2014 Better Chinese Stats Floods In December

2014R.F.Wilson reports from Rome people the US National Security Agency in Europe in the form of the European Union tightening its grip on once sovereign nations, something the German Nazis from the 1940s. As regards the European economy, well, the European Central Bank, which is based in Frankfurt.

America's US Federal Reserve and the latest Arab Spring and civil war in Syria drones in their dozens, with Prescient Obama’s signature on every mission. Expect the United Nations to intervene. Read more... English: GDP development trends of China and I... 

Anton Goryunov reports from Beijing economic miracle free market economy Chinese communist leaders economic data, talking National Bureau of Statistics Chinese government collects statistics economic growth and Chinese myth. Of Chinese Economic Stats. And Mugs Who Treat Them Seriously

flooding in brockhamBen Delicious reports from Tunbridge Wells Councils across Britain flood alerts , homes flooded. The working people reported from all across the country by the media have experienced the most difficult Christmas ever, thanks to the adverse weather conditions. Mother Nature has eaten into the flood defences budget and the damage amounted from the floods came unexpected. The weather forecaster predicted a warm winter for those able to afford central heating, even Local Councils were surprised when the weather got as bad as it did, floods, walls getting blown over and slates of the roof disappear in the wind. Read more...

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