Bankers Riot British Winter

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Adam Lovejoy reports from the City of London: Disturbing evidence has emerged showing that the Square Mile money men are planning to stage violent riots in London, and other major cities, when they return from their holidays next month, to demand that the nation shows them the respect they deserve. Britain is ranked the most highly paid times twelve as other bankers received last year. 1,000,000 euros bonus which is higher than any country in the EU. Back in Scotland Yard the party goers are getting ready to visit all the clubs in Victoria area, the city is expecting another great Christmas and tips should be high too in the lap dancers industry. Two years ago the London riots began and people have gone to the areas where the troubles happened the most in the capital. 22 boroughs in the capital of the city were effected and an exhibition in the Strand is showcasing photographs and reports of the incident in the media.  Britain plans to exclude large companies from receiving state compensation for damage suffered during civil unrest in an overhaul of the country's riot laws. The main areas of unrest are expected to be in the wealthy parts of London, such as Mayfair, Chelsea, Fulham and Hampstead, where bankers and members of their families. The rise and fall of the British economy roles out like an episode of the Rise And Fall of Reginald Perrin in the City that now also has trouble sleeping now that bonuses exceed night caps. Bankers' riots expected to hit Britain this winter.

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