David Cameron In China, Ukraine, Estonia And Estonia Hinkley Point Deals With The European Union

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The Voice of Russia UK VoRUK VOR Telling It Like It Is [Radio Broadcast] 

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich, left, and Chinese President Xi Jinping attend a signing ceremony at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. In this week’s Telling it Like It Is, the former Kremlin adviser and editor of stirringtroubleinternationally.com Alexander Nekrassov, is joined by the journalist and broadcaster James Delingpole.

They discuss the tension between the European Union and Russia over the fate of Ukraine, the Cabinet backed off from signing landmark association agreements with the European Union in favour of closer ties with Russia. 

VoRUK Telling It Like It Is Radio Show

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David Cameron’s visit to China and raising the state pension age as announced in the autumn statement. The European Union meddling in the affairs of Ukraine. 

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Estonia, it is a classical liberal country, I can’t believe Estonia. There will be a flood of Chinese businessmen coming to Britain. Deal with the Hinkley Point nuclear plant. BS406 Tallinn, Estonia.

The government's deal to underwrite the £16bn Hinkley Point nuclear power station plan faces delay and possible rejection after the European commission said it was ready to launch an in-depth inquiry into the agreement and you have the Chinese invited to take part in HS2, a project so disastrous that no private finance would ever consider tackling such a project. Ukraine-75 On the diver Tom Daley coming out. 

Estonia's Ministry of Defense has been disrupted by hackers of Anonymous Ukraine. The attack is part of Operation Independence , a campaign in support of Ukraine independence from NATO, Russia and the European Union. "We want NATO leadership to hear our voice, the voice of the Ukrainian people. Kiev as a struggle for democracy and the rule of law. In fact, they are part of a conflict over geo strategic issues. Russian-led customs union, one of the issues driving large protests now in their third week in Kiev. Hinkley Point Deals European Union, Estonia, David Cameron China, Ukraine And Estonia.

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