People Protesting

English: The Schevchenko National Opera House ... English: The Schevchenko National Opera House of Ukraine in Kiev Camera: Canon PowerShot A650 IS License on Flickr (2010-12-30): CC-BY-SA-2.0 Flickr tags: Ukraine, Україна, Украи́на, Kyiv, Kiev, Київ, Ки́ев, National Opera of Ukraine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Ted Obvious reports from Kiev about the Ukraine and Russia as more and more questions are asked about protesting for certain reasons around the world. At about 18 minutes into the show the Ukraine and the EU membership is mentioned in relation to the recent association agreement put forward from Brussels. The EU united Germans ,  French etc have all made a proposal that did not manage to lead Ukraine in any way. Find out more about what the Kiev protesters were trying to argue on the topic of Ukraine, Russia and Europe in the audio above from BBC Radio 4. Find out more about the Ukrainians and what is important to them as objections converge on this weeks topic.
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