News From Around The World Of Spying

g8 2010 ontario
More news from around the world of spying. Ted Obvious is in Ottawa sending via telegraph in morse code the data. The Watchers from around the world of spying will be rubbing their heads together celebrating Thanks Giving. The US Big Brother holidays are upon us again and the allies in North America full of joy are happy that everything went according to the plan. The latest revelation concerns the US National Security Agency getting permission from the Canadian government to spy on the world leaders paid of and its only a matter of time before the next phase begins.

stephen harper
Find out what those potential phases are over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. The news from around the world of spying is that they'd been during this G8 and G20 gatherings in Canada two years ago setting the scene for this years Summit and it looks like the whole thing is run from Washington they may even be considering joining the EU. 

As expected, the office of that fiercely independent man, Canadian red flag of the maple leaf and the stars and stripes of the United States, salute and celebrate together, Thanks Giving is the season for everyone to celebrate.

Unusually Canadian's are usually not partisan to such organised meetings and its little wonder Prime Minister Stephen Harper has not commented on this new information. Canada and the G8 the Big Eight have been negotiating with USA Washington team keeping tabs on what is going on for about five years or more. This is the latest news from around the world of spying. More exciting news from the world of spying. That's US big brother spying on others

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