is said to have contested the execution saying something along the lines of it should never have happened. So a crack command team of US intelligence agencies have been assigned to find out more about the geography of the country and eventually try and turn this into special website code so people can understand better and contribute to North Koreas education so that it never happens again. America are currently sharing the news with China too, its a great conversational piece.


Uruguay Legalises Cannabis Bilderberg Group, Brazil, European Commission, FIFA, International Olympic Committee, Montevideo, United Nations And Uruguay

File made and upload by Tatoute. Based in Imag...
 Tatoute.Uruguay coa.png (Wikipedia)
Ted Obvious reports from Montevideo about recent news that the Uruguayan parliament legalizes cannabis. United Nations think-tanks must be thinking about moving from New York to Montevideo. The United Sates would be upset if the US State Department moved its department to Uruguay though. The Nobel Prize Committee is considering Montevideo to and the hotel tickets are fully booked for Bilderberg Group meetups in May 2014. In Brussels, the European Commission is now perhaps also curious about moving headquarters to Montevideo because of its geolocation and strategic positioning perfect for churning out incubators. FIFA may decide to at the last minute hold the 2014 World cup there instead of Brazil. Its not unusual to see World Cups changed by everyone, it happens everyday no matter what they say, its really not all that unusual. The International Olympic Committee at its emergency session has approved a plan to build permanent facilities for all future Games, to be held in Uruguay. Big change in travel plans and relocations recorded as Uruguay legalises cannabis.