Government Explanations And Public Confusion Measurements

Mmmm....cake.  And government info.
Anton Goryunov takes a look at confusion around the world from London. In today's entry read all about how  stupidity is forming and on what Richter scale of a possible implosive point. During the proceedings of politicians explaining there experience of the man, the world tries to understand the changes and still trying to figure out how they got from where they were 20 years ago to where they are today and how intelligence is taking a new of figuring what goes where. So with that said Anton also takes a crucial look at the political and mass publics reflections surrounding the passing away of Nelson Mandela. The crime legacy in South Africa still continues, the people move around the world looking for affection in countries which struggle to make ends meet. Meanwhile back at home to statistics remain the same crime and murder are still on the rise. The idea of peace makes a lot of sense but the attachments of love with peace and the effects of jealosy and racial difficulties hang over people like a heavy pendant. Stupidity level of masses sky high governments explain many things but not these things not now, during the wake of Nelson Mandela. But his story is similar to many other others caught out getting violent, divorced just like the rise in divorce rates, surrounded by questions of stories of those surrounding him doing similar things to make a mark for themselves in a world which is increasingly outside of the reach of imperial government. Newer governments now are more relaxed willing to drive around in vehicles once used in military wars, using the expensive parts to justify the original investments and able to explain a lot more than they are letting on. The drivers and mechanics, fixing things, soaping and creaming ex military tanks. The Twin Towers in New York created a lot of dissonance and conflicting opinions as the troops focused on Al-Qaeda their perceptions changed about the Saudis and arranged marriages, using these things to justify and explain there own loss of being in combat and winning seats on Saddam Hussein thrones. The levels of confusion from fighting battles and bombing at the push of button changed peoples understandings of reality and has made escapism and laziness more accepted. The wonderful abundance of cash popping out of nowhere and the inability to be able to distinguish between guidelines, law and order. Not knowing actually what happened the art of confusion from situations and examining of mediated film footage, investing in weaponry for victory, the price of freedom begins to rise as people begin to understand the price of victory and how much is costs to survive in an ever changing world. With a debt problem that refuses to go away, governments are right not to explain this stuff and its understandable why stupidity levels of the masses are so high. The realities have created many options that are keeping although busy a little dazed and confused and this wake everyone keeps there fingers crossed that things will get better and all bad at all levels will just magically disappear. As more and more people go afar to find out if the grass is greener, more and more people if their lucky come home more confused than they were before they began the contribution to chaos and attempts at solving personal conflicts. Stupidity levels of masses sky high. Governments don't even bother to explain themselves anymore.

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