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happy christmas
Christmas Travel, Christmas & Europe, A Christmas Carol, Solar Christmas Lights, Pope Francis & Christmas. KOSDAQ, today announced that it has entered into strategic collaboration and investment agreements with GCT Semiconductor, (AP) for use in smartphones. The dampening of the Christmas spirit through flat panel TV and the kids squinting into small screen Samsung's TV phones. LG Electronics on the Metro PCS trying to find some LG Uplus in the commer. The 4G LTE that promises customers a quicker service, faster and better with less areas able to distribute the service Operating Profit Gross Profit. Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates joins the Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce and James Hogan is their Chief Executive Officer.

Adam Lovejoy today talks from London about the history of the Christmas spirit and asks some probing questions about why cultural and political correct people are putting a dampener on the festivities. The politically correct challenging celebrating Christmas for Christians the PC lot blatant blasphemy and intolerance. Christmas is all about doom and gloom Christmas period where news pauses for people to embrace festivities. Rather than focusing on retail trade visits by Tony Blair or Bill Clinton. Its a time when TV pulls out old horror films and you only have to take a look at the TV Times so see what you can look forward to on any given TV channel this New Year.

Christmas alone on Christmas Day the lonely festive celebrations begin. The festive plans spent with someone else, Christmas cards at the ready as Christmas alone looms and ushers in feelings of loneliness. Christmas lunch, Christmas Day, Christmas alone and thank the stars for British charity Age UK. Fear not without putting to much on the people who dampen the Christmas spirit I have provided 5 films to entertain you and keep the whole spirit alive.
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas Dr. Seuss with Jim Carrey.(2000)
  • A Christmas Story a funny film about Christmas hilariously good for the kids wishes movie selections.(1983)
  • Scrooged starring Bill Murray an American comedian Scrooge to Ghost Busters Christmas Carol. (1988)
  • A Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey as a Charles Dickens cartoon version of Scrooge. Disney at its best.(2009)
  • Black Santa more satirical humour from the USA.

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